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brass tuba is a solution

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brass tuba is a solutionA warm golden tone and retro charm - What is the attractive interior than brass? This eternal tone has been rolled up.。 More aging than gold,More warm than silver,With other materials(Marble and wood)Mixed match,Get a charming drama and luxurious living space。

(brass tuba is a solution)See the explanation of our favorite brass aluminum aluminum interior design trend。 From a magnificent staircase to a simple eye,Brass aluminum plate can be bold or subtle as you wish -

(brass tuba is a solution)Chicago stairs:The ancient charm of contemporary design

This magnificent staircase plays an important role in the design,Turning the Jazz Hotel in Chicago into a modern residential building。 Brass railing with a black staircase to form a sharp contrast hit the correct note,Adding a modern retro style。

brass tuba is a solution

(brass tuba is a solution)High-rise:Brass tone in Chicago apartment。

It is modern,It is retro,It is charming。 This is a bronze model of a brass aluminum plate interior design.。 We love everything of Chicago apartment by Catherine King。 Especially the storage bench in the living room,The tuning door is made of a convex perforated brass morning aluminum plate。 One of this very fashionable space with valuable central works。

brass tuba is a solution

The brass aluminum sheet design is on the menu of the restaurant space

Sydney Design to Tilbery Hotel refurbished projects turn this building into a relaxed and energetic space,At the same time, it doesn't harm its simple classic style.。 Brass with patchwork ceiling,Bringing identity and fun to the restaurant。

(brass tuba is a solution)brass tuba is a solution

Brass aluminum plate makes retail space shines with space and light

In this flagship beauty located in Seoul, South Korea/Spa store,Continuous modular frame made of brass wires is consistent with oak floors and marble counters。 Design and research office design,Is a multi-functional display of indoor brass aluminum plate,And how to use many other materials。

brass tuba is a solution

Another retail project using a brass wire network Shenzhen pastry store。 Brass aluminum plate cage structure adds an industry's edge,Color and light photos in the store。

brass tuba is a solution

Oriental Decoration Art Opera is a day of dishes

Architect Emir by Paris·Humbert and Christopher·Poyte design,The design of Monaco's Song Dynasty Chinese Restaurant will combine elegant design with decorative art dramas.。

The brass bar around the center is complemented by the fine decoration details of the entire restaurant.,Bring prestige and exclusive。

brass tuba is a solution

(brass tuba is a solution)Yellow style ceiling breaks the metal theme of new winery

Sports Club provides a glass for its newly built small winery,Delicious metal ceiling in the boutique bar。

Color yellow copper spirit ceiling is a perfect solution to metal industrial themes,Copper beer tube and stainless steel brewing tanks reflected in the bar。

brass tuba is a solution

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