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No matter whether it is a door or commute,If there is a need to listen to music,Most of them will use headphones to listen to music.,And now buy a mobile phone,Also attached to headphones,It is really high to see the needs of headphones.,Probably second only to the charging transmission equipment.!

but,Headphones have a lot of types,Some people pursue to wear comfortable、Some people pay attention to sound quality、Some people want to have wireless or microphones.,So among many headphones,How do you pick yourself what you want??We have introduced it to you. Hi-Res Also mentioned,To hear the treble and quality,A good quality headset is a must,How do you choose it??Counting the specifications of the headphones,How much knows how many friends know??

(brass tube 5.5mm id)Don't worry,Today, Xiaobian will come to brush and take everyone.「How to understand the types and specifications of headphones」Bar!

brass tube 5.5mm id

Headphone types are different,In fact, just recognize your usage needs first.,The first step in successful choice。

(brass tube 5.5mm id)From past carry type CD Have one to hear MP3 player,Until recently, high-quality music,People can「easy」After listening to music,Also began to pursue listening「Better voice」,The purpose is to reduce the production of high-quality music to the original sound material to restore the producer.,After all, in the process of recording or transform transmission,Each step is possible to make the sound of sound distortion,Just basically these are difficult to avoid。

brass tube 5.5mm id(brass tube 5.5mm id)Capture 96K/24bit and 192K MP3 Music,Although the sound wave is different,But through the headset is also difficult to listen to differences。

But in pursuit of sound is definitely a very good「subjective」Thing,Because everyone feels the same for sound feelings,This is not like us to see 1080p Or 4K The high-quality screen is also distinguished,Because many people may damage compression MP3 Sound quality and lossless FLAC The file is still not necessarily listening to the difference.,So even if we want to restore the sound to the most authentic sound,Don't necessarily let everyone like。

(brass tube 5.5mm id)For example, the main headset,Since the focus is in detail,Some people will feel harsh,So in fact, it is not applicable to listen to music.。So when choosing the headset,Not necessarily to pursue the highest specifications,Just pick your favorite voice。

But here,There are many kinds and specifications on headphones.,For example, earmuff-type、Different drive units,There is also a frequency of sound、impedance、Sensitivity, etc.......Some specifications that do not understand,Basically, you must know these specifications.,In order to pick a pair of headphones~

What kinds of earphones?

From the type of headset to divide the project,Basically, earmuffs、Ear mounted、Earplug、Four kinds of ear,It is divided into different depends on its wearing method.,But it doesn't necessarily take this to distinguish the quality of the sound quality.。


Ear blade headphones usually have a large drive unit,Then use the soft pad to cover your ears,Let the ear headphones form a space,Since the drive unit is relatively large,Usually the output of the sound is full,Many manufacturers produced high-end headphones are almost all earmuffs,However, the disadvantage is that it is not easy to act.,Will be used in home or in the office。

In addition, there is also a distinction between earmuff type headphones.(Half)Open and closed headphones,Usually closed ear ergonomics are stressed with the environment,In order to hear the most detailed sound,However, this is equal to the feeling of enclosing in a small space.,The disadvantage is that the sense of space in the environment;The open headset is the advantages and disadvantages of the closed headset.,Will compare the coordination of the spatial range,The sound of the coming will be naturally natural,Comparison does not cause the oppression of your ears。

brass tube 5.5mm id

Austrian little princess AKG K701 The housing is open design

2、Ear mounted

(brass tube 5.5mm id)Ear earphones will directly contact the auricle when wearing,Unlike the earmuff-type headphones, there is less closed space sensation,But because the structure is large enough,The drive unit that can be configured can also be relatively large,And because of the small volume,It is also more convenient to carry。


Most of the traditional small headphones are earplug headphones,This earphone is easy to carry in the pocket at any time.,However, because it is the end of the headphones,Plus the material of the headset is hard plastic,So some people have a little painful feeling.。


At present, professional earphitch headphones are usually made into ear.,This type of headphones will do another transmission guide in front of the drive unit.,And directly in contact with the ear canal through a rubber earplug,Let the voice convey directly into the ear canal,But because the ear is separated directly with the outside world.,Although the perfect sound insulation effect can be achieved,But if you use it outdoors, it will be a little dangerous.。

brass tube 5.5mm id

Earphitch headphones (Left) In-ear headphones (right) Not only exterior,The effect of wearing feelings and listening is different very different。

