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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 07:52:55

from9mid-month to now,steel、colored、Commodities such as coal usher in a wave of decline,some steel stocks“cut in half”。However, non-ferrous, especially brass companies did not decline very much,At best it fell20%more。like Jiangxi Copper,stock price from9moon13day30.5Yuan fell to the current24Yuan,just after20%;Another example is Yunnan Copper,stock price from9moon13day18.8Yuan,down to the present14.1Yuan,just arrived25%,Not much。

Why did copper companies not plummet??can't fall,Still poised to continue to fall?I think,Brass companies can't fall,It's Copper Demand That's Deciding Brass Stocks to Stop Falling。

since this year,Brass consumption rises sharply,Annual output35010,000 electric vehicles will consume 300,000 tons of copper in one project,and other real estate、mechanical、Electric power and other engineering construction,Make my country's copper consumption more and more。According to a report by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,,This year1----10moon,my country's copper production862tons,increase8.4%。production is increased,But consumption has increased even more,lead to a decline in social inventory。10monthly social inventory8.9tons,Compare9month down13%。in addition,10Monthly average price of copper72449Yuan/Ton,Compare7month has increased1million。From the rising copper price,also explain The amount of copper is gradually increasing,Rigid demand remains unchanged,demand determines price。

(big mouth brass tuba for sale)Copper prices did not fall sharply,compared to past years,still running high。After going through this big shake-up,Copper stocks could be headed for a more turbulent wave。After all, the dollar is a fait accompli,Indigestion of bulk commodities,Who will digest this turbulent tide?Besides,The pricing power of copper and aluminum is different from that of coal,The pricing power of coal is domestic,And the pricing power of copper and aluminum is in the international,Easier to be longed by the market。

The price-earnings ratio of Jiangxi Copper12times more,The price-earnings ratio of Yunnan Copper is just now20multiple times。Once the future market starts,The results are limitless。