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bioshock i in team where to find brass tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 11:48:14

Recently laundered《Biochemical:Collect》There are many problems。After the host version of the game cannot use the live broadcast function of the host,PCThe game is also exposed to various defects。

bioshock i in team where to find brass tube

SteamPlayers responded to the first generation《Biochemical》Games are not only newbug,And the previous old gamebugAlso exists。also《Biochemical1》PCMost of the game quality settings compared to most of todayPCToo few games。

Many players react《Biochemical1》It is said that it is“Remake”It's better to say it is“Storm”,Because this game has only a better illumination and a little clear label package。Game crash is a common thing。

Another general reaction problem is that players encounter mouse acceleration,This problem is1The game has just been released.,Did not get repaired。Mouse sensitivity sliding bar is not used,If you are tongging the sensitivity1,Then the mouse pointer does not move,Unless you throw it。There are also players criticizing the lack of games.FOVField adjustment。

and《Biochemical2》Also encountered various negative evaluations。Users complain that the picture is too small.,The picture quality is only better than before.。

(bioshock i in team where to find brass tube)Foreign netizenDigitalCreationSay:“The game is of course not very poor.,Just this is a lazy manifestation。1GamebugStill have,And the picture is just a little bit。Say it is the best version just because the picture has a small upgrade。”

consideringPCProblem of versioning,Many players suggest that the handle is more effective.。

(bioshock i in team where to find brass tube)SteamThere are also many players in the country to fight bad reviews.:

bioshock i in team where to find brass tube

(bioshock i in team where to find brass tube)bioshock i in team where to find brass tube

Below is a foreign media reportPCEdition problem solving:

Notice:After the modification is completed,You need to change each folder after the revised.“Read more”Attributes,Otherwise, the game may not use these changes.。

Mouse sensitivity:

Find this file:Cplate\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\BioShockRemastered\Build\Final and open DefUser.ini

(bioshock i in team where to find brass tube)Also find this file:Cplate\Users\ “YOURUSERNAME” \AppData\Roaming\BioshockHD\Bioshock and open User.ini

Open these two with notepadinidocument,Find these two lines: “IF_MOUSE_LOOK_ENABLED Axis aMouseX Speed=2500.0”and“ “IF_MOUSE_LOOK_ENABLED Axis aMouseY Speed=2500.0”

Then modify itself,Choose the value suitable for yourself

Mouse acceleration:

Find a folderAppData/BioshockHD/


turn upReduceMouseLagandDoubleBufferMouseLag,Change it tofalse

Open in the same folderuser.ini

(bioshock i in team where to find brass tube)turn upEngine.PlayerInput,Add the following command set directly below it:MouseSmoothingMode=0 MouseAccelThreshold=0

FOVVocal adjustment method:

goCplate\Users\ “YOURUSERNAME” \AppData\Roaming\BioshockHD\Bioshock


turn upFkeys(F11or12),Then enter:SetFOV xx。For example, you can set this:F11=SetFOV 100

Repair surround sound:

goCplate:\Users\”YOURUSERNAME” \AppData\Roaming\BioshockHD\Bioshock\

(bioshock i in team where to find brass tube)OpenBioshock.ini

according toConftrol+FsearchSpeakerMode=,Then changedSpeakerMode=SM_5_1

Then enter below:SpeakerModeValue=5 [ optional ]

forEAX(Environmental sound extension):conftrol+FsearchbEAXEnabled,Then changed to:bEAXEnabled=True

(bioshock i in team where to find brass tube)21:9Display fix:

goCplate\Users\”YOURUSERNAME” \AppData\Roaming\BioshockHD\Bioshock\


turn upWinDrv.WindowsClient,Modify your resolution