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recently,According to the United States《marine corps times》sources say,marines completed12.7mm composite case bullet(.50inch)laboratory environment performance verification,The next step will be field trials,This is following the previous large-scale trial of the U.S. military using composite material cartridges.8.6mm medium caliber machine gun bullets(.338inch)、6.8mm squad firearms ammo(.277inch)after the bullet,Another main battle firearm bullet casing is tested for composite material!

It can be foreseen in the future that if the performance of these bullets meets the requirements,The U.S. military will gradually use composite shells to replace traditional brass shells。

brass pick up tube weight

picture:Composite cartridges and traditional brass cartridges。

(brass pick up tube weight)In recent years,Both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps are experimenting and qualifying composite cartridge technology,for cost reduction、Targets such as ammunition weight reduction,The source of this trend is the U.S. military rifle replacement plan。

current,The medium-caliber machine guns of the U.S. ground forces are mainlyM240series7.62mm general purpose machine gun,But in the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan,Due to the open terrain,lack of shelter,The engagement distance between U.S. infantry and opponents is much greater than in regular combat,The above-mentioned machine guns have insufficient long-range combat performance,It is difficult to suppress the Russian system commonly used by militantsPKP/PKM 7.62mm general purpose machine gun,This allows the U.S. Army、Marines and Special Forces have the idea of changing guns。

brass pick up tube weight

brass pick up tube weight

picture:US militaryM240machine gun(superior)in the RussianPKMNo advantage in machine gun confrontation。

To further enhance the power of medium-caliber machine guns, it is necessary to increase the ammunition“restart the stove”,Use a larger caliber ammunition。

to this end,The U.S. military has selected the most popular sniper rifles in recent years“Magnum”bullet,This is a caliber of.338inch bullet,Converted to metric is8.5852mm,The actual diameter of the warhead is8.61mm,Ammunition in this caliber is also available in several variants,The more famous one is widely used in high-precision sniper rifles..338inch“Lapua-Magnum”bullet。

2017year10moon9day,At the U.S. Army Association Defense Show opening in Washington,General Dynamics Weapons and Tactical Systems showcases newLWMMGGeneral-purpose machine guns and matchingMACcompany8.6×64mm“Norma-Magnum”Composite cartridge case bullet,Soon U.S. Special Operations Command and the Marine Corps both purchased a batch ofLWMMGGeneral-purpose machine gun and supporting ammunition for trial。

brass pick up tube weight

picture:US military newLWMMGMachine guns use larger caliber8.6×64mm“Norma-Magnum”Composite cartridge case bullet。

for the same reason,The U.S. military also intends to develop new caliber firearms to replace existing ones5.56mm squad firearms,including rifle、Class machine guns, etc.。

2019year9moon,General Dynamics Weapons and Tactical SystemsRM277Rifle and Matching True Speed Company6.8×51Millimeter composite case bullets are involved in the U.S. military“Next Generation Squad Weapons”project,this6.8Millimeter bullets are expected to replace standard U.S. squad firearms5.56×45mm bullet。

brass pick up tube weight

picture:US militaryRM277Assault Rifle,Raised the caliber to6.8mm。

On the basis of promoting the research and development of medium-caliber machine guns and squad firearms and the production of supporting composite material cartridges,The US military began to further extend the concept of composite shells to the field of heavy machine guns。

2021year1moon,U.S. Marine Corps andMACcompany signed value1000million dollar contract,order240Wanfa12.7mm composite case bullet,Use BrowningM2User testing of machine guns。

(brass pick up tube weight)M2machine gun from1921It has been the standard large-caliber heavy machine gun of the U.S. military for a hundred years since it was commissioned in 2009.,For infantry fire position placement and tank armored vehicles、Helicopter loading, etc.。The U.S. Marine Corps has completed12.7Evaluation test of millimeter composite case bullet in laboratory environment,It is shown that the ballistic performance of the composite bullet is comparable to that of the traditional brass bullet under various temperature changes,Follow-up Marine Corps will further carry out field trials,Preparing for a full makeover。

brass pick up tube weight

picture:century-oldM2Large-caliber heavy machine guns will also be replaced with composite bullets。

Unlike traditional brass case bullets,Composite case bullet max The advantage is light!

