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central brass laundry tub faucet

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The material of the faucet in the decoration is quite important.,Because the water is directly in contact with our skin,Even in our body!The faucet shower is the last habitat of the water.,Therefore, the material material directly affects our health.!

Most materials on the market are not doing with broken iron,It is doped with some fatal chemicals!Today, I will teach you how to buy a faucet.。

Awareness of the faucet

1.Function classification

1)Three bathtub faucet

Two outlet,A connecting bath,A brunette,Shower。

central brass laundry tub faucet

2)Double binak faucet

Above all kinds of basins used in the bathroom,The water is shorter,Mainly used for washing、Cleansing。

central brass laundry tub faucet

(central brass laundry tub faucet)3)Multi-function kitchen faucet

Generally double,Cold hot water。Waterway is higher,Length front end,Some even have hoses,Multi-angle rotation,Washing。

central brass laundry tub faucet

2.Structure classification

1)Single handle

Features Flexible,long lasting,Adjusting temperature and convenience;

2)belt90Degree switch faucet

Features on the basis of traditional two-handed handle,Seal with ceramic pieces,Tutoring the handle when the switch faucet90Can,Adjusting on both sides of the cold hot water,Open and convenient,Styles,A wide shape;

3)Conservative spiral faucet(Rubber seal)

Exuberant,Low price(Currently used);

4)Stainless steel hollow ball seal and sizuble seal faucet

(central brass laundry tub faucet)Generally, imported faucet,Some even fully controlled,High price;

3.Water tap structure

(central brass laundry tub faucet)The faucet is made bymain body,Spool,handle,Filtered mouth,Outlet,Installing componentsEqual composition。Some faucets also have a check valve,Bubble,Fixing bolts,Fixed copper sheet,Gasket,Bend,hose,General,Status, etc.,Different faucets will be different。

central brass laundry tub faucet

central brass laundry tub faucet

Selection of faucets

one、Faucet material

(central brass laundry tub faucet)Modern faucet has developed to this day,With the development of economic and scientific,Cast iron appeared、Full plastic、all bronze、alloy、ceramics、Stainless steel and other materials are all kinds of faucets。Among them, the cast iron faucet has been gradually eliminated.,And full plastic faucet is mostly used in special fields,Now the most frequently exposed faucet in home is mainly copper、alloy、ceramics、Stainless steel faucet。Alloy faucet is harmful to health,Already getting out of people's sight。Ceramic and stainless steel faucet although,But general price is high,Difficult difficulty in processing,So the type and quantity of the product are less。The whole copper faucet accounts for the advantage of the lead material market with its excellent price performance.。

1.All-copper faucet

Pure copper faucet uses all copper purification,Surface chrome-plated treatment,High gloss,Higher anti-wear resistance resistance。It mainly distinguishes the quality of quality in its own copper content and processes.。The copper materials used in the hydroacende are mainly59copper。In addition to copper,There are other metal contents,If the lead content is too high, it will be unfavorable to the human body.。Nowadays, many faucets in the market are generally3%-5%,In view of this situation,Some manufacturers have developed low-leaded faucets,Its lead content can be lower than0.3%。Given that it is difficult to judge the general consumer,And the international level of the pipeline product has strict regulations.,So, for your own health, it is best to buy the relevant certified faucet.。(littleTIP:When you get up every morning, you can open the faucet for half a minute.,Let's put it in the water.,Avoid intake overhead。)

central brass laundry tub faucet

Brass's main foundry

How to determine whether it is a whole copper faucet?

(central brass laundry tub faucet)1)Look at the price,Dozens of dollars can't buy all copper faucets。2017year3Month copper price is close5One ton of 10,000 yuan,An almost1Kg's faucet,Brass amount1Kit(Some brass is wasteful during processing.,impossible100%use。),This is probably converted,The material price of the faucet is close50Dollar。Then cast、Machining、Polish、Electroplating, etc.,These processes are costly,After it is over, you have to use the core.、Bend tube、handle、Fastener、Hose and so on,These are also costly,After it, there is still a test water.、Clean up、Packaging, etc.,These are also costly。After a lot of complex steps above,The faucet is circulated to the market,A qualified brass faucet,You want dozens of yuan to buy,It's almost impossible.。

(central brass laundry tub faucet)2)Weight,The general basin faucet is in1.5Kg3Kilogram,Special style except! Because it is not brass without this weight!

