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brass tube quick-connect hoses

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 08:53:45

Metal hose matching joint adopts sealing design,Thickened,Beautiful appearance,tight structure。so as to be tightly connected to the hose,water proof、dust-proof、salt proof、Acid and alkali resistance、Alcohol。

The editor of Haixing Shengda will share with you today the explanation of metal hose matching joints:

1、Male threaded joint:Mainly used for the connection between the local junction box and the hose。In-situ box openings,Plug in connector,Secure with lock nut。

2、Female threaded joint:Mainly used for the screw connection of cable pipes and hoses。

3、ferrule joint:Mainly used for the connection of metal hoses and stainless steel wire metal hoses,The installation of the ferrule does not need to be threaded on the steel pipe,The joint is at the end of the steel pipe,One card is jail,Features easy installation。

4、Plug-in connector:Mainly used for embedded pipes with small dense gaps,Insert the inner diameter of the stainless steel tube,Easy to install。

(brass tube quick-connect hoses)5、Adjustable joints:Mainly used when the diameter of stainless steel pipe and metal hose is inconsistent,Can be arbitrarily enlarged or reduced according to on-site installation requirements。

brass tube quick-connect hoses(brass tube quick-connect hoses)

Metal joint product characteristics:

1.nice appearance、tight structure、high strength。

2.The design of the hose sheath and the design of the hose、Easy to assemble。

3.In addition to the following standard specifications,The size and thread standard can be changed arbitrarily as required。

The metal hose matching joint is made of thickened zinc alloy material,Galvanized,salt resistant、antacid、Anti-corrosion,For connecting various devices、Electric box、Steel Pipe、hose,Use with metal hoses,which mainly include304Braided explosion-proof pipe,Plastic coated tube。