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brass compression sleeve tube od 1 4

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The size of the pipe is also very determined.,And the size model is also different.,E.g20Tube,Also25of,32of,40Thereo110Pipeline,Each specification of the pipeline it matches the waterproof casing.。If the line specification is approximately50mmup and down,Then, its waterproof casing specification is at least in114mmup and down。if75mmTube,Then it's waterproof casing specification needs140mmup and down。150mmThe tube is the size of the waterproof casing219mm。Everyone can also see all the specifications of the management.,The waterproof casing specifications used are different.。Today's explanation is the diameter size and casing comparison table.,Why do you want a key to the rigid waterproof casing specifications model size table?,due to,Many users don't know which specification specification model of the product is now.,Just learn about a product name,There is no difference in the price difference that makes the manufacturer has reported very large.,Customers don't know how to choose。

brass compression sleeve tube od 1 4

In fact, it is also a factor that the customer does not understand the size of the waterproof sleeve.,Therefore, the price of the waterproof cassette manufacturer will take the largest size of the model size of the factory to produce the largest size.,Some are the norms in accordance with national standards,Some follow02s404Waterproof casing standard atlas specification specification model。Therefore, you can understand the type of waterproof casing specification model.,Customers can understand the long-range specifications that fuse themselves,Accurately get itself Price of equipment。Naturally, you can also check that everyone's previously announced rigid waterproof casing size comparison table is completed。

(brass compression sleeve tube od 1 4)Recent years,Waterproof sleeves are quickly popular in a variety of fields like electric flash.,Be universally applied。Especially the flexible waterproof sleeve uses excellent silicone ring sealing. ,This method is especially corrosion。Can be applied to various types of pipelines in pipe construction,Can also fused with a variety of materials。More importantly,Very large level to save indoor space and save artificial and material resources。The rigid waterproof casing structure is a seamless steel pipe and then the wing ring(The ring sleeve specification sleeve for thick steel plates is on stainless steel pipe),When used in general pipelines over the wall,Good for moisture in the wall。The effect of installing waterproof casing is because it is convenient for supply line construction and installation lines.。It is convenient to give pipeline construction.,Is an indispensable new product in pipeline construction。

Waterproof sleeve is a common test member for the pipeline of the wall.。It can also be assembled on the pipeline,To ensure the reliable operation of the pipeline according to its own positive working pressure。According to the current stage02s404Waterproof casing architecture,Split the rigid waterproof casing into three types。AThe wing ring of the type rigid waterproof sleeve is large. ,andBType slightly narrow。Waterproof sleeve applicable pipeline crossing the wall without easy to undertake the structure of pipeline oscillation and expansion(construction)。Behoove Regional area,If a rigid waterproof sleeve is applied,It should be placed in the side wall or surface of the building.。Sensitive coupling is given around the pipeline。Rigid waterproof sleeve for cast iron drain and non-metallic materials,However, the relevant specifications should be carried out according to the wall thickness of the wall thickness.。After the wing ring and steel waterproof casing are disposed of,Coated on the outer wall(The topcoat contains camphor pill or cold base oil prices)。For waterproof sleeves through the wall,If you encounter a non-mixed soil wall,It should be replaced with a diaphragm wall.,And must Take it with the wall once。brass compression sleeve tube od 1 4

Sleeve safety,simple,Reliable,Especially in civil air defense equipment and mining engineering,Mounting and post-welding of flexible waterproof sleeves,in other words,No risk of fire accident,The larger the internal pressure,Silicone sealing ring。The ultimate vulcanized rubber is technically solubated when touching water,And give more reasonable septick。Everyone's artificial use is also relatively simple,economic development,Durable。Applying flexible moisture-proof kits in numerous pipelines can reasonably reduce vibration and noise,And disassembly and packing in the valve body and facility。especially,Working characteristics of the long-term length of the use of the time to hone。brass compression sleeve tube od 1 4