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brass tube compression fittings

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(brass tube compression fittings)Techniques for connecting copper tubes and accessories with lead solder are called“Sweat”,For water pipes and homeowners who want to do their own pipelines,This is an essential skill。This is a seemingly simple process,If you do it,May take a few minutes,But if you don't do this,May spend most of the time an afternoon。Cutting pipeline and preparing for welding is“Correct operation”important parts of。Any debris or residue on the pipe or fitting can cause leakage,If the welding connection is leaking,It is difficult to repair。One thing to remember is:Your sweating pipe must be completely dry,Otherwise they do not heat with melting solder。

brass tube compression fittings(brass tube compression fittings)

First1step:Cut and prepare pipeline

The best way to cut the copper tube before welding is to use the pipe.。Tighten the clamp by tightening the cutter around the pipe,The sharp blade will contact the metal and screw the cutting of the cutter around the pipe and gradually tighten the fixture.。In some cases,Don't choose,Can only cut pipes with a steel saw。Do this,Please make sure to cut perpendicular to the length of the pipeline。Clear metal burrs and debris with wiring tools or file,Otherwise, the pipe will not slide into the accessory.。

brass tube compression fittings

First2step:Set heat shield

If you sell accessories to existing pipes。The wall or frame member behind the protective joint is very important from the high temperature impact of the torch.。The best way is to use a fire-resistant fabric,Usually used as“Thermoe”or“Welding flame protector”sell。If you don't have a real heat shield,A piece of fiber cement can work at a critical moment。If you don't want to take it while working,Please fix the shield on the wall or support it in some way.。


Wipe the outside of the pipe with rag。Use steel wire brush cleaning connector inside。Apply flux to the outer side of the tube and the inside of the tube member。Flux is a solder paste,You can find it next to the solder of the hardware store。Its purpose is to remove oxides in metals and ensure good copper/Solder adhesion。The brush used to apply it is usually placed in a container.。

brass tube compression fittings

First4step:Connect the pipe to the tube and heat

(brass tube compression fittings)Slide the pipe into the fitting,Ignite the propane torch and adjust the flame to extend2inch。Keep the flame of the connection,Move around the pipe to uniform heating metal,Until the flux begins to smoke、Burst and boiling。

First5step:Smear solder

Expand a roll of solder,Get about one feet of straight length。Remove heat and immediately contact the tip of the solder to the connection。If the metal reaches an appropriate temperature,The solder will be melted and the joint is sucked into the joint by capillary action.。Solders typically fill the entire gap,No need to move the coil,But moving the coil around the pipe to ensure harmless。If the solder is not melted,Please add more heat to the connector,But don't overheate。Burning flux will make solder more difficult to suck in the joint。

brass tube compression fittings

Water problem

When repairing existing water pipes,Sometimes it is difficult to discharge all water from the pipe before welding。but,This is very important,Because when you use the torch,Water will evaporate,Thereby keeping the temperature in212Faorde-Not enough to melt solder。Sometimes open the faucet in the water pipe,Let the air help water flow,This will help。Keep the faucet when welding,Let the residual steam escape。

(brass tube compression fittings)If the pipe has a continuous drop,Please try to support the end of the pipeline。This may control the drop of drip enough long,Let your sweat welded joint。If you can't move the pipeline,Insert the tissue or rag into the end to absorb water may help。Put it there until you are ready to weld,Complete connection when you remove it。If you can't stop dripping,The maintenance of compressed accessories can be used for thermal welding than attempting to do.。