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brass tub drain standard tubs

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 10:47:18

? ? Now people in order to pursue a beautiful life,In the decoration, it is also as possible to consider the most comfortable way to make yourself.,The most embodying is the installation of the bathtub.,Now many people have installed the bathtub in the bathroom.,In fact, the bathtub is also divided into many kinds of,Today, Fuwo Fox Xiaobian takes everyone to know what sizes in different kinds of bathtubs.。

brass tub drain standard tubs

one、Bathtub standard size

Square-shaped bathtub standard size is1Meter7about,This is also the most commonly used square bathtub standard size,In addition to different needs,and1Meter5、1Meter8、1Meter6、1Meter9Wait,use1Meter7Square bathtub,Just in line with the average height of the Chinese。In addition, the basic width of the square bath is0.7Meter、0.85Meter、0.75Meter、0.9Meter,The most used is0.8Rice square bath,Square bathtub standard size is basically0.7Mi is common,Furthermore0.58Meter-0.9Height between rice。If you don't get used to square bathtub,Then choose the oval shaped bathtub is also the same.,Its bathtub standard size and square bathtub standard size are almost。

brass tub drain standard tubs

two、Poking bathtub standard size

The standard size of the bubble bathtub is1100*700*475mm,This is the most standard photo of the bathtub size.。Very eligible for different bathroom spaces。Some people with good living conditions,Will notice the standard size of the bathtub,And the functionality and role of the bathtub,Decorative effect。Let the bathroom become the best place to relax your body,Show superior taste。Poking bathtub has a bit unique in the bathtub standard size,It is also very personal in shape.,I fully consider the comfort of the boxing bathtub.、Safeness。

brass tub drain standard tubs(brass tub drain standard tubs)three、Round bathtub size

Round bathtub is generally larger,Diameter1.5Rice to1.8Rice,The circular bathtub is more water consuming.,The occupied area is also very large,Most of them in villas。Triangular bathtub is generally used,There are also some irregular shaped bathtubes,Used in a large bathroom,Family is very useful。

Four、Sector bathtub

The fan bathtub is of course shaped as a fan-shaped bath.,For ordinary families, the fan bathtub is more practical.。Due to today's home small apartment,So the room is limited,Sail / bathtub in the smallest size of the bathtub This bathroom is a more practical type.,The general family is required for the quality of life.,But it will not be too high.,Basically to the luxury massage bathtub can be excluded,Moreover, the ordinary bathtub minimal sector tub is more good,The price is also within the age of most families,Therefore, the minimum size of the normal bathtub has become the best choice.。

brass tub drain standard tubs

Fives、Children's bathtub

The minimum size of the bathtub is of course the smallest bathtub in the bathtub.,Of course, except for some smaller apartment, consider purchasing the smallest bathtub size.,The smallest size of the bathtub is the main use of children.,This size of this bathtub is generally suitable for children's physical conditions.,Of course, it is also necessary to properly consider the change of the child's growth.。In short, if the condition is better than the family chooses the smallest size of the bathtub, the smallest child is also a better choice.。

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