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brass lanyard tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 08:35:06

(brass lanyard tube)Recently,The author even gave a yellow copper hand-engraved dragon pattern decorative pendant,Triple round,Outer diameter24.1、Rim0.8centimeter,Arrange within the frame73Diameter0.4、high0.3Cm;Medium diameter22.5、Rim1.8centimeter,Depend on16Team leader3.8、width0.4、high0.3Centimeter back pattern composition;Internal diameter18.9centimeter,Always engraved in a cloudy“S”Flying dragon,Faucet convex plane3centimeter,Excessive,Tall tall。Two corners,Stand next to the ear。Twinkle,Direct look。Nose is towering,Double hole。Mouth side,Beard。Bloodpen,Puff。Sharp teeth,Powerful。Sputum,Order order。Four-foot grip,Strong。Tail,Swing nature。In front of the idle, you are engraved with smoked flame pattern and beautiful cloud patterns.。

Dragon is what people imagine“God”,Is a symbol of feudal emperor。In people's minds,Long energy is small,Can or hidden,Big Ru Xingyun is rain,Defounded,Raising is between the universe,Eliminate within the waves。Dragon claws of this dragon decorative pendant,Xiang Yun around,Flush,Full of career prosperity、Sundant's magnificent。

Dragon has four claws、Five-feet。Popular four-claw dragon,The Qing Dynasty is a five-claw dragon.。folk“Five-claw is the dragon、Four claws are python”The statement is formed in the Qing Dynasty,Emperor“Robe”,Other royals and loweriers“Robe。”

Whether it is five claws or four-claws, is a royal、Signs of ministers use or wear,The poor people are not accessible and used.,It can be seen that this brass dragon ripple decorative pendant is not usual for usual people.。

brass lanyard tube