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bioshock i in team brass tube

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today,Foreign mediaRolling Stone's GlixelPublished a very exciting《Biochemical(BioShock)》main designerKen LevineDepth interview,One of the very interesting pieces isLevineExplain why you are no longer produced《Biochemical》Focus on the gameTake-TwoCreate experimental4Causes of opening new work。

bioshock i in team brass tube

first,Ken LevineThe reason for given him is him“Don't want to《Biochemical:unlimited(BioShock Infinite)》What to create later《Biochemical》R; lt '; FL。”For some players and media comments he“Biochemical”This brand is upholded“Never thoroughly”Attitude,LevineSome angrec。He said,At that time, he had clearly said that he was finished.《Biochemical:unlimited》After that, you will leave the studio.,Because he is more like building a“Small body”and“Experimental properties”game。

“They have retained me,But I visually tested that the result I left is just to continue.《Biochemical》Have a game,And I don't want to be so。”Ken LevineSay。

bioshock i in team brass tube

finally,Take-TwoStill decidedIrrational Gamesclosure,LevineAnd a small waveIrrational GamesDevelopers togetherTake-TwoA new studio has been built。The first work of the studio is still not announced,EarnestLevineOnce revealed that a small-scale open world game。When asked why is so decisive, no longer《Biochemical》Game,LevineAnswer《Biochemical:unlimited》Development experience has made a negative impact on his life,Brief,I feel a little pit.。

“I used me2010First public《Biochemical:unlimited》Media photo with me2013year《Biochemical》Accepted after the releaseNPRThe photo when interviews is compared,”LevineSay:“《Biochemical:unlimited》The production not only harm my health,Also made me influence on the views and interpersonal relationships of game development.。When you manage30arrive40When people,Finally, at least everyone can say everyone's name,Management150The person's team is not the same.。When you walk in the studio,I don't even know who is standing on the side.。”

Although many developers enjoy this work environment,butLevineExpress,Compared to a manager,He is more willing to be a creative talent that will write story.。

bioshock i in team brass tube

“I think everyone has that kind of‘To do a bigger and stronger《Biochemical》game’The expectations are completely understandable,But I think I can't do it.,I will not only lose my inspiration.,Will lose my marriage。So the end my decision is to exit。”LevineSupplement。It seems to make games,He really paid a small price。

finally,LevineAlso confusing his self-cognition:“I am not a very happy person.,I have been in anxiety。Although I think this is a bit,Sometimes I am awakening,See my beautiful wife、Beautiful pet dog、happy family、Excellent colleague、Interesting works and enthusiastic fans,I will ask myself.:All like thisTMDAlso unhappy.?”

bioshock i in team brass tube

It is reported that,《Biochemical Collection(BioShock: The Collection)》Sinoo will include《Biochemical》、《Biochemical2》and《Biochemical:unlimited》Remastered version and is listed today,If you are interested in words,Let you support it.。