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(admiralty brass tubes price)11moon26day,Guangzhou Jinzhong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.(Stock abbreviation:Jinzhong Shares,Stock code:301133)Successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange,Official landing of capital market。

since2004Since the establishment of the year,Jinzhong Shares have been deep farming car inside and outside the field,And has successfully entered the supply system of the world's main vehicle manufacturers,Become a professional car inside and outside dressing manufacturer with global supply capabilities。Products are not only served in the domestic market,Also from North America、Europe、South Korea、Thailand、India、Brazil and other countries and regions,Become another one in China to show the world manufacturing industry“Golden business card”。

Stand out and out of the world

(admiralty brass tubes price)last century90From the age,The global automotive industry has emerged in the whole vehicle manufacturer to strip part of the parts business.,After that, the global auto parts industry has been developed for a long time.,Form a set of vehicle supporting market、Core with vehicle manufacturers、Pyramid-type multi-level supporting supply system supported by component suppliers。

Overall,Important branch as an automobile parts industry,my country's automobile internal and outer jewelry industry has long been developed,It has basically formed full competition、Market pattern,Some domestic leading automotive interior and outer accessories companies have developed with strong technical levels、Mold design、Size production capacity,It has become an important member of the global vehicle manufacturer supply system。

The automotive interior and outer exterior industry is an important part of the auto parts industry.,According to the relevant data of the prospective industrial research institute,2019The global car sales is9,129.67Ten thousand vehicles,Press the interior、Exterior parts bicycle supporting value4,000Yuan and2,500Elementary calculation,2019The scale of the world's car interior parts and exterior parts is3,651.87Billion、2,282.42Billion。at the same time2019my country's auto sales is2,576.90Ten thousand vehicles,The scale of corresponding interior and exterior parts is1,030.76Billion、644.23Billion。With the rapid development of the auto industry,The size of the interior parts is also constantly high.。

The rapid development of the vehicle market in the past decade has promoted the continuous improvement of my country's automobile parts industry technology and industrial scale。according toWindData display,As of2019year11moon,my country's large-scale automotive parts companies have reached13,711Family。With the development of the industry,Many companies have achieved rapid development,Jin Zhong shares is one of them。

Jin Zhong shares as a professional engage in automobile internal and outer accessories、Develop、High-tech enterprises producing and selling,Two major production bases in Guangzhou and Qingyuan City, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province,Have a development from product development、Mold design and manufacturing,To injection molding、plating、Spray、Spray powder、Self-process autonomous production capacity for surface decoration processing processes such as silk screen。The main products include car wheel utensils(Wheel decorative cover、Wheel insert)、Car logo decoration(Car word logo、Car sign、Steering wheel)And car body decorative parts(Decorative strip、Body decorative assembly、Grill, etc.)。

How to stand out from more than 10,000 companies,Human market share,Become a stage of the market to Jinzhong shares。And now I successfully board the GEM,The company is a full-legised volume to the market.。

(admiralty brass tubes price)Hard strength intensive high reputation

With excellent supply capacity and super hard product quality,Jin Zhong Shao has a good monument in the industry.,Deeply approved by the vehicle manufacturer。

The company has obtainedFCAgroup2016Year Excellence Quality Award、General Motors2017Outstanding quality supplier、FordQ1Quality Certification、General Motors2019Annual quality supplier and2020Annual quality supplier and other honors,And was identified as the Guangdong Provincial High Performance Automobile Decoration Parts Engineering Technology Research Center、Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center、Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Small Giant Enterprise、Guangzhou City Corporate Technology Center、Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Agency, etc.,It can be described as a result.。

the more important thing is,For automotive interior and outer parts,about90%Car inside and external plastic parts are produced by molds,Mold design and manufacturing capabilities are one of the important criteria for measuring internal and external assemblies。The design and manufacturing level of the mold directly determines the production efficiency of auto parts.、Precision、Product pass rate and service life。

And the excellent strength and rich accumulation of Jinzhong shares,Make the company in mold design and manufacturing、Injection molding、Surface decorative treatment process, etc. forming a unique technical advantage。

Level of existing manufacturing teams in Cold Zhongshang,Greatly guaranteed the company's technical advantages,Make it in the forefront of the industry。Not only can you skilled use of modeling softwareUG、CATIA、Mapping softwareAutoCAD、Whent flow analysis softwareMoldflowWaiting for professional software,DedicatedCAEdatabase,The company also has accumulated a successful case and experience data for a large number of mold design.,It has greatly reduced the test error cost of the previous mold design link.。

at the same time,Company has a precision deep hole processing machine、Vertical integrated machining machine、Wire wire cutting machine、Machine equipment required for grinding machines such as plane grinding machines,Can complete the precision manufacturing of various types of molds。Multi-year mold design、Accumulation of development and manufacturing experience,The company masters a mold multi-cavity、Quick model、Thermal track、Second-color injection mold and other mold development technology,Development of mold type cavity can be achieved0.02mm,Surface roughness is0.2um,User life10010,000 times,Also in the industry leader。

(admiralty brass tubes price)Synchronous development

(admiralty brass tubes price)Recently20Industry accumulation,Jinzhong shares have the ability to synchronize with vehicle manufacturers,As of the date of signing of this prospectus,Company has a patent91item,in8Item invention patent、83Utility model patent。

Synchronous development capabilities,It is one of the important elements of the whole vehicle manufacturer to assess components suppliers.,Due to the development of supplier R & D capabilities and cooperative stability requirements,Usually only one level of suppliers have strong synchronous development capabilities。

2018Year2020year,The company's synchronous development of major customers and the total number of parts is overall,from2018yearly197Sum150Increment2020yearly204Sum240indivual,The average compound growth rate is reached1.76%and26.49%,2021year1-6Month has reached115Sum169indivual。

(admiralty brass tubes price)at the same time,Synchronous development projects and mass production projects,Powerful support for the steady improvement of the business income of Jinzhong Shares,In the company2021year1-6Month business income,The sales revenue of the sales revenue of the parts of the partial production period in the reporting period is the proportion of operating income.16.84%、20.11%、14.90%and5.69%,Accumulated57.54%。

Currently,Jin Zhong shares have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known vehicle manufacturers at home and abroad.,EuropeFCA、Modern、FAW Shares、FAW sedan轿车、一汽-大众、FAW、上汽乘用车、public、长安马自达、SAIC、小鹏汽车、SAIC、蔚来汽车、Changan Ford、First-class suppliers of well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers at home and abroad中国等国内外知名整车厂商的一级供应商,Changan Mazda、广汽丰田、Great Wall、东风本田、Xiaopeng car、东风日产、BYD、广汽菲亚特等知名整车厂商的二级供应商,Aware carDAG进入了通用汽车、Ideal car、克莱斯勒、特斯拉、北美丰田、FAW Toyota、LUCID、RIVIAN和LMCGAC Toyota。

(admiralty brass tubes price)据公司招股书显示,Guangqi Honda,汽车轮毂装饰盖产品收入占公司营业收入的比重为72.12%,Dongfeng Honda,2019年公司汽车轮毂装饰盖的销量为3,838.22Guangzhou Auto Passenger Car,按照每辆汽车配套4Dongfeng Nissan,以及2019Dongfeng Qichen9,178.69万辆测算,2019Guangqi Fiat and other well-known second-level suppliers10.45%,未来可期。