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brass tub stopper replacement

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 10:17:30

Nowadays, many people have a bathtub in the middle bathroom.,But there are still many friends who don't understand how to dredge the bath.?Is it necessary to install a bathtub??Related problem,A few days ago, I have a related decoration master.,Under the attack of my soft grinding,The master finally learned.,Let's take a look at the answer together.。

brass tub stopper replacement

Is it necessary to install a bathtub?

(brass tub stopper replacement)1、space:This is more considered,If your home bathroom space is very narrow,It is very crowded when you put down.,Can't even put down,You don't have to consider buying a bathtub.;If it is large enough,No bathtub is very empty,You can consider whether to install the bathtub.。

2.need:Solicitor's opinion,If a family has the need to install the demand and desire of the bathtub,That is naturally installed.。Bring happiness to your family,Is it what we have to do?。If you have this need yourself,And the rest of the members don't matter,You have to think about it.。If others oppose,I suggest you still don't need to load a bath.

3.time:Why do you want to say time??In fact, it is energy,We all know that the bathtub cleans up is more troublesome.,And often clean。This is generally living housewives。The problem is coming.,They have a lot to go to work.,Going back to get off work、Laundry、Take care of your child,I have to take care of the elderly.。I have to get into the bathtub.,It will be tired.。Of course,If this is borne by you,You can think about it again.。

brass tub stopper replacement

How to dredge the bathtub

one、Main cause of bathtub clogging:

1、Hair usually causes the toilet blocking floor drain,Toaken plug,Bathtub,Shower room。therefore,An overlay is usually used for drainage covers and other protective equipment to a certain extent,If your hair can easily pick up the trash can。

(brass tub stopper replacement)2、Blocked the sewer with hard objects,Do not use it unexpectedly in the hardware blockage drainage,This is very common。

(brass tub stopper replacement)3、Renovation caused sewer。This is the most likely that furniture,We have encountered a lot,Because when you are not careful,Refurbished cases due to sewer blockage,This is definitely not a coincidence,So we have to do protective measures。

brass tub stopper replacement

two、Bathtub dredging method

(brass tub stopper replacement)1、Because there is a cover at the inner water in the bathtub,Can only dredge from the ground drain,Buy a hand spiral steel wire,Promote the edges of the ground leakage,Direct to hand with foreign object feelings,Lightly pulverally pull out,Blocked hair and other dirt can be rotated on a spiral steel wire,I can take it out.。

2、Put the foundation into the mouth of the sewer,Then pour the boiled water in。

3、Rough vine strips,Rattan head nail ten mouth eight-inch long iron nails,Intangle into one side to turn agitation,Bless the debris,Then Iol in the concentrated alkali solution,Push the rattan to pull out,Operate multiple times,Willing。

4、If the above method does not work,Just need to help the professionals。