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(brass tube rattles)Welcome to me,There are updates every day.!

Welcome attention【First-line, beekeeper(Taobao shop is the same name!The headline is updated daily.):A cup of honey every day!Good health and charm!】

Lin Fei is a small childhood,Still,If you don't pay attention, you can run without a trace.,I scared her mother and die every time.,Because there are many ponds around the village,I am also afraid to meet people.,Say,Hit it,But his quiz is a bad problem.。Can you always hold it with a rope??Lin Fei rans on the brain,I finally came up with a way.:She bought a small brass bell back.,Use the nylon rope on the neck of Lin Fei,Thus,As long as Lin Fei runs“Jingle Bell”Sound ring,This is not afraid of finding your son.!

This day at noon,Lin Fei came back from Tian Luck,Why can't I find Lin Fei?,Neighbors also said that they didn't hear the bell for a long time.。Lin Fei is anxious to find the village,But still don't see people,At this time there is a neighbor:“Previously the village came to a strange man,I have been talking to your family.,Also, I took a sugar to eat.,We didn't care at the time.,I thought it was your family relatives.,This later didn't seem to be a bell.,so……”

Lin Fei listened to the throne,Face,Call:“Where did the man go??”


brass tube rattles

Lin Fei immediately ran around the market,Running as fast as the wind,Everyone is tightly followed。Market people,Everyone is looking for carefully,I have a bad throat.,Just can't hear Lin Fei's answer,Lin Fei is very crazy.。suddenly,She,Signature everyone is quiet。Everyone is not called,In addition to noisy people,Still can't hear。at this time,Lin Fei“Wailing”Call,A person who straight to the roadside booth。

That is a tall man,His feet are lying on a maribble pocket。Men east,A pair of nun people,See Lin Fei,The face changed.,Never reach out,Where can I stop?,Lin Fei is crazy to solve the pocket,Men angry,A punch playing on her head,Lin Fei Ma is a bloody,But she is not letting go。The man has hit a few times.,At this time, everyone has already rushed over.,I have a good strength to make him。This,Lin Fei shakes hands to unlock the pocket,Gosh,Lin Feizheng closed his eyes and slept,Her calling“My child”Faint。

This guy is really a human second!Everyone does not help but say it first.,Then handed it to the police who heard the news.。after a long time,Lin Fei woke up,Everyone is busy asking her how to find Lin Fei's,I saw her excitement.,The dead is also awake and just woke up.,Say:“I heard a bell,Fly、Xiaofei is not afraid,Mom is here……”

It turns out that Lin Fei has medicine in sugar.,Soon, I have no sense.,When the trafficker is slipping to the market,Lin Fei, which is being installed in the tunic pocket, I don't know that it is touched by others.,Still, I have no sense, I will move.,The bell rang slightly.,That's this,I heard Lin Fei.!Everyone speaks incredible,Maybe this is my mother and child.……

Many years later,Lin Fei has already established in the city、Wife and wife,He is also often talking to his wife.,Every time you tell,They also feel unbelievable。

one day,Lin Fei found,Mom's memory doesn't know when it starts to drop sharply.。I can't recognize others at first.,Later, Lin Fei didn't know.,Then I can't touch it.,The last life is difficult to take care.。

Lin Fei and his wife took my mother to the hospital for inspection,The doctor said that Lin Fei was suffering from the old dementia.,And from the brain inspection results,Lin Fei's brain has a lump,This may be related to the violent impact of her brain from excessive force.。Lin Fei knew it again,He remembered that year in the market,Mom was swollen by the man's trafficker.,Afterwards, I will lying in my home for a few days.……

Lin Fei after suffering from sick,The life of the two sons has become a mess,They are all payrolls,The income is not high, but also,There is another child at home.,Mother has made a mess in the house.,Running is also home。Sometimes I can't find someone in one night.,no way,They have to write contacts on paper,Put into my mother's pocket。once,The wife finally collapsed.,She said to Lin Fei:“Simply put your mother at home after work?”

Lin Fei also collapsed,But still refused:“I am so naughty.,Mother didn't take me at home.,Old inactivity has an impact on the body,I can't do this to my mother.。”

Wife said hard:“Then send her nursing home.,Lin Fei,Then go on like this,This day can't be over.……”

Lin Fei is very tangled,He put his finger in the fluffy hair,A movement is not moving,Half a half-day sigh,Lose:“I have to be so good.,mom,I really can't do it.……”

The two quickly selected a nursing home.,this day,Lin Fei and his wife went to the mother's house to pack things to bring,Mom has been sitting like a wood man.,眼 神 神 滞 滞 无 光,Lin Fei looked at the heart as a knife,What can I do??

At this time,Unexpected:When the wife turns a drawer,Inadvertently encountered the bell inside,Put out“Ding”A sound,Heard the bell,Lin Fei's eyes suddenly flashed,Then I called a sound.“Fly”。

Lin Fei is shocked,I have to know that my mother hasn't spoke for many days.!Lin Fei picks up the bell,Slowly send to mother's eyes,Gently shake,“Jingle Bell”,A series of crisp sounds sounded。Look at Lin Fei's mother again,Her eyes light up again,look at Lin Fei,open mouth,Say:“Xiaofei、Xiaofei is not afraid,mom is here……”Lin Fei couldn't hold back any longer.,weeping:“mother、Mom is not afraid,Xiaofei is here……”

After this,Lin Fei and his wife unanimously decided,Don't send mom to a nursing home。because the doctor said,Just keep on stimulating,Lin Fei's mother's condition will get better little by little,Maybe a miracle will happen。

further back,Neighbors in the community often see Lin Fei and his wife taking turns walking with their mother。If the couple is too busy at work,they don't lock the door,Let mom go for a walk alone、bask in the sun。They are no longer afraid of losing their mother,Because the little bell is tied firmly to Mom's ankle,Neighbors will take care of mom when they hear the bell。They also negotiated with the security guard at the gate of the community.,As soon as you hear the bell,Don't let mom out of the community。Don't be afraid if you run out of the community,In addition to contact details in mom's pocket,Also installed a locator。

And when they open the door after get off work,Just hear the bell at home,Or look around,When you finally hear the bell outside,It's when they're the happiest,because the bell is,Mom is here。