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aged brass tube

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Once printed on the hookah in our mind。

Hookah,Older generations remember,But now I have already become a rare thing.。Water hood is popular in the Qing Dynasty,Every household has,Ordinary people with brass water hood,Family of rich penders with silver hookah,The famous nobles are used with golden hookes made with gold.,Reflect identity。

aged brass tube

Today, take everyone to recall the unique pumping smoke culture in that year.。

Remember the lack of material,Cigarettes can be symbol of identity,Also payable,I can't buy it.。But the smoke leaves are in any Small selling department has sold,Take it back to the smoke bar.,Take firewood,One cigarette can only suck 45。

(aged brass tube)aged brass tube

(aged brass tube)Although the old soot absorbed,But than the cigarette,Pumper。Water hookes are also easier to carry,So when the men were chatting in that era,Or labor gap,It's a landscape with a landscape.。

aged brass tube

Water smoke,Because there is water called the hooka。The smoking pipe is all water,Use the mouth of the mouth to smoke。

I often have a curious doll to steal the sauce of the elders.,But I didn't experience a bite to filter the old stinky water for many years.,The bitter taste is estimated that they will not forget their lives.。

aged brass tube

The matches are not too easy to buy at the time.,At that time, I was also popular with fire.。People who will do fire will be powerful,Put the yellow paper with a special method,I blow again,The fire is doing it.。When you use it, you will use your Mars with Mars.,Click hard to blow off,A fire can almost use a whole day。

And today's society,The old water cigarette gradually visited,In the store,Various varieties of various filter mouth scent,I will never see someone to buy tobacco leaves yourself or used to take a smoke.。

aged brass tube

Can know this70Afterward,Now00Don't say I haven't seen it.,I haven't heard it.。