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brass tube reduce swage

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Well-known,Brass application in hardware、electronic、mechanical、Many fields such as oil。due to,Brass products in production、store、during shipping,It is prone to oxidation、Changing phenomenon、Passivation process,Is the most common use of brass、Most popular rust processes。

brass tube reduce swage

Copperiviation treatment,Generate a dense passivation film on the surface of the copper surface,Can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of copper,Extended copper rust time,Avoid erythema from copper surface、Green spot, etc.。In industrial production,What are the benefits of passivation treatment to brass??

brass tube reduce swage

1.After passivation processing of copper products,Copper corrosion resistance is greatly improved,Under natural conditions,Can keep brass workpieces1arrive2Oxidation will not occur during the year、Discoloration、Corrosion。

(brass tube reduce swage)2.Brass products after passivation treatment,Will form a layer of dense in the copper surface、Ultra-thin oxide film layer,Will not affect the accuracy of the workpiece。

brass tube reduce swage

3.Brass products after passivation treatment,Excellent surface performance。

4.Brass products after passivation treatment,Will not change the color of the brass itself、shape、Soft and hardness, etc.,Can also be effectively protected against brass。


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