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brass tube inside connectors

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The composition of the electrical connector”。connector by socket、plug、The three parts of the annex。socket、The plug is used to hold the contacts,connection after mating。Accessories for securing wires、shield welding(pressure)no point,Accessories are threaded or screwed to the plug or socket。

brass tube inside connectors

Threaded connection between plug and socket of circular connector、Three curved bayonet connection、Push-pull connection、Three thread connection、Half ring fastening, etc.;There is a direct mating between the rectangular connector plug and the socket、screw connection、Compression device connection, etc.。

Circular electrical connector components include:case、Insulation Mounting Plate、Contact。

brass tube inside connectors

Rectangular electrical connection components consist of:insulator、Contact、case。

brass tube inside connectors

Appendixis an important part of the electrical connector,In use, the connector requires the user to select the accessories separately。The main function of the attachment is to:Protect the terminal of the conductor and the contact body from damage、fixed cable、Improve electromagnetic shielding performance(such as titanium nickel ring)。Accessories can be divided into two types according to the way out of the connector tail:Straight and curved。

(brass tube inside connectors)

About Connector Subassemblies and Structures,Many people only know about,But not very deep into many details,Often a small question can get you down,Although everyone knows that。take a chestnut,Do you know why the locking plate is calledTPAdo you?The following editor will analyze the components and structure of the connector from a detailed point of view.。I hope I can help you.

First of all, let's have a preliminary understanding of the sub-components of the connector from the following four pictures,I believe that everyone in the wiring harness industry must be easy to understand


brass tube inside connectors


brass tube inside connectors


brass tube inside connectors


brass tube inside connectors

Brief Analysis of Connector Subcomponents

(brass tube inside connectors)one,terminal connector

Female terminals/--female terminal

connectors/Receptacle/Socket--female connector

Male terminals/ Tab/ Pin--male terminal

Male connectors/plug--male connector

This editor doesn't say much,everybody knows,As for the source of male and female,Some people say it came from Taiwan,Let's not delve into this。It was called a long time agoman connector, woman connector。

two,lock up

ISL(Independent secondary lock)/Independent secondary locking。To lock the fixed terminal(Equivalent to secondary lock),with our commonTPADifferent,It is a separate mechanism from the connector。

TPA(Terminal position assurance),Literally translated, it is the terminal position guarantee mechanism,Simply put, it is the terminal locking piece,Some wiring harness manufacturers call the secondary locking piece(terminalLanceis the first lock)。andISLthe difference is,it's a mechanism on the connector。

brass tube inside connectors

TPAposition in the connector

(brass tube inside connectors)brass tube inside connectors

TPA not locked

(brass tube inside connectors)brass tube inside connectors

TPAlock up

brass tube inside connectors

brass tube inside connectors

brass tube inside connectors

brass tube inside connectors

brass tube inside connectors


Mat seal gasket,For waterproof protection of terminals in waterproof connectors

Ring sealsealing ring,When used for male and female connector mating,Waterproof protection for both connectors

Seal sealing plug,Crimp on waterproof terminals,Applied to waterproof mechanism

Plug plug/blocking stick ,Insert the waterproof connector into the hole where the terminal is not inserted,For waterproof protection of connectors


Polarization Options---Polarization mechanism,Generally reflected in our commonCoding, Used to ensure smooth assembly between male and female connectors,not wrong。Generally different polarized bodies,The color of the accompanying connector is also different(Equivalent to double defense)。

brass tube inside connectors

Brief Analysis of Connector Structure

Rounded Shaperound shape,Path that allows the connector to pass through the hole

brass tube inside connectors

brass tube inside connectors(brass tube inside connectors)

1 The connector has a bridge structure to protect the lock switch(Prevent overvoltage)

2 Guide grooves prevent tilting during mating

3 All outside corners with large radii and chamfers

4 The connector structure is polarized,This way you won't get it wrong

(brass tube inside connectors)5 good finger grip,aids in movement

6 Good auditory and tactile feedback

7 Connector void orientation is fixed,so that the terminals can be inserted into the same layout

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