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brass tub drain shoe

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(brass tub drain shoe)Great truth——I have said,Clothes can be worn,Shoes must be bought。

This footage is really important.,Busy day day,The first thing to go home is to take off your shoes.,A pair of comfortable slippers,Better thanspaAlso let people relax。

brass tub drain shoe

Comfortable slippers can be encountered,Let's wearslippers,Basically, the market is,Take a shower,Slippers can not hateWet two days

Foothell,not onlyUncomfortable,And especially slippery,VeryEasy to fall,Will also send a hateful squeak,andStillwhat!

brass tub drain shoe

Solve these problemsSlippers lightCome!

Unique five-hole drainage design,Drain;“noble”EVAMaterial,Soft and high;Deodium and anti-slip,Rolls-Royce in the slippers

Park West Surrust Slippers/

brass tub drain shoe

5Seconds to take you to know that Pan Xi dry bathroom slippers and ordinary slippers

brass tub drain shoe

Five-hole drainage design

Slippers water row clean,The foot has been dry

(brass tub drain shoe)Today is the rainy season,The sun is fast“Wandering sun”In,The family is the same.,At this time wearing oneWet slippers,Don't mention moreUncomfortableIn。

(brass tub drain shoe)And the upper is particularly slippery.,If you don't pay attention, you will easily become like this.

brass tub drain shoe

This timeDrainSlippers,Not only comfortable,Safe。

How is the quick-drying capacity of Park West Slippers?,A small experiment tells you~

Measurement:Portsroom slippers

(brass tub drain shoe)We will slip shoes two,In the bathroom,At the same time, sprinkle water,Mimic scene of bathing slippers foam。

brass tub drain shoe

Then we smash the water at the same time,Lake it on the slippers, carefully observe it.。

We can see clearly,InOrdinary slippersThe upper is still denseWaterproof,andPorts SlippersUpper,BasicNo water

brass tub drain shoe

Park West Slip Slippers Ordinary slippers

Wearing so easy to dry shoes,AgainDon't worry about the blister of the feet,Wet uncomfortableLa。

Smart five-hole+Drainage design

Pan Xi's drainage function,andFive-well drainage+Drainage channelsDesign is not available。

brass tub drain shoe

To know,Creative five holes in Puti+Before the drainage trough,Slippers on the market,At the bottom is sealedof,Take a showerI haven't done it for a long time.

brass tub drain shoe

Parki will drainThe hole is located on the edge of the footPlace,More comfortableDrainage tank instead of cave,WearMore comfortable

brass tub drain shoe(brass tub drain shoe)And there are five caves in the foot to help drainage,Drainage super fast。

brass tub drain shoe

Super non-slip

(brass tub drain shoe)Pregnant women worn by worry

If you say,Slippers wearing when bathing,What else is there?,That must beNon-slipLa!

Don't underestimate this anti-slip function,Per yearHow much tragedy,It's all in the bathroom.。

brass tub drain shoe

Online search bathroom slipped,There is a bunch of news,Sad

(brass tub drain shoe)PortsmicConfucius,Grab the ground,Uniform friction,Unobstructed。

brass tub drain shoe

Measurement:Ports can also slide on the glass

(brass tub drain shoe)Generally,Bathroom floor tile,How much is some anti-slip function,But we have to use smoother!

We took a quick glass,Putting two pair of slippers at the same top,Crazy watering。

Ordinary slippersEarly morningfall downIn,Ports SlippersBasicDo not moveLocation。

brass tub drain shoe

Ports Slippers,Not how to slip on the glass,Wearing it walks in the bathroom,More relieveLa。

Wear super comfortable

Better than going“Great health care”More comfortable feelings

We have already mentioned before!,The comfort of wearing shoes is really important,without any exaggeration,Put onA pair of comfortable slippers,compare to“big health care”still comfortable

brass tub drain shoe(brass tub drain shoe)I quietly wore Puxi for a while,whisper to you,It's really cool to wear!!!