3)See screws and screw cap,Because other places are covered by electroplating,can not see clearly!

Cheap copper, cheap, looks dark,rough surface,Real brass,It looks clear,Good gloss,Glossy surface! Below I sent a contrast map to everyone:

(central brass laundry tub faucet)central brass laundry tub faucet

Do not exclude some merchants to buy screw caps to add on the general faucet,But I will know if the screw is watching.!

2.Alloy faucet

(central brass laundry tub faucet)The price of alloy faucets is compared with all copper faucet,The price is low,And this faucet is more likely to produce large-scale production。Among them, zinc alloy is used.,Zinc alloy faucet is harmful to the human body,And very unburable。Current zinc alloy can be usedHandle of the faucet、And some bathroom hardware pendants。No matter whether it is a domestic market or the market in Europe and America,The faucet's handle is dominated by zinc alloy materials.。Everyone is in the market or visit the online store,Water tap handle95%The above are all zinc alloy materials,If which shopping guide is to tell you that the faucet handle of their home is copper,Either it is not professional,Not understanding the product knowledge,Either it is not honest,It is clear that it is zinc alloy and said it is copper.。

central brass laundry tub faucet

Zinc alloy handle die casting

Zinc alloy has a low melting point、Strong plasticity、Easy to polish、Features of easy processing,These features just explained that the zinc alloy is suitable for faucet。But the corrosion resistance of zinc alloy in the water is not,The corrosion resistance of zinc alloy in water is also related to the purity of zinc.。If you use special purity zinc-based,Plus special purity aluminum、magnesium、Alloy made of copper,There is also a certain corrosion resistance in the water,The problem is the impact of the price、Profit temptation,Many manufacturers have a zinc alloy with elemental lead、cadmium、Tin Tin,lead、tin、Cadmium solubility in zinc alloy is small,It is easy to facilitate electrochemical corrosion between zinc alloy crystals in water.,And this corrosive is very fast,Castings are easy to rot。

This is the characteristics of zinc alloy materials,Can't general,A well-known faucet body manufactured by a good zinc alloy material can also be used for several years.,Mainly, most manufacturers have unqualified zinc alloy materials.,Made a large number of bad faucets,The name of the zinc alloy is stinking.。

(central brass laundry tub faucet)3.Ceramic faucet

Ceramic water faucet is the famous faucet。Compared with other faucets,Ceramic faucet has no rust,Not oxidize、Not easy to wear the advantage。Ceramic faucet appearance is beautiful,Because the outer casing is also ceramic products,So it is better to match the bathroom product,Add ceramics,Lining out of the bathroom high-grade temperament。

4.Stainless steel faucet

Stainless steel tap,And acid resistance、Alkali、Uncomfortable、Do not release harmful substances,Will not pollute the water source。Understand,Currently304The above stainless steel faucet surface does not require electroplating,Its surface only needs to polish it to show its stainless steel very color,And sustainable silver white luster、Never rust,Stainless steel hardness、Toughness is higher than copper products2Multiply。But stainless steel hardness、toughness、Dissolving and cutting processing is much more difficult than copper.,high cost。A truly304The price of stainless steel faucets is not cheap than pure copper! So most manufactured materials are201Or worse material!This is also why the international brand is also a faucet made of copper.!

central brass laundry tub faucet

One304Stainless steel casting parts


Zinc alloy is easily corroded in water,Brass has lead precautions in the water,Stainless steel has hexavalent chromium in the water,How to choose a high quality faucet?? 2017year3Month copper price is5One ton of 10,000 yuan,304Stainless steel and zinc alloy are2One ton of 10,000 yuan,Finished faucet,Compare the same material as the same style,Brass faucet and304Stainless steel faucet price is not big,Zinc alloy faucet is much cheaper。

(central brass laundry tub faucet)1)Zinc alloy faucet also has good products。There is now a product of zinc alloy brace copper,The outer casing is zinc alloy die casting,The part of the internal and water contact is brass material,When you purchase, the faucet turned over to see the inner cavity.,If there is embedded brass,Or two brass tube connecting valve cores,This faucet is also very durable,The price is not high but the quality can be。

