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brass tube 750 id

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(brass tube 750 id)Overview:

InconelX-750is a precipitable、Hardened Nichrome,have1300° FThe following corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and high strength。Although more than1300° F (704 C),But as the temperature increases,Most of the precipitation hardening effect gradually disappears,The strength of the alloy remains at a usable level,while in1800° Fabove(980℃)Time。

InconelX-750Also has excellent low temperature performance。

brass tube 750 id

brass tube 750 id

UNS N07750 exist980℃The following have good corrosion and oxidation resistance,800℃The following have higher strength,540℃The following has good relaxation resistance,Also has good formability and weldability,Excellent mechanical properties in low temperature environment.


1. Manufacture of springs that work at high temperatures,bolt; Rotor blades on gas turbines ,Impellers and other structural parts ;
2. thrust chamber on a rocket engine;
3. thrust reversers on aircraft;
4. Large high pressure vessel;
5. Elastic air seal,Elastomeric seal
die ,Rubber mechanical electric heating blade。

technical standard

Bars and Forgings - ASTM B 637/ASME SB637; ISO 9723-9725; SAE AMS 5667-5671 and 5747; EN10269

plate、Coil and Strip - ISO 6208, SAE AMS 5542 and 5598.

wire- BS HR 505, SAE AMS 5698 and 5699

physical properties

(brass tube 750 id)density:0.299lb/inch3(8.28 g / cm 3)

Elastic Modulus(E):exist70°F(20°C)Down:31.0 x 10 6 psi(214 GPa)exist1000°F(538°C)Down:26.7 x 10 6 psi(184 GPa)

(brass tube 750 id)modulus of rigidity(G):exist70°F(20°C)Down:12.0 x 10 6 psi(82.7 GPa)

Coefficient of expansion:7.8 in / in.-°F(70°Fto1000°F)14.5 m / m-°C(20°Cto538°C)

Resistivity:20.1 Ω.in,(122 Ω.cm)

Thermal Conductivity:83 Btu-in / ft 2 hr-°F,(12.0 W / mK)

UNS N07750Process performanceUNS N07750solid solution strengtheningUNS N07750Yield StrengthUNS N07750Heat treatment processUNS N07750Creep propertiesUNS N07750chemical compositionUNS N07750Mechanical propertiesUNS N07750Specific Gravity DensityUNS N07750Elastic ModulusUNS N07750Corresponding materialUNS N07750Application fieldUNS N07750Fatigue performanceUNS N07750characteristicUNS N07750tensile strengthUNS N07750Corrosion resistanceUNS N07750Process requirementsUNS N07750Executive standardUNS N07750Hardness indexUNS N07750metallographic structureUNS N07750Manufacturer

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