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brass tub drain lowes

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Decoration Bathtub,See the bottom bricks in the first time10Citon,It's just like floating on the ground.

we know,Now many people are in the new house,In addition to requesting beautiful look、Style likes,There is also a matter of particular importance,That is practical and comfortable。for example,More and more people will install a bathtub at home during decoration.,This will go home after one day, you can bubble a hot bath.,Keep the whole body relax and comfortable and healthy。

brass tub drain lowes

But there is a process when installing the bathtub.,It is necessary to use bricks to make a base for the bathtub.,The base can set a certain fixed and protective effect on the bathtub.,As shown below。

(brass tub drain lowes)brass tub drain lowes

The common masonry construction method in life is generally first masonry a few layers of red bricks.,Subsequently, the groove needs to be reserved according to the size of the bathtub base.,This can just put the bottom of the bathtub.。At the same time, it is necessary to reserve a special inspecting in the masonry.,Check the drainage pipe below the maintenance bathtub when it is used later.,As shown below。

brass tub drain lowes

But when the friend's house is renovated, it has different trends for the bathtub base.,That is, when the masonry, the renovation master will take the bottom brick.10Citon,As shown below,It can be seen that the third layer of red bricks have obvious convexity than the lower two floors.。

brass tub drain lowes

The reason why the renovation will receive the red brick in the bottom.10Citon,Friends said that such a bathtub is watching outside to give people a feeling of suspending in the air.,Not only don't look good, there is still a level。

brass tub drain lowes

The bathtub base and the main body,It will look at a layer of cement on the surface of the red brick.,This is convenient to post the tile。

brass tub drain lowes

The mortar outside the red brick is dry,Finally, choose the same marble porcelain bricks as the bathroom integral tone.,Not only high-end atmosphere,Also give people a sense of heavy feelings。As shown below,After marble decoration, the bathtub looks like floating on the ground.,And for such practices you are still ahead,Can say that friends are really smart,I have to do this from my home decoration.。

brass tub drain lowes(brass tub drain lowes)

And the bathtub is close to the window design,Have a good ventilation effect,You can also take a look at the scenery outside when taking a shower.,It can be said that it is good。But what is seen from the outside of the bathroom,There will always be a strange feeling,what's everyone's opinon on this?

brass tub drain lowes

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