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door chimes with long brass tubes

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 16:59:16

With the continuous development of technology,Everything in life becomes intelligent,Doorbell is a common item in our common,Mainly used to remind guests to visit,Facing the home of the empty nest、Girls live alone or children alone at home,Traditional doorbells do not have a safe protection,At this time, you need a smart doorbell.,This article is to introduce it is Mijiazheng smart video doorbell.SEnhanced Edition。

door chimes with long brass tubes

Minimalist appearance,Simple installation

The outer packaging of the product still continues the simple style of rice home.,Introduce this chittable smart video doorbell outsideSFour major selling points:Human motion detection、Face recognition、1080PHD picture quality and infrared night vision function。Open the packaging is this chittable smart video doorbellSReceiver,this timeSEnhanced version wants to change the black circular patch into rounded square than the previous generation,Smartfully put the microphone、camera、Many components such as infrared sensors are integrated into a whole,Plus the following pressing a comfortable doorbell button,Let the whole body look more exquisite。The back is a smart video doorbellSInstalling base,It is worth mentioning that there is a strong adhesiveness in the back of the installation base.3M VHBStrong glue,Let some of the home users who are not convenient to use the punching installation can also be successful and stable installation.。The appearance of the receiver is not much changed.,The front is a honeycomb sound hole,Side is three entities buttons,From top to bottom, the volume button、Pair button and sound button。

(door chimes with long brass tubes)door chimes with long brass tubes

real-time monitoring,ensure safety

(door chimes with long brass tubes)Paste the knots to the gate,When the door is light,The smart video doorbell is automatically opened.4Infrared fill light(4Tie850nmInfraredLED),Installed 零 门铃 can be used with the receiver,Small love sound, etc.,Start the corresponding device by setting trigger conditions,Mobile phone binding“Mijia”You can see the video recorded by the smart doorbell.“零 门 门”Using,When someone moves or stays at the door3Second or more,Will shoot a paragraph10Second video,At the same time, the phone will also prompt the story that happened at the door.。When someone presses the doorbell,We can enter real-time screen;Function includes alarm、Real-time voice、tone(Uncle、Original sound、clown);Can also be screenped、Video、sound、Voice reply;There are several defaults for voice replies.,You can also record the voice you want to reply.。 Push through mobile phone,I can see the situation in the doorstep.,Can be viewed in real time,Do safety recording。

door chimes with long brass tubes

Intimate security service

Personally feel that the smart video doorbell is easy to use、Sensitive。Someone presses the doorbell,Doorbell receiver can play big doorbell sound;Push real-time view door video via mobile phone;You can also view the door through a remote real-time picture.。When there is a courier,Can record good voice in advance,Signive courier will wrap the door door,Real-time supervision;For girls living alone,If there is a stranger knocking on the door,Self-protection can also be performed through the voices;This smart doorbell also has automatic alarm functionality,When someone maliciously dismantles,It will issue an alert notification,First time,It is convenient to take corresponding measures to ensure safety at home.;This chittable smart video doorbellSAlso have powerful detection shooting,Once some people in the three meters outside the door are found to move,It will start the camera in the first time to shoot short video and send a notification to our mobile phone.。We can also filter the detected whole according to your needs.。

(door chimes with long brass tubes)door chimes with long brass tubes

Strong traffic in harsh environments

This chittable smart video doorbellSBuilt-in very intimate power-saving reminder,One-click intelligent optimization setting,Match4Section zero super battery,Can achieve long6Long life capacity,Even your home is in the north,It can also be under zero10Stable work in the environment,supernice。

door chimes with long brass tubes


This rice home is smart video doorbellSEnhanced version of the security of users,Especially for some living“Vulnerable Groups”,With it, we can let us always understand the situation outside the door.,Even if you are not at home, you can pass your mobile phone.APPDistance to communicate outside the door,It can be user24Hours of private housekeeper。

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