2)Brass faucet is not cheap。Top copper is very expensive,Qualified brass faucet price is not cheap,First look at plating when purchasing,Look at the lights under the light,Products that are unqualified by plating can also react to materials have problems,Second point of view,The cast is large but the hand feels light,Explain that its cast is relatively thin,This quality is not good.。

(central brass laundry tub faucet)3)Stainless steel faucet must first confirm304Material。304Stainless steel is chrome、Nickel Austenitic Stainless Steel,Without magnetic,Although the position of cold-processed deformation will take a little weak magnetic,Testing with magnets is very weak,Products with obvious magnetic properties can be basically excluded304Material。Conditional can be tested with stainless steel drops,Before the test is agreed,Drop test After the product will leave traces。There is also a white paper towel to rub the stainless steel surface and the lumen.,If the paper towel is black and severe,Explain that the product is not clean,Cautious purchase。

two、Water tap

Electroplating is an important indicator reflecting the strength of the lead in the leading quality and manufacturers.,It not only makes the appearance of the faucet more beautiful,Also played the protection of the faucet,Creating anti-rust。Excellent faucet valve body、handle、Valve Cover Cast、Machining、Surface grinding、After polishing,Generally plating nickel plating、Decorative chrome or chrome alloy。Some faucet surfaces use titanium plated gold、Bronze(Imitation gold plating)、Imitation of the migration and other methods。Plating an electrophoretic or bronze faucet surface corrosion is often very fast,And these three users are generally difficult to identify。in addition,Electroplating thickness is also very particular,If too thin, it is easy to be oxidized。Currently,The international standard for the steel dragon head is electroplated.8Micron,The best12Micron。

central brass laundry tub faucet

Excellent faucet products are generally made of semicocrus-plating nickel,Three-layer plating of bright nickel and chromium layer。Generally,First layer copper,Enhance the adhesion of plating,Nickel layer(Semi-nickel and bright nickel)Play to resist corrosion。And because the nickel itself is soft and dark color,therefore,Will be plated with a layer of chrome on the nickel layer,Enhance the role of hardening surface while improving brightness。

Many domestic declared products that are electroplating can reach five layers.,That“Five-layer plating”,Generally include hydrogen plating copper、Pure copper、Copper and other three-layer copper、Then nickel plating,chrome。The same copper substrate,Its material is also very different.;Many copper materials contain a lot of impurities,There will be many pits that often polish it.。at this time,Just on this copper substrate,Electroplating copper layer again。Because copper elements have ductility,Good fluidity,Copper-plated process,As if we use putty to smooth the wall,Position the outer layer,Reaching electroplating standard,Then nickel-plated chrome plating。

(central brass laundry tub faucet)“Five-layer plating”In fact, it is due to the defects of the copper substrate and manufacturing process.。and,The expansion coefficient of metal different materials is different.,And the faucet uses cold water hot water every day,This high frequency thermal cycle,The faucet plating layer and the layer is easy due to the difference in expansion,Calling the appearance of the plating、Questions such as pleats,Therefore, the coating does not have to。

Good plating gloss,soft,Saturation。

So,How to simplify the good and bad plating?

1、In the case of sufficient light,Watch the quality of the faucet,Good electroplating without any oxide spots、Burnt traces、Airless hole、Bubble、No-leakage、Color;Touch no burning、Grain;

2、After pressing the finger to press the faucet,Fingerprint is quickly spread,Not easy to attach dirt。or,Consumers can use their mouth towards the tap surface.,The faucet surface will immediately form a layer of water。Good quality products,Water gas will quickly even fade,Poor product,The speed of the water will be slower,Even,The fading the water, the more uniform,Note that the quality of the plating is better。

3、The main purpose of electroplating is to decorate and rust,But don't mean that it is never rustful.,Especially regularly in contact with the human body。But use car wax every month to wipe these plating parts,It is good to protect the effect of protecting the faucet plating。

three、Water tap

The spool is a direction control with its movement.、Valve parts for basic functions of pressure control or flow control。Any faucet switch control requires a spool,For the faucet,The quality of the spool is an important basis for the quality assessment of the entire faucet.,It can be said that the most important thing to affect the quality of the faucet is the spool.。

central brass laundry tub faucet

There are three common spools.:Ceramic tab,Stainless steel ball and shaft roller。

