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brass tube in inch lengths

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2020 year 10 moon,OPPO Launched the first TV product,Announce a comprehensive layout IoT Sector。At that time, mobile phone manufacturers gradually turned their attention to the whole class.,It has become a big trend。On this road,OPPO Be considered。

(brass tube in inch lengths)brass tube in inch lengths(brass tube in inch lengths)

▲ Picture 65 Inches OPPO S1 television

OPPO Continuously introduce new in the field of mobile phone,But others in other categories,The pace is a bit slow,Perhaps it is a big ship.,Alever, it may be to be thick,OPPO Always quite cautious about the new market。

(brass tube in inch lengths)However, this is in the near future.。

Last year,The outside world is circulating OPPO To launch a tablet message,I didn't expect this news so soon.。today's OPPO Attend,OPPO Introduced the first tablet OPPO Pad,11 Inch screen size,With pen and keyboard,Sword refers to productivity tool properties。How is its completion?,This article explains all aspects of you。

brass tube in inch lengths

Corner,Chocios design

Everyone said that the mobile phone form formula,Before the folding screen appears,Straight design of highlights。

In fact, the class class is even more such.,OPPO exist「A piece of iron」On the basis of the form,Start from the backplane,Similar to today's mobile phone manufacturers,After all, there are not many places where you can do articles.。

(brass tube in inch lengths)OPPO use「Splicing + Pattern」The way,Let the backplane no longer monotonous,Also more identifiable,I believe this will also be the future. Android Trend and direction of flat plate on design ideas。

brass tube in inch lengths

OPPO Pad Solid workmanship,Although the body is very thin,And I held it in hand,Don't feel fragile。

Metal border package around,Backplane glass is used Reno Mobile phone series「Radial drill」Process,Exhibits delicate strorn quality,Touch it very smooth,But not staining fingerprint。

brass tube in inch lengths(brass tube in inch lengths)

Upper part OPPO Letter flower embellishment,Light incident angle,Variable feelings will also change。

brass tube in inch lengths

Handheld,Volume key in the upper left corner of the fuselage,Boot/The lock screen key is on the top of the left,The button is more elongated,So it is clear,The boot button does not have a fingerprint recognition function,However, pressing pressure and stabilizes。

OPPO Pad Built-in symmetrical four speaker,Support Dolby Panorama Sound,The audio and video experience is natural。There is also a magnetic interface at the top of the fuselage,For fixing OPPO Pencil Handwritten pen,To tell the truth, you can do more,Users will be more practical。

brass tube in inch lengths

A 11 Inch big flat board,Black OPPO Pad Machine weight control 507 gram,Reasonable weight distribution,Will not have a lightweight,But such a big tablet is definitely not suitable for long-term grip,I don't want to imagine I am lying in bed.,Misfortune OPPO Pad There should be more terrifications on the face.。

Audio and video

Be OPPO Brazted product,It doesn't bring it「Pro」Tag of,Has implied that its positioning is not too high。So we saw a configured and unscrupulous「Volkswagen table」。

(brass tube in inch lengths)The first is the front. LCD Screen,Diagonal length 10.95 inch,Screen resolution is 2560×1600,More popular ways 2.5K。Equipped 120Hz High refresh rate,brush PDF、Microblogging,Browse the web and other scenes,Screen view is smooth。

brass tube in inch lengths

▲《Pacific Rim》HDR Well-view,This figure passes later,Color and actual deviation

(brass tube in inch lengths)Peak brightness is 480 Nit,support HDR10 and P3 Color gamut,Basic enough in the room,But when you hold OPPO Pad Outdoors,Its mirror screen is more serious,Or more or less affect the use experience in the sun。

(brass tube in inch lengths)but OPPO Pad have 2048 Level intelligent backlight,Alternate shuttle in different environments,Brightness transformation is very fast,This kind of details may give people a sense of perception,But it is the best to reflect its intelligence and intimate place.。

Processor,OPPO Pad Not simple and rude「Chaowa」,But I chose a more secure Qualcomm Snapdragon. 870,Plus much more internal space than mobile phones,Theoretical heat dissipation performance is also more prominent,Reflected in the performance of the whole machine is:Almost no card everyday,The game is almost full of frames。

brass tube in inch lengths

Running memory 6GB,Also supports the highest 5GB Expanding virtual memory,Storage capacity is 128GB,Heavy work is a bit reluctant,But as a network tool,More than enough。Built-in 8360mAh Capacity battery,At the middle light use intensity,Almost one day。Join 33W of SUPERVOOC Super flash,Electricity from zero to 100,10 hours。

Even《Original god》This type「Run a game」before,OPPO Pad Can also achieve full high quality 60 Frame running running,Occasionally fill the frame,But just return to the right track.,Will not have a long-time carton。

(brass tube in inch lengths)But still return to the size problem,There are not many games that are suitable for this tablet.,Such as《King glory》《Peaceful elite》This kind of competitive game,Not suitable 11 Inch tablet long tour,You may say that it will be flat on the desktop.,Use four fingers to operate is not beautiful,But so long to play games for a long time,If you don't have a day, your cervical vertebra will launch a physiological warning.。