(brass tube 5.5mm id)Therefore, in fact, the type of earphone is different and different.,To distinguish between different wearing methods。If there is anything in the external action, it is of course, the better the size of the headset.,But because the monomer is also small,The quality of the sound will be slightly in the earmuff-type headphones;Pursuit and small and high-quality words,Although it is also a good choice for ear earphones,But due to good sound insulation、It is not easy to pay attention to the sound of the week,It is also not enough to pay attention to the environment of the environment when you move.,And some people will not be used to being worn in the initial wear,Will feel that the ears have foreign body sensation,This part is done because of individual!

Drive unit

The part of the headset can be called a drive unit,The traditional driving headphones are driven by using a dynamic manner.,The principle is to make a sound by driving the diaphragm in the headphones.,Second, there is also a skilled iron headset or an electrostatic electricity.(Capacitive)earphone,At present, the long-term headset has the longest、Is the most mature headset structure technology,So most of the headphones on the market are using dynamic headphones。


The sounding principle of the dynamic headset is to vote from the coil inside the headset by energization.,The material of the diaphragm used in the dynamic headset will also affect the sound of the headphones.,Theoretically, the larger the diaphragm、The better the sound sent。But because of the electric circle+The size of the diaphragm affects the size of the headset,Therefore, it will be a mainstream on the earmuff type headset.,But in the earphones or in the ear headphones,Do it too small, the sound quality will be more good。

2、Skilled iron

Thrust iron headset is also known as balanced armature headphones,Changes of magnetic fields produced by electromagnets,Iron sheet in vibrating electromagnet to drive the sound of the diaphragm,The advantage is that the sensitivity of the driver is high.、Low distortion,Also volume has a small size advantage,So suitable for the production of ear headphones,But the disadvantage is a single price.,Good iron-type ear earphones are usually not cheap。


Capacitive also known as electrostatic headphones,Compared to the dynamic or skilled iron headphones,More than low distortion、High resolution sound,The principle of the electrostatic headset is the reverse magnetic field formed by the ultra-thin metal diaphragm using the voltage.,When the sound current passes, the movement of the diaphragm can cause the movement of the diaphragm.,High speed linear reaction、Low distortion、Advantages such as high solutions。But the disadvantage is very expensive,Currently I only read it on high-end headphones。

So when buying headphones,In addition to the appearance because of whether there is a need to carry,Then the drive unit is the most important part of the sound quality.!And different driving methods will also affect the sound quality performance of the same type of music,But because everyone's voice is different,It is also difficult to analyze the sound quality presented by different drive units.。

The editor has heard the so-called strongest electrostatic earphones on the surface「STAX SR-009」after,I can't hear any other earphones anymore,After seeing the price, I had no choice but to go back and wear my own. ATH-W5000,I can only say goodbye!If the pockets are not full enough,Don't listen to headphones。

brass tube 5.5mm id

Audio-Technica's wooden shell classic headphones ATH-W5000,Listening to the human voice is definitely one of life's great pleasures

Understand the specifications of the headset

After a general understanding of the types of headphones and the principle of sound production,Next, we can take a look at the part about the detailed specifications of the earphones.。These parameter specifications are also a key factor affecting the sound of headphones。

1、sound frequency(Frequency Response)

The sound frequency generally refers to the range in which the earphone can emit sound.,Generally speaking, the sound that the human ear can hear is about 20Hz ~ 20000Hz,The general standard for high-fidelity headsets is not less than 50Hz ~ 12500Hz between,higher end headphones,E.g ATH-W5000 The sound frequency has reached 5Hz ~ 45000Hz ,It is beyond the range of high and low frequency sounds that humans can hear.。That being said,When buying headphones, pay attention to the sound range,After all, the wider the range of sound,The expressiveness and ductility of the sound will be better。