good design,Better fit to the sole of the foot,Do not“Step on the air”

ourjioIt's all curved,Ordinary slippers in the production process,For convenience,are flat bottoms,soarch of footup position,Canempty,very uncomfortable

brass tub drain shoe(brass tub drain shoe)andPuxiThe design of these slippers is very good,He's in the arch of the foot and between the toes,Made a prominent design that fits the foot,Willfoot“null”position is filled

brass tub drain shoe

yoursFoot and shoe fit snugly,as if fused,Every step isenjoy。

good material,High elasticity and softness,have“Step on shit”

(brass tub drain shoe)Describe the feel of a pair of shoes,It depends on whether there is any so-called after wearing it“Step on shit”

(brass tub drain shoe)In the case of the flood of inferior plastic slippers on the market,Puxi usesMore Advanced,more comfortableEVAMaterial(It is also the sole material for shoes with a sense of shit on the market.)。

Raw materials for one-shot foaming technology,super soft bomb。

brass tub drain shoe(brass tub drain shoe)for effect,I cut a sole on purpose,distressed~

EVAmaterial so farNIKEOne of the main materials for big-name professional shock-absorbing soles,every step,likespajust as comfortable。

brass tub drain shoe

And the elasticity is super,After wearing it, it looks like there are countless springs supporting the soles of your feet,no pressure。

brass tub drain shoe

Not only that,Puxi slippers can be bent at will without deformation,Endless。

brass tub drain shoe(brass tub drain shoe)Can360°Free folding,Can be worn for many years without breaking。

brass tub drain shoe

It is safer to have a quality inspection report,

It can also make your feet smell good

There are too many slippers on the market,bought backslippersthere is always a verypungent smell,Takes a long time to wear。

Be careful with these slippers,these pungent smells,most likelycarcinogenicof dyes!!

brass tub drain shoe

tell the truth,these slippers,I don't know what material it is made of,super unsafe

You don't have to worry about this situation when you wear Puxi's slippers.,Professional test report tells you how safe Puxi is。

(brass tub drain shoe)All production materials meet national standards,Wear super safe。

brass tub drain shoe

and,Not only the slippers are bought back and have no taste,wear for a long time,No smelly feet。

brass tub drain shoe

You don't have to worry about your clean feet getting stinky with slippers.。

(brass tub drain shoe)Impressive appearance

Nice to wear when going out

this era,good looking is justice。The beauty of these slippers,really won my heart。just show you。

girls' style:

light pink and off-white,simple little fresh,Girls will definitely fall in love with the color they see。

light pink

brass tub drain shoe

off white

brass tub drain shoe

light green and orange,summer citrus,Tender green leaves and orange candies,Laid-back yet captivating colors。

light green

brass tub drain shoe


brass tub drain shoe

look up,The effect is absolutely stunning,And it's clear~

brass tub drain shoe


The color of the boy's style feels more homey and lazy,This cool and versatile black,Lazy home khaki and light gray,All very sweet colors。No matter which color you buy, you can't go wrong。

brass tub drain shoe

cool black

brass tub drain shoe


brass tub drain shoe

light grey

Boys are also very handsome。

brass tub drain shoe

Either boy or girl,rainy daywhen,these slipperswear out the door,It's also free of inconsistencies.。andEven if you go out and wear dirty clothes,These slippers are also very easy to take care of,only need toclean with waterLa。

brass tub drain shoe(brass tub drain shoe)The people used to say

I don't get tired,One-control

It's good to,

Let you pass through people~

brass tub drain shoebrass tub drain shoebrass tub drain shoe

Is it a heart?,Finally, in the intimate, a size table,Buy your own model according to requirements.~

Size table and measurement method

brass tub drain shoebrass tub drain shoe

Park West Surrust Slippers

Original price40Yuan,Discount price28.8Yuan/pair

brass tub drain shoebrass tub drain shoebrass tub drain shoe(brass tub drain shoe)Business Cooperation



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