Final analysis,It builds a good game base on hardware specifications,But the size limits its play,Make a change,It is better to use this part of the performance to work.。

Android Plate ecology has come to a new promoter

this time OPPO Pad Equipped,is based on Android 11 developing ColorOS 12。

Have OPPO Find N Development experience in front,The paving is better than the relevant work of the big screen adaptation,The tablet system also has a clearer improvement idea。

brass tube in inch lengths

▲ Picture OPPO Find N

Focus around software compatibility and large screen interaction,Of course, I will not support the support of mobile phone products.。

(brass tube in inch lengths)Currently。OPPO The official has not given the quantity of compatible software,But they have carried out a name「Gravitational plan」activity,Call for domestic and foreign application developers to add bricks for tablet ecology,Be Google Live grabbing,Behind this matter means that domestic manufacturers have higher enthusiasm for tablet ecology.,not only OPPO,Many domestic brands choose to activate Tablets in the near future.,And foreign brands seem to have only Samsung and Google A few manufacturers play in this market。

We as Chinese users,More hoped that local manufacturers can occupy the wind on this matter.,There are more words,Software is used more。

Now,OPPO Distinguished screen mode for this tablet,exist「set up-Special feature」Can see「Application split screen」、「Free floating window」、「Parallel window」Wait a series of functions,It is feature for large screen preparations.。

From the top of the screen,Double finger,Can drag a straight line from the middle,Just like Moses,Divide the screen into two halves,Half is currently used app,The other half can open new on the desktop app。

brass tube in inch lengths

Such a split screen is simple and efficient,Many times can become common gestures。Write the homework to call the half-screen to open the webpage search information,Half a speech meeting opened a memo,The short-fast interaction can avoid frequent happiness。

Split screen,ColorOS Hand's suspended window is more comfortable on the big screen tablet,Drag from the right side,Click the icon to open the app,The application will hang in the form of a small floating window,Can be dragged window、Change size,From floating window to split screen,One-drag can be completed。

brass tube in inch lengths

brass tube in inch lengths

There is also a parallel window,Can let the same application,Two half display front and rear level pages,Browse e-commerce pages、WeChat chat is fast,Much more PC Evergreen。

It is still not much used in parallel window features.,But common application《Today's headline》《Fly book》《Jingdong》《WeChat reading》Has supported。

brass tube in inch lengths

The system itself is already mature,Daily use smooth,Did not flash back、Carton, etc. Bug,Obviously experience a short development process,The first tablet product can have such a high completion,Both born in a suitable era,It is also the result of your own efforts。

Productivity accessories

(brass tube in inch lengths)Randomly launched,and OPPO Pencil Intelligent magnetic keyboard with Lei Bai,Let this pen first,It's like a Chinese card 2B pencil,Overall cylinder,But with the side of the tablet,Made a flattening treatment。

brass tube in inch lengths

Wen's weight,The weight is roughly in front of the weight 50:50,So there will be no feeling of heavy feet.。

brass tube in inch lengths

OPPO Pencil Itself 4096 Stage pressure sensation,Tip delay is only 17.5ms,Can you see a trace delay under a slow motion shot?,But writing、The painting process does not affect,Sleep enough。

(brass tube in inch lengths)Systematic pair WPSHUION Sketch、《Unison》Wait app Customized optimization,Mainly targeted、response、Double click handover、Teaching in writing,OPPO Also give OPPO Pad Users have given these app Monthly membership rights。

brass tube in inch lengths

▲ Picture HUION Sketch

OPPO Pencil It is quite high in its own quality,What extent can you play?,I have to see the user's skills,Unfortunately in my hand,It can only be used as a tool for reading a note.。

Another magnetic keyboard,More practical for me。

It fixes with the tablet with magnetic steps.,Magnetic force is very strong,Bluetooth pairing connection,The edge of the protective cover reserve some space,Effects can play a buffer when impacted with other objects。

brass tube in inch lengths

Return to the keyboard input function,First of all, the keyboard is pressed.,Keypere,The button is not large,But there is a larger room between the keys and the keys.,Avoid misconduct a certain degree。

brass tube in inch lengths

Official name,Its battery life is sufficient,every day 4 Hour continuous 30 Day use strength,Even if it is really no electricity,Keyboard Type-C interface,According to now C Popularization of mouth data cable,Can make it for it。

Keyboard Fn Function key,Ten shortcuts in the combination,include「Quick screenshot」、「Arouse」、「Multi-task switch」Wait。

OPPO Pencil And intelligent magnetic keyboard,Become OPPO Pad Left to right arm,But this is needed to buy another purchase,Price is 499 Yuan、399 Yuan。

而这台 OPPO Pad And this 2299 元。

brass tube in inch lengths

在这几天体验过程中,Experience OPPO Pad 的定位是明晰的:Mallar plate for sale,适合影音娱乐和轻量办公,There is also a broken heart Android 平板生态的逐步完善,In these days experience。

期待 OPPO I think,能与同行一起盘活平板生态,Positioning is clear Android 平板用户。OPPO Pad,Big screen。

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