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brass compression coupling tube

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Aluminum-plastic composite pipe

(brass compression coupling tube)——Everyone is familiar with this pipe fitting technology.、Unfamiliar。Because of its entry into the Chinese market20Year history,Many people have used,But slowly abandon it.……At present, its domestic application is almost a phenanthus angle,The reason is that everyone is afraid of tube packing。

Inrectly,Card pressure pipe fittings in Europe is the most extensive mainstream pipe fitting of aluminum plastic tube connection,But why is there a water in China??
Core reason is still installed,But the problem is not in the installation worker,But the upstream manufacturers have not been a tool for tools.,And correct guidance——Our installation workers may only be a good tool.!

(brass compression coupling tube)1、Tensioning fitting

(brass compression coupling tube)Not designed for aluminum-plastic composite tubes

◆ Phenomenon:

In China's household heating system,Especially radiator heating system,Most of the tension pipe fittings are used to connect,Regardless of the aluminum-plastic composite tube used by the pipelinePE-XTube。However, when the heating tube is connected to the aluminum-plastic composite pipe,There are often construction workers complaining:Which aluminum-plastic composite tube is cleared?

◆ Deconstruction:

Why does this happen??Let's first understand“Tensioning fitting”Full name:National standardGB/T 22051-2008middle,The full name of the tensioning pipe——XLPE(PE-X)Tube tension card set cold expansion pipe。

As the name suggestion,The tensioning tube is not designed for aluminum-plastic composite tubes.。

Because the aluminum-plastic composite pipe does not have“Memory”,Expansion tools excessively expanded certainly easily cause the pipeline to rupture(Of course, it does not rule out the quality problems of individual manufacturers aluminum plastic tube itself.)。

(brass compression coupling tube)brass compression coupling tube(brass compression coupling tube)

Use a tension tube to connect an aluminum-plastic composite tube with a large risk,Even if it is short,It is also difficult to guarantee that long-term use can not be used。Due to thermal expansion and contraction, pipeline aging may cause looseness of the connection,And if the aluminum-plastic composite tube is too slipping,Aluminum layer and fittings in the middle of the pipeline(brass)direct contact,Since the metal is different,Potential difference,Corrosion phenomenon in which the original battery is formed,Pipes will gradually corrode,Lead。

so,The tensioning tube and aluminum-plastic composite tube can not be connected?This problem is still awaiting。

2、Pipe fittings are aluminum-plastic composite tubes

Tailor-made connection form

In the European market,Convenient installation,Use reliable、Stability and so on,Card pressure tube is mainstream products connected to aluminum-plastic composite tubes,High market share。

Frankfurt in GermanyISHExhibition,Card pressure pipe which is visible everywhere。Not only used in HVAC connections,Also widely used in living water systems。

(brass compression coupling tube)brass compression coupling tube(brass compression coupling tube)

In the domestic market,China Urban Construction StandardCJ/T 190-2015middle,“Pressure pipe”Full name——Aluminum-plastic composite pipe。

In other words,Pipe fittings are tubes for connecting aluminum-plastic composite tubes.。

But in China,Pressure pipe“water leakage”The crime has for a long time。Actually,Most of this is installed by informal installations,That is, the upstream manufacturer does not do a tool for tools.、Workers do not use professional tool installations correctly。

◆ Error demonstration:

Use the portable tongs or wrenches to do expand processing,Easy to cause inner wall damage or scratch、Pipe port burrs and flying。This error pretreated pipe will damage the sealing ring in the pipe fitting.,Resulting in a large number of safety hazards,That is, the product system is prone to the crucity of the leakage phenomenon after alternating cycle of hot and cold water.。

brass compression coupling tube

◆ Backward demonstration:

Common manual card pixel——on the one hand,The main body of the calipers and the middle of the mold is fixed by screws.,Easy to cause a screw loose or not tightened,Leading two ends do not fit;on the other hand,The manual calipers have a certain life life,But the properties of manual tools,It is difficult for the naked eye to deflect the degree of density、life,And the accuracy of its compression,Reminds to the system when the system is leaking!

brass compression coupling tube

brass compression coupling tube

Why is the popularity and mature compression pipe fittings in Europe in Europe“Soil and soil”?In fact, there is only one reason:Our installation workers may only be a good tool.!

3、More advanced card pressure tools:Electric card clamp

Card pressure pipe fittings when plastic pipe,No need to expand,Therefore, it will not cause harm to the pipeline.。Just vertical cutting pipeline,Charging with the corresponding chamfer、After the whole circle can be plugged,Then use a special tool to compact。

In addition to the cooling and heating system,Card compression pipe can also be used for cold water、Gas、Compressed air and other working pressure is not greater than1.0MPaFluid system。When used for gas,SpecializedOType seal。

◆ Electric caliper characteristics:

(brass compression coupling tube)brass compression coupling tube(brass compression coupling tube)

brass compression coupling tube

(brass compression coupling tube)One-piece die,Performance stability;

use2~3After 10,000 times,The connecting board between the caliper will produce cracks,Accurate count,and(In the form of icons and beep)Reminder/Renewed,Avoid phenomenon such as hidden dangers and leakage of the installation due to caliper wear(In China、Within the range of products,Delbolin provides lifetime free maintenance services for its electric caliper products)。

One-button operation、Electric card pressure,Save a lot of manpower costs、Improve installation efficiency。

(brass compression coupling tube)4、Advantages of compression pipe fittings


Performance stability

bear40BarBlasting pressure without leakage。

exist49℃Above temperature、15BarWater pressure,Continuous pressure1000No leak in hours。

10BarWater pressure,99℃Hot water continues to press720No leak in hours。

(brass compression coupling tube)④3BarWater pressure,cold water(20℃)、Hot water(90℃)Alternate cycle2500No leak in hours。

high pressure(15Bar)、Low pressure(1Bar)Cyclic shock10000No leak。

1000Bullish3000Under the bun,continued800No leak in hours、No shift。

——Can,Can also bury,Is an excellent connector for aluminum-plastic composite tube。

brass compression coupling tube(brass compression coupling tube)

(brass compression coupling tube)02

Convenient installation,Improve construction efficiency

3Second completion of the card pressure,Install a full process20Second(Sliding and installing a whole process50Second)——Installation efficiency is doubled。


Cost-effective,reduce costs

(brass compression coupling tube)pipeline、Fitting fitting、Cost reduction。Calculated according to conventional warranty,相比滑紧工艺成本可降低(300Decreased coinction process costs~400元)/Yuan。



Yuan/热水系统、Household/制冷系统、Wide range of applications。

正视铝塑管用卡压式管件的应用,cold——为行业发展降低成本、Hot water system。

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