(central brass laundry tub faucet)1、Ceramic spoolBecause of the affordable、Small water pollution、Good wear resistance、Good sealing performance,At the same time“brittleness”improvement of,Make the ceramic spool from a wide range of applications。In general,Ceramic spools play a good seal,Due to the relatively strong technical strength,Some imported ceramic chips,Sealing performance is relatively good,Physical performance stability,Wear-resistant,long lasting。At present, most of the mainstream faucets produced by most famous brand sanitary ware manufacturers have used ceramic spools.。

2、Axial rollThe advantage is that the hand is smooth.,Easy to operate easily,Comfortable and comfortable,Aging、durable。However, shaft rolling spool as a vintage spool,It has gradually been able to meet the needs of the crowd for the spool.,Therefore, it will be gradually eliminated by the market.。Axial rolls in the faucet produced by large brands,I'm rarely now.。

3、Stainless steel ball valveIt is currently a leading valve core with higher tech content,Some high-grade bathroom brands use laser technology processing irregular seven-hole steel ball spool,Snoring of the latest faucet products。Industry insiders also believe that this spool is more suitable for the poor water quality,Because it is not affected by impurities in water,Will not shorten the service life。Moreover, the handle of the steel ball spherical core has a large angle in the region where the water temperature is adjusted.,Can accurately control water temperature,Ensure that hot water flows quickly and accurately,Get energy-saving efficacy。but,The production cost of stainless steel ball spool is higher than other types of spools,At the same time, the production process requires more fine,Applications suitable for poor water quality。

Everyone is recognizedSpanish track core valveBe the best,Most durable!Secondly, some imported brands,The cheapest is still domestic(China's sorrow) A faucet ceramic core valve price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, etc.!

And now a treasure or some merchants,It is said that I have said that my leading product is used in Spain.,What tube50,80Ten thousand times,50,100Year!It seems to be a word!A one or two hundred of faucets can use Spain imported track core valves?funny!

In fact, the general faucet may be a few dollars of ceramic core valves,You also have no identification!

anyway,We don't care what core valves they use.,General enough, we use two Thirty years is enough!

Don't blindly be blindly used by these so-called brand accessories and persons,Confused!

Generally a faucet core valve,We are simple,I will know when I open it.,One is not too slippery,I can't be too tight,As long as you start I feel round,Turn average,Without noiseOKIn! Generally, such a core valve is enough for a decade.!

Four、Basin faucet

Now the faucet's water is generally divided into4kind:

1、Ordinary water 2、Spray water up and down 3、Waterfall water 4.Hollow water

central brass laundry tub faucet

Ordinary water

(central brass laundry tub faucet)central brass laundry tub faucet

Spray water up and down

central brass laundry tub faucet

Waterfall water

central brass laundry tub faucet

Hollow water

Which water is better?,More practical,That is to see personal preferences,And view!

Let's talk about these advantages and disadvantages of these waterflow.!

1、Ordinary outlet, everyone is clear,Is a traditional way of water,And generally ordinary water faucet prices are relatively cheap,Its disadvantage is that the water pressure is splashing,Moreover, it is still very uncomfortable.! And now many outlets have additional filters,Comparison of water flow,Intuitive feelings are hitting a small bubble in your hand,Will not splash everywhere,And the shortcomings are very easy to block,And the water in the hand is uneven!

2、The up and down spray water is the general market in these two years.,Because it is convenient to wash your face,Don't use the traditional hand to get to wash your face,Can be sprayed on your face directly,And there is thus a preferences,Disadvantages are also water pressure control,Very uncomfortable!

(central brass laundry tub faucet)3、Waterfall watershed as the name is the waterfall waterfall in accordance with the principle of waterfall,Water and gentle,It makes people feel comfortable,Washing face is also very convenient,The size of the waterfall water can be adjusted according to the size of the water pressure.,Light and favored by the elderly and children!Beautiful view is convenient and comfortable!

4、Hollow water is the principle combined with the waterfall and the general water in combination with ordinary water to minimize the water.,And it is gentle and uniform!A little artistic, huh, huh!

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