Lightweight ammunition with composite casings can greatly increase the ammunition carrying capacity of ordinary infantrymen,Or increase the water while keeping the ammo carry amount the same、Carrying capacity of other combat resources such as batteries。

Bullet weight has been reduced,Also reduces the number or frequency of transports used in troop logistics,Effectively reduce transportation costs,Shorten warranty time。

currently used3composite cartridge case,Apart from12.7The millimeter bullet maintains the original ballistic performance due to the traditional caliber.,8.6mm and6.8mm caliber bullet compared to7.62mm and5.56The performance of millimeter caliber bullets has been greatly improved。

e.g. withLWMMGgeneral purpose machine gun8.6mm bullet in1000End point kinetic energy ratio at metersM240machine gun fired7.62mm bullets are nearly4times,Whether it is the degree of lethality to the vivid target or the lethality of the vivid target behind the cover, it is better than the active duty7.62mm bullet,Realized long-distance suppression of Russian systemPKP/PKM 7.62The original design of the millimeter general-purpose machine gun。

brass pick up tube weight

picture:Bullets with composite casings。

However,ideal is plump,reality is skinny!

Although composite cartridge bullets have many advantages,But in order to realize the requirements of the US military for next-generation firearms,Still need to pay great expense。

due to8.6Mm and6.8Millimeter caliber bullets belong to the new breeding of infantry troops,Although the ballistic performance and anti-killing power are significantly improved,But compared to the traditional7.62Mm and5.56Millimeter caliber bullet size is larger、Heavy weight,Even the composite bullet is used, it is difficult to change this feature。

A accommodation50send8.6Millimeter bullet chain soft elastic bag volume,OlderM60orM240Machine gun100send7.62×39Millimeter NATO Middle Power Plays,Size is never used7.62×52Mm NAT standard bombMK48Light machine gun200Bullet chain bag。

Weight,Brass8.6×64Mm bullets54.6gram,Use a composite bullet“Norma-Magan”Bullets are still heavy45.5gram,Compare7.62×39Millimeter bullet24.3Gram87.2%。

In order to cooperate with this bullet, the weight of the bullet is8gram,Yes7.62×39Millimeter bullet chain link2Multiplication,Brace chain weight increases a lot。From these indicators,Due to the increase in the caliber of the bullet itself,Result in a significant increase in dimensional weight,Large extent, the benefits of composite shells。

brass pick up tube weight

picture:Due to increasing caliber,The weight of the composite bullet bullet is still more than traditional standard ammunition.。

(brass pick up tube weight)Western defense media believes,ActiveM240General machine gun3People group,Shooter carrier machine gun and100Bulk,Subjection、Reserve tube and300Bulk,Ammunition400Bulk,Total load45.80kilogram。

OneLWMMGGeneral Machine Gun Group,Shooter carrier machine gun and100Bulk,Subjection、Reserve tube and200Bulk,Ammunition300Bulk,Reduce in the amount of ammunition200At the same time, the total load is reached53.07kilogram,increased7.27kilogram。

(brass pick up tube weight)Although universal power weapons and tactical system companies claim8.6Millimeter bullet is more excellent,But the battlefield is not simply data comparison,Many bullets can kill an enemy。

And the Marine TeamM2Composite bullet project for heavy machine guns,Since this machine gun itself is not a single soldier to carry,There must be a minimum demand“Hummer”Car or other assault vehicles,And due to the size of the bullets,The volume of the box does not change,There is no improvement in the firepower。in addition,When the size of the box is not changed,There is no major change in the number of car cartridges.,The benefit is just to make the box more light,Easy to move。

at the same time,Manufacturers publicity composite bullet manufacturing is very convenient,even3DPrint can be created。But bullets do not only have a shell,The warhead and the bottom fire are still metal manufacturing,Gunpowder also needs special supply,according to“Wooden bucket principle”analyze,These will restrict the production advantages of composite bullets themselves.。

brass pick up tube weight

picture:Bullets are the most basic ammunition of soldiers,US military wants to fully replace composite bullet bullets,Not that is not so easy!