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brass tube traduction en français

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brass tube traduction en français

place preposition,Express“exist…”;preposition of time,Express“exist…when, exist…in time”;can also mean“use…made”“exist…in state”“exist…aspect”“dressed”“Way”“result”Wait

1 place preposition,can represent“exist……”

E.g:en Chine(in China);en Iran(in Iran);en Normandie(in Normandy);en Asie (in Asia)

can be seen,above preposition「en」The locations that follow are all different,Then what category is the location,we use prepositions「en」rather than other ↓↓

1. used before negative sites,Such as“Chine”;

2. used in positive、Odd number、before a place that begins with a vowel syllable,Such as“Iran”;

(brass tube traduction en français)3. used in front of the district,Such as“Normandie”;

4. used before continents,Such as“Asie”

brass tube traduction en français

2 preposition of time,can represent“exist…when; exist…in time”

E.g:en mars(in March);en 2008(exist2008year);en deux jours(within two days)

so「en」when making time prepositions,Can be used in the following situations↓↓

1. before a specific month,Such as“mars”;

2. used before a specific year,Such as“2008”;

3. used to express“use(how long)time to do……matter”in the expression,Such as “Il a fini son travail en deux jours”(He finished his work in two days)

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brass tube traduction en français

3 Express“use……made of material”

(brass tube traduction en français)E.g:maison en briques(brick house);statue en marbre(marble statue)

4 Express“exist……in state”

E.g:en guerre(in a state of war);Il est en bonne santé. (he is in good health)

5 Express“exist……aspect/field”

E.g:docteur en médecine(Medical PhD);master en droit(master of Law);Il est fort en mathématiques.(his math is good)

6 Express“apparel,dressed”

E.g:une fille en rouge(girl in red dress);Il est toujours en cravate.(He always wears a tie。)


E.g:s'entretenir en français(converse in french);vendre en gros(Wholesale sale)

8 Express“result”

E.g:diviser en deux parties(divided into two parts);cassé en mille miettes(smashed to smithereens)

(brass tube traduction en français)brass tube traduction en français

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