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biggest brass instrument tuba

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How to wear a mask blow musical instrument?The United States a band gives you a demonstration。

New Year,Desperate the situation of the severe epidemic situation,US is more celebration。Famous copper tube band,Ohio State University(The Ohio State University Marching Band,Queue row)Also actively carry out rehearsal,Preparation for performances in California。

(biggest brass instrument tuba)Ohio State University Travel Band is one of the world's largest bronze tube bands。In addition to the game midfield,The band will also participate in a lot of celebrations or parades。According to the band12moon30Rehearsal video uploaded in social media,On the same day,When the band is rehearsed indoors,All uniforms,The musicians are solder, wearing a mask.。

biggest brass instrument tuba

Not only wearing a mask blow musical instrument,Also conducting high-raising legs。

biggest brass instrument tuba

but,arrive12moon31day,Formation,The mask disappeared again.。

biggest brass instrument tuba

1moon1day,New Year's day,Ohio State University Advanced Task participated in parade performances in California,On-site very lively,But there is no one in one person.,The surrounding audience also has a wearing mask。

biggest brass instrument tuba(biggest brass instrument tuba)1moon2The Japanese band performs live performance in the court,Crowded crowds and audiences on the court,The musicians still have a mask。

biggest brass instrument tuba

Wear mask if the rod,Do not wear it officially,So what is the meaning??This operation of the band is full of question marks。

Ushered in the New Year,US new cases are also constantly seting。according to《Today's US newspaper》Local time2021year12moon31Day evening news,The new crown vaccination case in the United States has been added exceeding the first time.200Ten thousand cases,Set a new high。New Year,America2New diagnosis case25Ten thousand cases,7Day average case breakthrough40Ten thousand cases,Welcome new peak。

Local time12moon29day,American chief infectious disease expert Anthony·Wiqi urged Americans to avoid participating in large New Year celebrations。he“highly recommended”People canceled this year“30、40、50people”Plan of large festival,Instead, it is changed to the vaccine and the relatives and friends who strengthened the needle.。but,New Year's activities in the United States are still held as usual。US Chicago held the largest New Year's Eve Fireworks Performance,And live live broadcast,New York Times Square New Year's event is often,Compared with us, it is only reduced,Reduce the number of participants。

Wiqi2Day accepts US Broadcasting Corporation(ABC)Direct words:“We are in the stage of diagnosed cases and the surge”,Solen infection rate“Indeed”。

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