Different Headphone Types,The impedance you have will also vary,The reason why there is impedance is also because different structures create resistance,The size of the resistance will affect the strength of the current passing through and affect the sound level of the diaphragm。Usually higher impedance headphones,The thrust required to drive will be higher,A headphone amplifier must be used to have enough current to drive the headphone unit,For example, plug high-impedance headphones into the phone's headphone jack to listen to music,When it is possible to turn the sound to the loudest,There's only a little sound coming out,At this time, it means that the current that can drive the headset is insufficient.,also known as「can't push」,At this time, it is suitable to connect the amplifier to listen to music.。So in general, if you want to listen to music with headphones on your mobile phone,,You must use headphones with lower impedance。


Generally speaking,The smaller the impedance, the higher the sensitivity of the earphone,Because the smaller the sensitivity, the easier the earphones make sound.,At this time, the current power to be output must be carefully adjusted,It is possible to adjust only a little,Headphones get loud。

4、wire type

The wire mentioned here is actually the part of the headphone wire material.,Most of the headphone cables are mainly copper wires.,Although there are others such as sterling silver or gold plated,But because copper wire is cheap,And low frequency stable、solid midrange,Usually the material of most headphone cables。And basically manufacturers will mark the wire material as「Oxygen-free copper」,and prepend the number of purity,E.g 4N Oxygen-free copper representation 99.99% copper purity,5N Oxygen-free copper is 99.999% purity,6N Oxygen-free copper is 99.9999% purity,Going up is like this,and 6N Oxygen-free copper has reached the value of sterling silver,8N Oxygen-free copper comes to the value of pure gold。

If your headphones can't be swapped,You can pay attention to the material of the wire before buying;If it is a headset that can be replaced,Then you can compare the differences between different materials when purchasing。

(brass tube 5.5mm id)while others like Hi-Res Certification、Hi-Fi High Fax Standard,They don't really have much to do with headphone specifications.,It is a set of certification standards negotiated by manufacturers,But it's not necessarily that high-quality sound cannot be heard without these standards.,After all, the inspection specification is also subject to some protection fees.XD,If some manufacturers do not pay, they will not get these certifications. LOGO La!but there are these LOGO also guarantee,The earphones aren't too bad either.。

brass tube 5.5mm id

Above picture HTC 10 The included headphones,After all, through Hi-Res Certification,In the case of moving coil headphones, the drive unit has 13mm ,The highest sound frequency 40,000Hz Deliberately boost frequencies by twice the low and high frequencies,In addition, the diaphragm also adopts aerospace technology grade. PEEK Diaphragm,The level is not bad for the included headphones,Earlier we also mentioned a little about the release in the United States. HTC 10 The phone also launched a version without the headset,The price is less than the general version with headphones USD $100 Dollar,It can also be seen that the headset has a certain price level in。

brass tube 5.5mm id

If the in-ear headphones use a moving coil structure,Usually because the drive unit is relatively large,Make the headphone body appear larger。

brass tube 5.5mm id(brass tube 5.5mm id)Xiaomi's annual flagship「ring iron」earphone,Mixed moving iron and moving coil,Responsible for high and low frequency tones。


From the source of the music to the device playing it,Last to the device of the headset,Understand the structure of headphones、Learn about the drive unit and these digital specs,Can help you choose the direction of the headset,If you have headphones DAC expander man,Suitable for use with over-ear headphones with high resistance to release sound,If you are using a mobile phone to play music, you have to pay attention to whether the matching headphones have a high impedance,Causes the feeling that the device cannot push the headset。

In fact, anyone who has played for a while knows that headphones are definitely a road of no return.,Because headphones are the ultimate digital-to-analog representation of the device,Therefore, the sound that each different earphone can restore is different.,This is not to analyze the sound quality of headphones,Because everyone has what everyone has「sense of hearing」,Some people like expansive scenes,Some people like the feeling of heavy bass and fullness,These all vary from person to person and there is no one standard。

This article just wants you to know the parts you can pay attention to when choosing headphones,After all, there are hundreds of headphones on the market,There are earphones ranging from tens of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan,Some people just use the headphones that come with their phone to listen to music,Maybe the drunkard's intention is not the wine,But if you don't want the quality of the music to be too poor,We have to start researching from the earphone.!

brass tube 5.5mm id

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