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brass clawfoot tub water supply straight

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 06:56:44

Working day,Turning a tired back home,Don't you really want to make a hot bath,Especially in this cold winter。Many families now tend to buy a bathtub,The installation of the bathtub has also become a matter of concern.,Today, I love Word Xiaobian teaches you how to install the bath and need to pay attention to when installing.!

First、Test if water leaks

Place the bathtub,Do24Hourly closed water,Look at whether the bathtub has leakage phenomenon,Pay special attention to the upper overflow。24It's hard to do in hours.,Outside the bathroom,Two barrels,Try a well bath to go water,This is more convenient to operate。When it is actually installed,Carry up the bathtub directly into the bathroom,Location of the water,Due to the water faucet in the water, it is just the width of the bathtub.,If the size and water of the bathtub are not just,It is necessary to pay attention to the center of the bathtub should focus on the center of water.,Otherwise, it will be very ugly after the mixed faucet will come.。

(brass clawfoot tub water supply straight)After the bath is carried into the bathroom,Start peace of the water accessories,Put the bathtub,Close the water,Check if you leak,When the water is full of overflowing ports,The water inside the bath is flowing out from the overflowed mouth.,at this time,I will be on the ground.,Stretch the hand to the bottom of the bath,Go to the back of the overflow,See if there is water from here.。After the water test is passed,Next, check the seducement of the water,Observing the septality of the water。

second、Finding in the bathtub

Pay attention to the other end of the water in the bathtub to be slightly higher than one end of the lower water.,In order to be in the future。This is due to the situation。The bathtub is also so proposed.。The bottom of the bathtub was observed to leave the slope of drainage.,Use the level to grate the bathtub and put the water test.,Fruitless,Water rapidly。The bathtub is visually maintained a horizontal beauty,Do not affect the effect of drainage


Cast iron bathtub is strong,But its thermal conductivity is very fast,Zhonghe Sand,Lack in the bottom of the bathtub、Gure。Waffang also recommends available bubble,Considering that the bubble is not as fluidity as the river sand,Very suitable for filling all the gaps。During the process of filling in the river sand,How can I make the sand without leaking into the water pipe is a problem to solve?。All put a test after all of the installation work(This step is mainly in order to ensure that the moving bathtub is not allowed to leak water.),After confirming,Just waiting for the tiles to make a skirt。

fourth、Keep inspection

Have high in the water300㎜width400㎜Holes,Intercepted a port by size,During the size, take a waterproof、Anti-corrosion-treated wooden board(thickness40㎜),Press the calculated bricks and arrangements on the sheet903Building rubber brick sticker on wooden board。Protecting the edge of the brick,Inlay on the box

(brass clawfoot tub water supply straight)This is to maintain the maintenance of the bathtub drainage system in the future。When the tub dress,For the beautiful consideration,All reserved600the height of,Abandon mosaic and other materials,Bathtub use and bricks in the lower part of the wall tile,Make this out,Wall brick、Brick、The bathtub is all a color of a color.,very beautiful。


The tiles of the bathtub are not needed to catch hair.,Bricklayer,Wipe a cement mortar on the surface,Then wait for two days to bring back the bricks,Tour bricks are very troublesome,Due to the slope,The bathtub is flat,So every big brick is polished into different sizes,Can't grind a lot of time,Easy to grind more,To repeated grind。The top of the brick is going to the round side of the bathtub.,This will not form a positive corner.。