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central brass 3 handle tub shower valve

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Waste valve is a very common hardware equipment in life.,Although the price is not expensive, we may not live a comfortable home life.,I believe what you already know what is a mixed valve?,But when it is broken, are you??Do you know how to choose a mixed valve??Waste valve what brandOkay?

How to repair the mixed valve?

1、Before repairing the mixed valve,It should be noted that the cold water total valve and water heater power switch,Or the hot water of the solar water is turned off。After turning off, open the water-out the water out until the water is complete.、

2、When the water of the mixed valve is flowed out,You can start making the unmanent work.。Be sure to pay attention to the water temperature of the hot water valve inlet when disassembling,Be careful。First give the top wire in the middle,Take a handle,After using the active wrench Panasonic pulture cover, you can take out the spool.,Then cleans up the dirt。

3、But if the mixed valve is leaking,Just find glue to stick,If you are more serious, you need to change a new mixed valve.。

central brass 3 handle tub shower valve(central brass 3 handle tub shower valve)How to install correctly?

1、Constant temperature water installation

(central brass 3 handle tub shower valve)Before installing the constant temperature mixed valve,We have to check if the water pipe is left and right cold.,Do not pick up the cold water pipe and hot water pipe,To avoid the mixed water valve。Solar water heaters and gas water heaters cannot use thermostatic mixed valves,Because the water pressure is too low。Install the constant temperature mixed valve to remember not to forget the installation of hot and cold water filter。

2、Kitchen mixed valve installation

When you purchase a kitchen mixed valve,Be sure to be strong and firm,Because the kitchen is washed every day, wash dishes every day.,All use,And many times the number of times is used。It is easy to use time for use.,Therefore, the nut of the mixed valve must be tightened.。Some mixed valves appeared on the market that screw increase nuts,This kind of solid effect is very good.,In the future, it may be a popular trend.。

3、Basin mixed valve installation

Many people who say that the water use in the basin is installed,A special corner valve selected,The hot and cold water pipe to be horn and the water pipe in the installation is fixed.,When the roll valve and the water pipe of the mixed valve are found to have a distance,You can use long-range links,Accept a part as needed。If an angle is inappropriate, it can be bent to the location you need as needed.。When installing the basin,Please don't forget the small interface to buy the faucet。Please don't forget the water pipe bury in advance before installing the mixing valve.。

4、Bathroom mixed valve installation

Bathroom mixed valve If you can't install correct?,Not very convenient when taking a bath,The bathroom mixed valve mounting and other places are not equally installed.。Bathroom mixed valve installation generally wants to embed the spool of the mixed valve in the wall。Before the embedding, you must consider the thickness of the bathroom wall.,Wall is too thin,The spool will not be embedded。The plastic protective cover of the splitter is not prematurely removed during the premature time.,To avoid cement and other miscellaneous damages。

central brass 3 handle tub shower valve

What brand of mixed valve is good

Nine animal husbandry

Jiu Mu Group Co., Ltd. is founded1990year,It is one of the current large-scale bathroom ware products manufacturers and suppliers.,Long-term focus on the research and development and production of kitchen and bathrooms and supporting products,Is a health ceramics、Smart kitchen bath、Whole bathroom、Kitchen and bathroom furniture、Hardware faucet、Kitchen and bathroom hardware、Large kitchen and bathroom enterprises for the mixed valve for the main business。Nine animal husbandry“JOMOO”,Is one of the most familiar kitchen brands of consumers,I have been identified as“a famous Chinese trademark”。Jiu Mu Kitchen & Di has four kitchen production bases,Land2000Mu,30000Home sales outlets,Southeast Asia、middle East、EU, etc.20Multiple countries and regions。

Blue ivy

Blue vine cleansing company is a collection of research and development、Production、Mid-high-end faucet production enterprise in sales and service,Since the self-built factory,Blue ivy has been working on modern trend sanitary ware research and development and production of advanced production equipment,Exquisite craft experience、Rich professional technical personnel implementationISO9001Management method,Let the blue 藤 have been in an invincible place in the fierce market competition.。

(central brass 3 handle tub shower valve)Corler

company was founded on1873year,Headquartered in Wisconsin, USA,The oldest、One of the largest family companies。American Kohler is one of the most familiar kitchen brands of the world's most consumer.,“Selected by China Ceramic Bathroom Brand Network2013China bathroom top ten brands”。Found1873year。Mainly produces Coal bathtub、washbasin、Seating、Faucet、Wiring valve、Cabinet and other kitchen products。Corler140Year-old development,It has become the symbol of the most superior sanitary product。It advocates“Elegant life”Home philosophy,Touching people for elegant life and love。No matter which corner of the world,Kohler guarantees consumers to feel the world's unified Kohler five-star hotel's live enjoyment。

central brass 3 handle tub shower valve

Hans Gya

Hans Gya comes from Germany, brand,Michigan Taylor CityMascoOne of the company's shareholders。Hans Gya Space Bathroom Design,Larger space with Hans Gya·WardShowerArcMassage shower arcs give people luxurious and comfortable feelings。And the black and white gray is the main color of the bamboo screen,pebble,The combination of natural elements such as rock wall creates a comfortable natural bath space.。


Gauss(COSO)The bathroom originated in Germany,More than ten years of development,Has become a bathroom global brand。In the industry,Gauss products take the leadISO9001:2000Quality management system certification、EUCECertification。Gauss has been focusing on the research and development and production of new products.,Constantly commit to meet high-quality project functionality、Aesthetics、Fashionability、Product development、design、Production、Sales integrated construction。In the country, the first lavoff valve,Create a hardware“Tall, rich and handsome”,Trend of shower;now,Gauss has occupied half-Wanjiang Mountain in the market.,More synonymous in the bathroom。

totoWiring valve

Dongtao Company is a production、Sales civilian and commercial facilities、Factory of sanitary ware and related equipment。Pursue high quality、High process level,Enjoy hygiene using users、healthy、Comfortable life is the goal of the company's consistent pursuit。Dongtao Company is committed to protecting precious water resources,Create and maintain a comfortable living environment,Hygiene equipment for integration combined structures,Continuously enhance its own product strength,Open new market space。

The above is about the related knowledge of the mixed valve,I hope to help you.。