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brass coated steel tube

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Coating anti-corrosion is uniformly and finely applied to the outer surface of the rust-rust-resistant metal pipe.,Allow it to isolate various corrosive media,Is one of the most basic methods of steel pipe anti-corrosion。The steel pipe anti-corrosion coating is increasingly selecting composite materials or composite structures.。These materials and structures must have outstanding dielectric functions、Physical function、Stable chemical function and wider temperature adaptation size, etc.。

brass coated steel tube

(1)Outer wall anti-corrosion coating:Variety and use conditions for pipeline coating materials。

(2)Inner wall anti-corrosion coating:In order to prevent corrosion in the pipe、Falling friction resistance、Thin film applied to the inner wall of the pipe。Commonly used coating is amine-cured epoxy resin and polyamide epoxy resin,Coating thickness 0.038~0.2Millimeter。To ensure that the coating and tube wall stickiness,It is necessary to treat the inner wall of the tube。70Trend、External wall coating use the same information,In order to、External wall coating。

brass coated steel tube

(3)Anticorrosive insulation coating:In the middle、Small caliber thermal crude oil or fuel oil pipe,In order to reduce the pipeline to soil,In addition to the outside of the pipe, a composite layer of insulation and anti-corrosion。Commonly used insulation materials are hard polyurethane foam plastics,Applicable temperature-185~95℃。This data is soft,Advance its strength,Adding a layer of high-density polyethylene layer outside the heat insulating layer,Form a composite data structure,To prevent groundwater from entering the insulation layer。

(brass coated steel tube)brass coated steel tube

Such as the outer tube is a polyethylene tube,No need to do anti-corrosion

Polyethylene odorless,Non-toxic,Hand feel wax,Extremely low temperature resistance(Minimum use temperature up to-70~-100℃),Good chemical stability,The corrosion of most acid and alkali(Not resistant to oxidative properties),Inscribed in a normal solvent at normal temperature,Small water absorption,However, due to its linear molecule, soluble in certain organic solvents,And not swelling,Excellent electrical insulation function。

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