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brass compression tube fitting adapter

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PConline Miscellaneous】in life,Everything is safe risk in theory,Small to your mobile tablet,Big to your TV and refrigerator,No exception,This is。Previously we have discussed the safety risks of laptop lithium batteries,Actually,Notebook can cause safety hazards and power adapters——As a often portable,Separate various environmental tests,The power adapter will occur in the process of migration.——Not long morning,I found my own notebook adapter,Because often bring to,Situation of rubber falling off,Naked interior line,Due to my life。

brass compression tube fitting adapter

So,What may be caused by the adapter of the notebook,What should I avoid??

What happens to be?

of course!usually,Technology has been very mature adapter operating mechanism,Is there any problem?——Today's adapters generally have various protection mechanisms(For example, the various protection circuits mentioned earlier),And during the quality inspection,Products that do not meet quality inspection standards will often be eliminated in the first time.——According to the provisions of our country,Laptop、Cellular phone and other information equipment supporting power adapter,Should meet the national standardGB 4943Demand(《GB 4943-2001:Information technology equipment》),A project that requires a quality inspection thirties with rated output current.、Rated output voltage、Power plug size、Normal working heat level、Fault condition、Multiple and adapter safety related inspection items such as mechanical strength,Test the product,Generally, there is no problem。

brass compression tube fitting adapter(brass compression tube fitting adapter)Before continuing,To prevent everyone, don't understand,Let everyone explain the majority of the main indicators.!

Rated output current&Rated output voltageDetailed specification for rated output current and rated output voltage,I want everyone to understand.,This is for the sake of unified and standardized electrical equipment specifications and standards,To ensure that the electrical adapter matches the national grid system,Avoid using electrical appliances(Here is a notebook.)Resulting damage and corresponding fire risks。

brass compression tube fitting adapter

Power plug sizesecond,my country's household power plug is two forms of two poles and two-poles.,Also in this standard,Naturally, it should also make corresponding regulations for both plugs.——Stipulates,When designing two poles unpacking,The pin length should be16±0.35mm,When using two poles with grounded plug design,The length of the latout should be18±0.35mm。There are two reasons for such a requirement.:First, in order to prevent single pole insertion,Avoid accidents when the user plugged down,Second, in order to achieve standardized design,To avoid corruption and potential electric shock risk that can cause inconsistent plug socket specifications(When I was a child, I once had an experience of unqualified plug electric shock.,Silly trial to take the hand correction,So far, remember)。

brass compression tube fitting adapter

(right,This is the most intuitive“Ground”In)

(brass compression tube fitting adapter)Electric shock risk under normal operating conditionsalso,The outer casing of the adapter must of course have sufficient strength to resist external force.,Also to avoid electric shock accidents,This provision also requires,Remove the protective cover manually,The accessible components should not be dangerous.(Although I don't think there is anyone to do so...However, if the adapter is damaged,Exposed charged parts is still very dangerous)。

brass compression tube fitting adapter

Mechanical strengthRequirements for mechanical strength,The rule is made for the reliability of the structure of the power adapter.——It should be able to withstand the test of the possible operations and handling expectations.——For example from1The height of the rice fell to the impact ground and cannot affect safety.(But don't make regulations for)、Plug-in0.4NmWhen the torque, the latch should not be modified.,This regulation can be understoodRPGNap“Durability”concept。

Fault conditionThat adapter is broken??Can you have a risk of clicking and overheating??Of course not!Long-term use,The adapter is of course component aging.,Exposure to short circuit or overheating——Although the internal loss increased dramatically,Elevation of each part,Short-circuit electric shock and risk of fire——But it is also entirely through reasonable design avoidance。According to standard regulations,Damaged by the power adapter under abnormal operation and fault conditions,But can not reduce the security performance of the equipment,To prevent electric shock and overheating——Power adapter housing(Touchable non-metal housing)The temperature rise under fault conditions should be less than65℃。

brass compression tube fitting adapter

Although these regulations seem to be complicated,It is indispensable and all countries have in terms of local conditions.——If the non-compliant adapter flows into the market,It will affect the security of users and the reputation of vendors.。Not long ago,Dell reached an agreement with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission,Cooperation recalls more than9000Power adapter sold with Dell charging treasure——The reason for recall,The power adapter has potential,Situation of damage or separation——This will cause the internal metal components of the adapter module to be exposed.,Easy to produce electric shock。

brass compression tube fitting adapter

These problematic products are through Dell Online Channels、Amazon、MicrocenterAnd other retailers sell,Sales time is2017year2Month2018year8Moon,Sell125Dollar200US dollar。The date of production of recalls is2017year1Month2017year3Moon,Its color is more deep than the charging treasure sold by one.,Printed on its back trademarkDellSign and number formatCN-05G53P – LOC00 – XXX – XXXX – AXX——If you don't recall in time,I don't know what big news will come out.。

How to avoid danger?

thus,Considering security issues,And there is enough understanding for the safety status and security risks of the adapter,It is very necessary.——If you pay attention to“The AC adapter cannot charge the battery.”“AC adapter is unable to power on laptop,Indicator orLEDLight does not shine”Here,Try the problem by the following steps。

Version one:Instrument assistance version

1、First of all,You can try light power connections or batteries,Check if power adapters or laptop batteries are in good contact,Try reinstalling power adapters or batteries,I hope that the problem is just a moment.(The problem that may occur here is that the power connector deformation or the flexibility of the battery contact)。

2、Then you were surprised to find,Oops,Power and battery are actually exposed to good——Come!Tens of thousands of table test power adapters and battery output voltages,Look at the output voltage is stable,And the actual output voltage value is consistent with the power source nominal voltage——Output is unstable!Actual output voltage and product nominal phase difference!How to do?Didn't save new things!

what!You said that you don't have a million?No matter,There are other ways(The premise is that the indicator is not bad.)~

brass compression tube fitting adapter(brass compression tube fitting adapter)Version 2:Female Hanzi

1、Check the power adapter indicator light,If the indicator is on,Generally, it is considered that there is no problem with the power to the adapter.~

2、Then,You can take a look at the charging indicator of the notebook.,If not?,You can find a power adapter with the brand.,Or use your power adapter on the other party notebook——If you and the other's computer works fine,Then you don't have to worry.!But if your computer is not working properly,Or the other computer work is not normal,Then there should be problems with your computer and the power adapter, respectively.(same,Battery can also be distinguished with similar methods)。

3、but,Tiangong is not always happy——If you insert a power adapter,You can see when the lighting indicator is lit,Or always never destroy(Even if it is full, it is not destroyed.),It is a problem with the power adapter interface in the notebook.——In this situation,Please refer to the second top(In fact, the situation is different from the adapter,This kind of professionals may still save rescue)。


(brass compression tube fitting adapter)all in all,On your own safety,How much worry is worth it?,Although the opportunity of the power adapter failure is small——But in case it hits it.?Incident,Only dangerous and not dangerous,Everyone picks up the notebook,In addition to their appearance、Configure,Weight,You can also pay attention to the overall quality of this brand.,After the box, pay attention to the lower part if there is a potential risk——the most important is,It usually develops a good usage habit,Avoid carrying in an inappropriate wayTa(My adapter rubber skin is because I don't remove the power line every day.,The final seam is separated from the skin.),I found abnormalities not to fall lightly,This will maximize the happening of danger.!