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brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube

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(brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube)

someone said,glaze,It is like a porcelain.“clothing”。

brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube

(Detailed introduction to glaze,

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To put this dress“Put on”Porcelain,

(brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube)It is not easy.,It is mostly“blow”of,

(brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube)at this time,Glaze artifact——“Glaze pot”Be born。

Let's take a look at what is long.。

brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube

It is made from the body、Upper end、Cap、nozzle、Incoming part of the inner tube,When making it,It is to cut these parts according to the regulations.,The rest of the process is to assemble them.,Tin soldering。

This mantle,Silver material,Is galvanized iron,White iron。

brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube

How to use it?

Pour the glaze paste into the blowing pot,Blow the blowing pipe on the kettle mouth with a mouth,Flowing gas inhales the glaze slurry,Spray to the surface of the blank with a fog droplet shape,Similar to modern painting technology。

I feel that the text is too abstract?It does not matter,Look more intuitive。

brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube

(brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube)There is also a video

(brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube)Speaking of glaze,It first appeared in Jingdezhen during the Qing Dynasty,But at that time,No special glaze pot,

The bamboo pipe is used at that time.,Just like this picture below。

brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube

(brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube)Blow glaze,Want to make a glazed pulp in a bamboo tube,Glaze should be glaze,Blow bamboo pipe with mouth,The glaze paste is attached to the surface of the base through the spray hole,So repeatedly,Appropriate glaze layer with thickness。

Glaze,Even generous glaze in the enclosure。Suitable for large blanks、Biller body, etc.。

and“Glaze pot”,Appeared in the last century50Jingdezhen“Top Ten Porcelain Factory”period。

The glaze bottle is hand-made,Process is complex and fine,It is said that you can only make it up to one day.8indivual。

(brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube)brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube

(brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube)Don't look at it, a small pot,It is very particular in the design,The smaller the glaze,The worsened glaze particles,The thicker particles。

brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube

(Group diagram:Tap the body、Upper end、Cap,Assemble、Solder,Finished product)

When doing some unstoppable shape,Need to draw a scale on paper。

brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube

General case,Property of glaze pot30——60Between,Price matters。In Jingdezhen Workshop,You can often see its figure。

but,Like a lot of craftsmanship,Both in the industrialization process,Faced with the same problem。Glazing pot production is also facing inheritance。

brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube

Even the teacher said,Handmade glaze pot,More smooth and smooth after the glaze burnout blows out of the mechanical production。

But it is still difficult to attract young people to learn this craft.,Because the hand-made glassware not only makes the process complex and fine,No price advantage。

(brass glaze sprayer with mouth tube)Japanese writer Salt Mesong once said:In China, two craftsmen,A person is just to make money,There is no feeling in the opponent.,Become very numb;There is also a kind of person still full of feelings.,Integrate the feelings into a deeper in the opponent,And put it as a big pleasure continues。

Because the former one is just to make money,Affirmative pursuit is efficiency,Make it faster,The shape reaches a certain degree is not perfect, and it doesn't matter.,And craftsmanship is actually reflecting humanity。

I hope that in the near future,China will have a tool that is missing from the past,Re-recognizing the era of handicon。

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