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brass tub drain stuck

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 11:35:27

Bathtub Wang Libin/Arts

There is a jacuzzi at home.,Go home from get off work, put on a cold water, beautifully, a flower petal,That is called a comfortable.!But,If the massage bathtub is blocked,What should I do??do not worry,Today, Wang Libin is explained in detail the reason for the massage bathtub sewer.,There is also a verified dredge skill.。

one、Massage bathtub clogging main cause:

(brass tub drain stuck)

2、The hard object is also easy to cause sewer blockage。

(brass tub drain stuck)3、Decoration inadvertently causes sediment sedimentation。

(brass tub drain stuck)brass tub drain stuck(brass tub drain stuck)Bathtub Wang Libin

two、How to drew the massage bathtub sewer:

1、Because there is a cover in the massage bath,Can only dredge from the ground drain,Buy a hand spiral steel wire,Promote the edges of the ground leakage,Direct to hand with foreign object feelings,Lightly pulverally pull out,Blocked hair and other dirt can be rotated on a spiral steel wire,I can take it out.。

2、Put the foundation into the mouth of the sewer,Then pour the boiled water in。

3、Rough vine strips,Rattan head nail ten mouth eight-inch long iron nails,Intangle into one side to turn agitation,Bless the debris,Then Iol in the concentrated alkali solution,Push the rattan to pull out,Operate multiple times,Willing。

4、If the above method does not work,Just need to help the professionals。

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