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Brussels with the reputation of the European capital,All kinds of artistic buildings are everywhere:Louis sixteen architectural style,Royal Square,Egmond Palace,Medieval gothic architecture,The modern business center skyscrapers and medieval ancient buildings have completed,Modern civilization and classical art work like a fish。

Shitgen Bergelvilter(Steigenberger Wiltchers)Hotel Louis Street in Brussels High-end shopping district(Avenue Louise Shopping Street),It takes only a few minutes to reach many famous attractions.。Hotels in the hotel in the city (Manneken Pis) And big square (Grand Place)about 2 kilometer,Royal Square(Royal Square)、Royal Fine Art Museum(Royal Museum of Fine Arts),Brussels Musical Museum(Musical Instruments Museum)And Orta Museum(Horta Museum)Waiting for many museums,only10Minute tram driving。I don't know if you love art. Do you have a heart??

(brass tub spout with diverter american standard)1913New hotel has opened,This cloth art(Beaux-Arts style,College sent classic architectural school) Style hotelJoseph de CrawezMen's name,to2012YearConrad Brusselsall,It is now included in the House Hotel Schthengen, Germany.。

brass tub spout with diverter american standard

New artist(Popular European and American decorative art style at the end of the 19th century)Hotel lobby sezol lanter,Shiny branch chandelier,Paint wood furniture and marble decorations that integrate retro brass elements,Low-key elegant。The library of adjacent to the lobby is a spacious space,There is a small bar,Some fine foods are also available。The warm reading angle of a row of books is your private reading space.。

(brass tub spout with diverter american standard)2nd floor,Newly renovated gym with modern aerobic fitness equipment,AdjacentAspriaSpa,Swimming pool, Sauna,Steam room, etc.。Brussels' largest banquet hall is also on site,Can accommodate600people,also,and10Multi-functional hall。If you want to enjoy the cigar of Cuba or Dominican Republic without interference,Depend onDavidoffDesigned to provide exquisite tobacco products D-LoungeLeisure room must get you favored。

brass tub spout with diverter american standard

A total of225Room room and42Roomroom,Deluxe room、Comfort Suite、Duplex suit、presidential suite、Royal suite and other different room types to choose from。Spend660Wan Euro hotel renovation project,Further enhance the comfort of your stay。

brass tub spout with diverter american standard

The most distinctive is a duplex suit,Space with space 120-130 m。Located in the suite, two layers of separate bedrooms and living rooms, respectively,Every floor has an independent entrance,Smartfully from work with rest space。Spacious bedroom with large screen TV and comfort office desk,Bathtub、Shower facility separation,supply AignerBright bathroom of brand perfume。Sunlight off the house through large floor window,No obvious boundary,Bennes along the shop(bannister)Carpet stairs,Is there a couch,armchair,Coffee table and small session living room。

brass tub spout with diverter american standard

Caf Wiltchers The café offers a hearty buffet breakfast and weekend brunch,Free champagne。Loui Bars and restaurants offer dinner,Set in two spaces,The environment is very different,Form a distinct contrast。Bar 2010 Yearshaju Hotel Award(Prix Villgiature)The judges are rated as Best Hotel Bar in Europe,Here is the favorite party location of Brussels.。 daytime,You can sit in a comfortable leather furniture to enjoy special coffee and tea from all over the world.。night,Can be beer in Belgium、Select your own heart between the cool cocktail and the other spirits。

brass tub spout with diverter american standard(brass tub spout with diverter american standard)Get last year Belgian bartendor alliance nationwide gold awardEttaPre-cocktail,Depend onSimona Tsachevamodulation,Vodka,peach,pear,Mango plusTarragon Essence Marie BrizardMix。Another mixBotanistPiano wine,FranceChartreusesweet wine,Fresh cucumber,Mint,Lime,Honey wine and the cocktail of the age of a flower are also worth a try.。

brass tub spout with diverter american standard

Loui Restaurant light,Antique furniture,Dark solid wood decorative wall,Large open fireplace and corners of a musician playing the bronze statue of guitar,More tend to a private and warm dining experience。Sitting on the window,Through the medieval style European window, you can capture the four seasons of the house.。

Belgian flavor is beef fat and beautiful,Have a rich taste。Pull fresh raw beef into a piece of block,Plus the cutting end sour cucumber、Capers、onion、parsley,Mixed virgin olive oil、Yellow mustard with seeds、sea salt、A little fresh lemon juice and black pepper are mixed,Place a fresh egg again。Fresh sweet beef with a slightly smooth egg yolk,Special smell wrapped with parsley mixed with salted sour cucumber and sour beans,Finally, it is slightly spicy in mustard sauce.。

Black forest cake with hats styling,Breaky dough cutting of cherry wine,Wipe fresh cream,Black cherry,Sprinkle with chocolate,Granate the acid of cherry、Cream、Chocolate bitterness、Cherry wine mellow,Can afford a variety of tastes。

brass tub spout with diverter american standard

Waiting to Brussels must not miss the delicious Belgian chocolate,Be sure to include the Mary Chocolate Store in your legacy plan.。since1919Since the opening of the year,Mary chocolate has been sought after by candy enthusiasts.。

Hotel address:Avenue Louise 71, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

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