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brass wind instrument with a sliding tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 07:15:31

most people think,musical instrument called brass,It should be determined by the sound of the instrument,regardless of whether the instrument is made of metal。therefore,Brass instruments made of wood are sometimes found,pictureAlphorn、Cornett、as well asSerpent,There are also many woodwind instruments that are made of metal,eg saxophone。The predecessors of brass instruments are mostly bugles and hunting horns。Not much use of brass in early symphonies。for a long time,Only two horns are used in a symphony orchestra,Sometimes a trumpet was added to the first half of the nineteenth century,Brass instruments are widely used in symphony orchestras。Brass instruments are pronounced differently than woodwind instruments,They don't change pitch by shortening the air column inside the tube,Instead, it relies on changes in air pressure on the player's lips to connect with the instrument itself.“Additional tube”way to change pitch。All brass instruments are fitted with a similarly shaped cylindrical mouthpiece,The tube body has a long conical shape。The timbre of brass instruments is majestic、brilliant、warm,Although the sound quality varies,but grand、Broad volume is a common feature of brass instruments,This is beyond the reach of other types of instruments。