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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 06:12:06

Ms. Zhang of Xiangshan,Flowers from a hardware store in Hepu, Xiangshan25yuan purchase5copper inner connector,For new house decoration,After installation,in1joint burst,damage to the floor of the home,wallpaper seepage,It even affected the downstairs residents and public elevators.,It is estimated,total loss of approx.4million。

Ms. Zhang believes that there is a problem with the quality of the joint,Ask the operator Wang to compensate for the loss。

After mediation, the Consumer Protection Committee believes that,There are many reasons for joint breakage,including product quality、Improper installation、Water pressure overpressure, etc.,However, because the operator Wang was unable to provide the name of the copper internal production plant and the relevant product qualification certificate,illegal sale“Sanwu”product,Therefore, it is necessary to bear the corresponding liability for compensation;Wang undertakes2.510,000 yuan compensation,Mediation opinion that other losses should be resolved by the complainant, Ms. Zhang。

Ms. Zhang accepted,But Wang believes that the amount of compensation is too large,The two sides could not reach an agreement,Turn to judicial channels。

It is understood,Purchased by Ms. Zhang“Sanwu”Only handwritten notes provided by the operator are inscribed in copper,rather than formal sales notes,And can not provide other strong evidence to prove that the joint has quality problems。The final court did not file the case,Organizing out-of-court mediation,Determination of compensation for damages by the operator4000Yuan,Other losses can only be borne by the consumer himself。

(5 16 inch brass tube fitting)also,For Wang's business“Sanwu”product behavior,Xiangshan County Market Supervision Bureau has filed a case for investigation。according to《Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China》Article 54 provides,Order the operator Wang to make corrections,and confiscate illegal gains。

Market supervision department reminds consumers,buy these hardware gadgets,It is best to go to regular merchants to buy regular purchase channels、Product with complete and detailed identification description,And require operators to issue formal bills,Avoid being passive when there is a consumer dispute。

(5 16 inch brass tube fitting)correspondent of this newspaper Bao Weiwei our reporter Li Hua