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Pipeline size is uniform,It is necessary to take the tube according to the process requirements and material availability.。This is the importance of special pipe fittings called the west。

Variable tube uses the most widely used in the pipe industry,To reduce the straight tube part of the expansion of the pipeline。There are basically two styles of the absence tube.:Concentric differential tube and eccentric tube。


brass tube reducer

Absence,Area reduction is concentric,And the centerline of the duct and smaller ends remain unchanged。These styles are commonly used for vertical lines。

Eccentric tube:

In this pipe,There is an offset between the centerline of the larger end and the centerline of the smaller end。This offset or eccentric will remain flat on the top or bottom。

This offset or eccentricity can be easily found by the following formula:Eccentricity=(More last value-Smaller end value)/ 2

When using this type of weighing tube,Users can choose to direct flat plane。Usually horizontal line,The flat side of the eccentric weapon is facing up or down,Equation is also deviation。

Flat face-up eccentric tube for all pump suction lines on horizontal pipelines(Does not include pumps of mud)。Thus,It can avoid that air is trapped in the pipe when it is originally discharged through the pump shell.,Helps to avoid corrosion。

Connect to the end of the straight tube according to this part,The grouping of the west tube is as follows:

WeldingDecompression valve:WeldingApplicable pressure grade of pressure reducing valve,Size and material standards and application pressure level for solder elbows,Same size and material standards。

(brass tube reducer)Insert welding reducer:Such a weighing tube can only use concentric types,Can also use a coupling form with one end sleeve,Pipes suitable for large diameters,And the other end sleeve form,Pipes suitable for smaller diameters。Standards are the same as the standard for use in the insert welding elbow。

Threaded tube: Applicable only,And using a coupling form,One end is suitable for larger pipes,The other end is suitable for smaller pipelines。

(brass tube reducer)Flange fitting:Pressure rated value,use,Materials and size standards with stress suitable for flange elbowsDecompressorsame。Regardless of the size,Their face-to-face size is determined by a larger pipe size。