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brass repair patch for tuba

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XKCopper trifzying is composite high-performance polymerized metal materials obtained from a variety of alloy materials and modified toughest heat resistant resins.,Suitable for brass、Repair and regeneration of bronze castings and craft casting defects,After the repair, the color and the substrate are basically consistent,High strength,Excellent abrasion resistance and aging resistance,And can carry out various types of machining together with the substrate。

XKCopper trimming is suitable for various metal surfaces、Vertical surface、Patching of convex or concave,Highly low temperature(-60℃~+80℃about),Excellent physical mechanical properties、Bonding strength、Electrically insulating performance、Chemical corrosion resistance, etc.。

brass repair patch for tuba

Repair process

1. Surface treatment:Rudged treatment is carried out and cleaned with cleaning agent。

(brass repair patch for tuba)2. Formulate:Pre-mass ratioA:B=6:1Or volume ratioA:B=4:1WillA、BBoth groups mix evenly,And within the time limit of the specified operation。

brass repair patch for tuba

3. Coating:Apply a mixed material to the treatment site,The first layer is to be compact,Make it fully infiltrated with the substrate。Mechanical processing as rear sequence,To leave an appropriate amount of processing margin。

(brass repair patch for tuba)4. Solidify:20~25℃Solidify8Mechanical machining,24Inserted after hours,If the temperature is low, heating or prolong the curing time can promote cure。

Performance characteristics

(1) Good construction process、Curing no contraction;

(2) Wear resistance、Aging。

(3) The material after curing has a high strength,Various types of machining;

(4)High binding strength with the metal,Colors can be maintained with the trimming base;