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brass tube 75 id amazon

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brass tube 75 id amazon

Economic observation network reporter Ye Xinhao Recently,A large seller store on the Amazon platform is connected or exceptionally,Make the cross-border e-commerce field is not peaceful,Various speculations。

(brass tube 75 id amazon)Front of cross-border e-commerce hotel Papuon main brandMpowlocked,After the Amazon store goods in proud technology are largely removed。5moon8day,Aoki Technology has replied to the media,Specific reason the company is under investigation。

5moon7day,Many foreign media reported that Amazon seals or related to illegal false brings。Foreign media report,Foreign network security research institutionSafety DetectivesNot long ago, a survey report on brings database disclosure。The report shows,The database saves the Amazon sellers and is willing to provide false comments to exchange information between consumers who exchange free products.,More than information1300Ten thousand(Data package7GB)。According to incomplete statistics,Among them, the number of buyers and sellers will exceed20Ten thousand people。

“1300Ten thousand”“20Ten thousand”These numbers fried in the cross-border electric business circle,Make a small sale of the family,There are people in the circle to describe this as“Amazon sellers big earthquake”。Feedback according to industry,If the Amazon store is discovered by its product reviews as the false review,Shops may therefore face penalties and sanctions。 According to reports,Amazon seller brings violates Amazon's Terms of Service,Amazon can perform permanent shutdown for non-compliant sellers,Or cancel the license for its class sales。

Apriki Technology,Multiple related categories in their stores,Click in to enter the corresponding product,The goods that can be displayed also displayed cannot be purchased.。

In cross-border electric business circle,Including proud technology,There is a tree、Pioneering、Saiwei,These four-scale cross-border sellers are called Shenzhen“South China City”。data shows that,Aochi Technology is founded in2010year,Main3CDigital、electrical tools、Smart Appliances、Home、Large health and other products,Have a number of well-known brands,Include digital3CClass product brand Aukey、Electric tool brandTacklife、Family health appliance brandNaipo、Small household appliance brandAicok Wait。

2015year11moon,Arouh landing new three boards,become“Export e-commerce first share”。2019year4moon,Aochi Technology is terminated in the new three board。

But after the launch of the road, a wave of three fold。2019year9moon12day,Aoki Technology's Kevity Board Listed Application Acceptance,And in the same year10moon16Day enters the question phase。

2020year4moon30day,Aoki Technology Co., Ltd. and Sponsor Huatai Joint Securities have submitted a report,Active requires termination of review and withdraw the application document。

same year8moon,Listed counseling record information publicity display,Aoki Technology intends to publicly issued an stock and listed on the domestic stock exchange,Coaching Huatai United Securities Co., Ltd.,In2020year8moon7On the day, the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau conducted counseling filing。

Subsequent updated information display,Listed counseling work has been carried out in the first issue(2020year8moon7day~2020year11moon6day)Second phase(2020year11moon7day~2021year2moon6day)。

(brass tube 75 id amazon)Previously, company presentability,The company's products are mainly based on Amazon、eBayWaiting for third-party platforms and self-operated platforms to sell around the world,Specifically, the third party mainly based on AmazonB2CPlatform sales、Online self-service platformB2CSales andB2BSales and other three sales modes。

(brass tube 75 id amazon)Prosperity display,2016year、2017year、2018Year2019 year1~3 moon,The company online sales revenue accounts for the proportion of the revenue of the main business.97.33%、97.60%、98.19%and98.02%,Among them, sales of sales sales in Amazon have reached49.02%、63.39%、72.94%and75.64%。

During the above reporting period,Aoki Technology achieves business income, respectively21.96Billion、37.12Billion、51.09Billion12.72Billion;Realize net profit separately1.04Billion、1.91Billion、1.99Billion4155.56Ten thousand yuan。

The company said in a special risk prompt,The company has high dependence on such third-party platforms,If the platform is competing due to market competition、Change of business strategies or caused market share reduction due to changes in local political and economic environment,The company has failed to adjust channel strategies in time may have a negative impact on sales.。also,If the platform is adjusted to the merchant policy and rate,Will lead to service charges for merchants,Thus the adverse effects of the company's business performance。