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brass tub drain trap price

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A load3Set of house owners complaining:The bathroom is really a distressed thing,Bought it,Too expensive,A toilet10wIt's just zero;Cheaper,Quality is not,Post-maintenance is more;I want to buy a medium and difficult to distinguish between the economic capabilities.,The key is that the price is also shopping in the nose.。

(brass tub drain trap price)brass tub drain trap price

actually,Not so difficult。

In short:To the bathroom hardware,Dear,In addition to your disadvantage,Others are all advantages;cheap,In addition to inexpensive this advantage,Other fear is all shortcomings。

Ado,The Raiders of the flying ink Jun is to prepare for you.。

Common bathroom type:

  • Bathroom cabinet:Main wood、ceramics、PVC、Acrylic4kind
  • Urinal:Men's special;
  • Woman wash:Ladies;
  • tub:Not essential,But;
  • Basin:Inlet wall、Desktop;
  • Seating:Straightforward、Mighty;
  • shower room:Generally customize;

Bathroom hardware species:

Hardware Parts:Base(Fastener)、Connector、Function;

brass tub drain trap price(brass tub drain trap price)

Bathroom five gold materials classification:

brass tub drain trap price


How to buy?

☛Look at the price

brass tub drain trap price

The price said here is not“Retail Price”,General Hardware stores will play a price tag on items,Show“Forter”。In fact,Continuous shopping guide will not admit that the price above is the final selling price。so,At the time of purchase,Don't be“Retail Price”scared,Multi-shopping guide communication,Determine the final transaction price。

(brass tub drain trap price)If you do not have a criterion,That is:Bathroom hardware is really a price,The most expensive,Spoil~

☛Watch material

brass tub drain trap price

Hardware products have both copper plating and polishing copper,Most of them are chrome plating。The grade is from high to low.:Titanium alloy→Copper chrome→Stainless steel chrome→Aluminum alloy chrome→Iron-plated chrome


brass tub drain trap price(brass tub drain trap price)

High quality hardware is not only polished in the early stage、polishing、Dust removal,Along there is nickel plating、Chromium-plated process,The more plating,The less the surface is smooth and delicate,The better quality。

(brass tub drain trap price)Identify tips:Holding hardware2~3Second,The basic judgment of the rapid disappearance of fog and traces after loosening is copper,If,May be other materials。


brass tub drain trap price

handle:Handle with screws and viscose2Fixed way,Of course,Strong to use screws。

Hinge:The quality of the hinge is determined by the bearing,The greater the diameter of the bearing,The thicker the wall is, the better。

Slide:Quality slide push pull smooth,Noiseless,Large load gravity

(brass tub drain trap price)Hanging wheel:Place the hanging wheel on the glass counter,Returning,Watch your feelings and noise。


Faucet、Shower、Hose purchase


brass tub drain trap price

Look at the surface,The less the surface is,The better quality;Two turn handle,There is no excessive gap between the opening and closing;Three listening sound,High quality faucet is the overall casting copper,Knock up sound dull;Four lookumers,Is it a regular manufacturer?。

(brass tub drain trap price)☛Shower

brass tub drain trap price

First see if the injection is good,Second, the surface coating is smooth,Then look at whether the spool is ceramics。


brass tub drain trap price

Hose is mainly used for water heaters、Toilet、Faucet、Water tank, etc.,Divided from the shape:Woven hose、Double buckle hose、Hose hose、Corrugated hose

Purchase method:Buy according to actual size;Copper or rust steel connection nut、The core is the best;Weaving style density,do not jump、Break、Stacked wire。


Strainer、Floor drainage、Corner valve

(brass tub drain trap price)☛Strainer

brass tub drain trap price

The water drum is divided into bounce and flip,Bounce fast、Convenience,Easy to clean;Flip type is easy to block water,but,Generally, the bomb jump service life is long。

Purchase method:If the basin itself with overflow hole,It is necessary to choose a bouncer with overflow hole.

☛Floor drainage

brass tub drain trap price

Leakage is divided into stainless steel from the material、PVCAllopathy,Stainless steel leakage cost,Beautiful appearance,Coating,Inferior is easy to oxidize;PVCMaterial price is cheap,Deodal effect is better,but,Easy aging;All copper-plated leakage is currently used in the market.,It is thick,Not easy to rust,Clean。

☛Corner valve

brass tub drain trap price(brass tub drain trap price)

The role of the angle valve has a joining in the connection,At the time of purchase,You can touch your hand,Surfaceless、Sand,Nearly see no bubbles、Well-plated。


Satellite hardware installation order

Wall brick→Ceiling→floor tile→Installation toilet、wash basin、tub→Install connection drainage pipe→Install the lamp、socket、Mirror→Install towel poleWaiting hardware accessories;

(brass tub drain trap price)brass tub drain trap price


(brass tub drain trap price)Bathroom installation

①Be sure to do waterproof,Then perform a closed water test。

brass tub drain trap price(brass tub drain trap price)

②Determine the water pipe in advance in advance、Wire position,Avoid these lines。

(brass tub drain trap price)③Multi-row of holes under the bathtub,Anti-real leakage。

brass tub drain trap price

④Pay attention to the water height when installing the wash basin。

brass tub drain trap price

⑤When installing the toilet,Pay attention to the pitch30~40cm,Smart toilet needs to reserve sockets in advance。

brass tub drain trap price

brass tub drain trap price

⑥Pressing the hole on the tile installation,To take a glass drill or steel nail、Hammer gently knocking tiles to do tiles,Rebromogene,Avoid breaking tiles。

(brass tub drain trap price)⑦Before installing the faucet,First clean the sundries in the water pipe,Check the water pipe without damage,Pay attention to the cold and cold water pipe。

brass tub drain trap price

⑧Install floor drain,Take the floor leakage core to avoid falling into the debride,Adjusting a distance,Long distance needs to be filled with cement mortar,High drainage pipe;Close installation requires shorting water pipes;The slope difference between ground drain and ground is1%~3%。

⑨The position of the installation socket is preferably a splash cover,Avoid water vapor entering the socket,Hazard。

brass tub drain trap price(brass tub drain trap price)

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