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brass tube uk suppliers

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eBayAnd Amazon platform is highly competitive,New seller,One of the most difficult tasks is to purchase the right price to the right product.。

So how do foreign sellers find sources??This article lists some of the best wholesale suppliers in the United States and the United Kingdom.,Let you understand which supply platforms in foreign countries:

US Supplier


brass tube uk suppliers

As shown by the name,Liquidation.comOperating clearing stock。The product on the website is from the remaining stock、Companies that are closed or have been released。These companies need fast emptying stocks,So clearing the company can be very cheap price(Usually lower than cost)Buy,And replace it to retailers or wholesalers。

Liquidation.comCan be considered the best liquidation company in the United States。The total amount of commodity transactions(GMV)close70One hundred million U.S. dollars。They have more than500Product category。

Users can choose according to the conditions of the product,Such as:




•Customer return


•Rescue property

(brass tube uk suppliers)Big Lots

brass tube uk suppliers

Generally,eBayOr Amazon sellers are not easy to buy to authentic brand products。You must contact the official dealer and obtain a license for selling brand goods.,And most companies will not issue licenses to e-commerce sellers.。

(brass tube uk suppliers)And this is exactlyBig LotsPlace of role,The company sells a variety of brands,Operating in the United States and Canada,Its inventory comes from a wide range of retail channels(Waiting for goods)。Big LotsAlmost all states in the United States have physical stores。

Tuesday Morning

brass tube uk suppliers

(brass tube uk suppliers)Another source of purchase isTuesday Morning,It mainly focuses on the luggage、electronic、Toy、Family and garden, etc.。

existTuesday MorningLooking for a product is a real treasure hunt game,Because they don't have an effective central management system。The seller can also call the company,Or go to their physical store,Looking at the best product not listed on the website。


brass tube uk suppliers

Gabe’s(AgainGabriel Brothers)By acquisition of brand business,Make it pricesMSRP(Manufacturers suggested retail price)Up to low70%。

Gabe’sAbundant products,Snack、Footwear、electronic、household products、Bath and beauty products, etc.。


brass tube uk suppliers

SaleHooIs a paid directory service,There are more than its list8000Supplier。Although this is a paid service,But for newers or lack of experience sellers,It is still a good starting point,Because all their suppliers have passed safe screening,E.g,They will only list the real suppliers of wholesale price。

When writing this article,SaleHooexist150There are many categories.150Million products,Support small batches,Some suppliers are also specifically targetedeBayAnd Amazon sellers talked to their own business。

Once become a senior member,Users can access the following resources:

•Seller Training Center

•Market Research Laboratory(Market Research Lab)


TheirMarket Research LabWill provide market data for specific niche products to assess their potential success rate。

Worldwide Brands

brass tube uk suppliers

Worldwide BrandsAlso have a huge number of wholesalers,Designed to meet the needs of underwriters wholesalers。andSaleHooSame,This is a paid service,Search for suppliers after paying the fee。Senior member,Users can get the following benefits:

•Get wholesale fraud protection


•Training video

•Instant market research tool

•Comprehensive discussion area

(brass tube uk suppliers)British supplier

(brass tube uk suppliers)BritisheBayAnd the scale of Amazon is smaller than the US,But the British market is still very competitive.,It's just that no competition in the US market is so cruel.。

British delivery(drop shipping)The business is still in the starting stage,However, wholesale market is already mature。Some top-level wholesale services and suppliers are listed below.:

The Wholesaler UK

brass tube uk suppliers

The Wholesaler UKexist1999Annual opening。

(brass tube uk suppliers)This directory website is completely free for buyers.,Because they charge the supplier listed suppliers。This not only brings income for the company,Also became a filter for elimination of fraud suppliers。

They have strict verification process,Check the supplier's address by phone and other search。They also have a special line,Buyers can register complaints when any problems have occurred when trading listed。

(brass tube uk suppliers)eSources

brass tube uk suppliers

eSourcesIs a company growing company,it is at10More than one million products have been added to its website in the year.。

They offer free and senior membership qualifications。By becoming a senior member,You can visit more suppliers and unlimited number of contacts。

The Trader

brass tube uk suppliers

The TraderIt is a British popularTraderMagazine online version。It is completely free,The link provided can easily navigate to the traders' website。

In addition to auction andbargains of the week(This week's cheap goods)Outside,The projects they operate also include clearance stocks。

(brass tube uk suppliers)Gem Wholesale

brass tube uk suppliers

Gem WholesaleNot a directory site,But a wholesaler with actual stock,It returns from purchasing customers,And sell retailers with wholesale prices。

They offer multiple categories of products,You can almost find any type of product。Website also provides customer support。(Compile/Hugo net Kang Jiezhen)

More foreign supply chain channels,Pay attention to Hugo WeChat public account【cifnews】