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brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 13:12:14

in renovation,On-site kitchen and bathroom water will be designed according to the design,Retrofitting the drainage system。And for the renovation of old houses,That's an essential step。

Many people may not know,in home life,Water leakage in the sewer system accounts for more than half of the entire water leakage problem,That is to say,Many problems are caused by leaks in the sewer system。But really take this issue seriously,but very few。

Except for leaks,Sewer Retrofit,What questions do you need?

(brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube)1、The relationship between bathroom cabinet types and sewer renovation

(brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube)I believe many young people,There will be more choices for wall-mounted bathroom cabinets。wall mounted bathroom cabinet,overall modern simplicity,And because there are no support feet at the bottom,So there is no hindrance below,Easy to clean,You can also put pots and other supplies under it.,then the drain pipe under it is not in the ground,where did you go?

brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube(brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube)

actually,This is how the water is launched is the wall row。There are two ways to drain the bathroom cabinet,One is the ground row,Drain pipe comes out of the ground。And the wall,The sewer pipe runs from the inside of the wall,so,Bathroom cabinet drain pipe directly inside the cabinet,Connect the drain pipe to the wall。Therefore, in the initial hydropower stage of renovation,If the construction master is not clearly informed,Then the general default will be to do the ground row,At that time, if the wall row is selected,The lower section of the drain pipe is exposed,It would be really ugly,And it's a hygienic corner。

brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube(brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube)

2、Anti-odor and anti-water leaking under the kitchen sink

Kitchen sink drains are generally floor drains,while the horizontal pipes on the ground,Greasy due to kitchen wastewater,Easy to accumulate and affect drainage,The probability of backwatering will be much higher。at the same time,When the neighbor's kitchen drains,Increase in air pressure in the main pipe,It is easy to cause odors to enter your home。

And the problem of the drain hose in the kitchen sink is leaking,It is also often encountered,So when buying a sink,Fewer connections for sink drain hoses,less chance of problems。And most people buy sinks,Basically do not look at the structure and quality of the sewer pipe。Although it is not suitable to use single slot and double slot to compare the number of water hose connections,But design flaws,Double tank sink structure,Increases the risk of leaks。

brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube

In addition to the regular attention points such as the horizontal row on the groundpvcThe pipe must have a certain running slope,Reduce water and greasy build-up problems,In addition, the drain hose and thepvcDrain pipe connection,to seal。

brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube

There is a drain core,In addition to sealing the gap between the upper and lower tubes,at the end of the drain,has a self-closing device,when water falls due to gravity,Fitted wall flares,water can flow。when there is no flow,The tube wall closes automatically,This will prevent the backflow of sewage and odor、The role of the mosquito pathway。

(brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube)brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube

3、Pipeline protection problems of sewer pipes。This is the case in some construction teams and small decoration companies,often seen,Some sewer pipes are open,Construction waste or cement during construction can easily fall into the pipeline,Causes slow drainage during later use,and prone to blockages。For this kind of garbage in the tube,Difficult to clean up,At the same time, the dredging process is easy to damagepvcTube,cause new leaks。Therefore, the protection of the sewer pipes on the construction site is an indispensable part.。

Of course,Before laying cement on the ground,Also need to check the ground pipes for damage,Check if there is no problem before proceeding to the next construction。

brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube

4、pvcBasic attention to the connection of pipes

(brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube)in the rightpvcWhen the pipe is connected,We also need to pay attention,100mmbelowpvcTube,Commonly glued connections,that is to usepvcSpecial glue,for critical connection fixing and sealing。for110mmAbovepvcTube,Need to put a rubber ring in the tube,play a better sealing effect。For marked construction methods,Requires small rounded corners at the socket,The fracture is flat and vertical,Bonding in a clean condition,Avoid the problem of water leakage at the interface in the later stage。

5、Waterproofing of sewer pipes

(brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube)Kitchen and bathroom floor waterproof construction,It should be a commonly known construction project.,But many people ignore,sometimes sewer pipes,is under the waterproof layer,When the sewer leaks,The lower layer does not have any waterproof protection measures。Sewer leaks for this condition,It's more troublesome than dealing with leaking water pipes。ground slotting,Destroyed the structure of the cast-in-place layer of the original ground,A separate waterproof construction is required in the tank,Add waterproof measures to this layer。

brass overflow bathroom sink drain tube

Everyone is in the hidden project of hydropower,Pay attention to the construction precautions of electric wires and water inlet pipes,Often overlooked the problem of leakage prevention of drainage pipes,So I hope that it can be used for any water environment or pipeline construction,can be paid attention to,Avoid unresolved problems later on。

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