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brass tube suppliers in bangalore

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brass tube suppliers in bangalore

As a manufacturing big country,India has no decrease in demand for chips,Especially in recent years,The electronic product market has just entered the track.。Even in quantity,There is still huge lifting space in quality,The chip industry can see the clear market space。

Recent years,India's semiconductor consumption rapidly,His semiconductor consumption2013Year100.2100 million US dollars increase2020Year525.8One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Such a large amount of chip volume,Mainly dependent on imports。

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2013year,India imported electronic equipment value335One hundred million U.S. dollars。Investigate,With the growing middle class to buy more Digital devices,Next year,Total imports of hardware products such as semiconductors exceed420One hundred million U.S. dollars。

This situation of relying on chip imports,Severely affecting the development of Indian manufacturing。Due to the shortage of semiconductor chip and the cost of raw materials, India's largest automakers production。also,India various mobile phones、Industrial equipment processing is also high in price。

This greatly affects the export of Indian products,Let Indian snow in the epidemic。

These painful lessons have prompted Indians to start thinking about their development chip industry.,Modi even developed a grand strategy,To create India“chip”Big country。

brass tube suppliers in bangalore

India Silicon Valley Bangalore


(brass tube suppliers in bangalore)

2018year4moon,Indian government release chip strategy,Great,Ordered to the Indian Electronics Industry Department is ready to establish a extraordinary Special Economic Zone at each state,Specially engaged in chip manufacturing。Chip industry flowers everywhere,India will threaten2020Realizing the complete market production of chips,Thus make India have achieved powerful technology autonomy,India will also jump into chip technology big country。

What is the ambition of the Indian??

on the one hand,India is indeed a little found in chip industry。

India is so angry,India“people”。IndianITThe company has reached the top level in the service outsourcing field.,And sit on a lot of chip design talents。India is currently designed annually2000Chip,There are more than20000Engineer engaged inICDifferent aspects of design and verification。

Many large international computers、the Internet,Even the chip company enables some industries or functions to India.,Even Gaotong handed some of the school's research business to the Indian company.。

brass tube suppliers in bangalore

Bangalore is also one of the largest chip design centers in the world.。Bangalore“Indian Silicon Valley”Claim,International big factory such as Inner、IBM、Microsoft、Nvidia、General Electric、Optimal semiconductor, etc., all established R & D bases in Bangalore。

Take Bangalore,India basically incorporates global10Large-free semiconductor design company,as well as25Big semiconductor supplier23Family,Distributed in Bangalore、Ji Nai、Urban, indi-developed cities such as Pune。Strong industrial base。

Relying on the design technology of foreign chip enterprises“graft”Landing roots in India,Indian chip design business can be said to have an important role in the world。

(brass tube suppliers in bangalore)

brass tube suppliers in bangalore

(brass tube suppliers in bangalore)Some people and foundations,Indians again“pride”stand up,Threaten2020Realization of localization of chip,Focus development chip industry,Indian technology talents throughout the world,Create India as a technology power。

2018Annual India's chip strategy released,I suddenly popped a lot of India's local chip companies.,A fluffy scene,But after a long time, these industries are hidden.,Today,India also has no system chip industry。

The entire Indian chip industry still presents extreme imbalance.,That is the chip design very prominent,But in the chip manufacturing,India's level is very backward,India basically has no chip foundry,Mainly to Malaysia、South Korea、US alcogening plants to produce。

Light is designed without manufacturing,Did not vast in the air building。Since the lack of chip manufacturing,Why does India not open a factory??

2Where is it difficult?

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A chip factory is not just open,The manufacturing process of a chip is very complicated,A production line is approximately involved50Multiple industries、2000-5000Road process,It takes four months from design to mass production.。This requires a high degree of clean environment、High-quality worker。

Indian chip manufacturing does not come,The reason is diverse,But mainly concentrated in the quality of workers、Infrastructure and business environment。

first,Indian mechanic training confusion,Lack of large quantities of qualified workers。

Chip manufacturing industry belongs to a knowledge-intensive industry,Worker groups that need to have a certain quality,But current,All Indian illiterate is high。Currently,India still has more than50%Labor force is engaged in agricultural production,And the labor force engaged in industrial production is still not25%,This is also relatively slower in India's industrialization process.。

so,If there is no major quantity of professional training,And workers with certain knowledge reserves,Then the chip business is difficult to find the right worker to fill the factory.。

brass tube suppliers in bangalore

(brass tube suppliers in bangalore)Again,Infrastructure,Power is not guaranteed,Traffic is not convenient。

(brass tube suppliers in bangalore)

Chip this golden food,Manufacturing chips require ultra-net production environment,Stable current。Indian per capita electricity is only world average20%。After it,Precision,Stable transportation。This is difficult to meet in many places in India.。

India's current level of infrastructure,Even ordinary vendors have been unable to meet。Early,US Congress enters the Indian market,And becoming the number one in India“Moneywood”。then,I found out soon after the Americans invest,India's factory often power outage。

finally,Indian business environment is worrying。

(brass tube suppliers in bangalore)

According to the World Bank《Global business environment report2020》,Ranking of Indian business environments63,has seen an increase。

but,In the India's open project, there are various types of extortion and coincidence names.。Opening ordinary companies is difficult,Open funds and knowledge-intensive chip manufacturers,It's not easy.。

(brass tube suppliers in bangalore)

Although Moti is to encourage the establishment of a chip company,Extend a variety of encouragement policies,But for Indian chip manufacturers,It is not easy to integrate this money.,The person in charge of the fund is also possible“Geese”。

brass tube suppliers in bangalore

Development chip manufacturing,Anti-increasingly like blocks,In the case of elective or downturn,搬出来激励一下。

Move out to motivate2021年印度在经历惨痛的疫情之后损失惨重,Currently100亿美元的激励计划,India is suffering after experienced painful epidemic,以减少行业对进口的依赖。

The media once again reported that India is finalizing one more,这个雄心能持续多久,Yili dollar incentive plan,还真不好说。