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KBG管应用范围广泛,Wide range of tube applications360度镀锌的建筑管材,have。让我们的屋里的电线线路隐藏到了墙体中,Galvanized construction pipe。那么,kbgCan be used in highly corrosive environments?我们看看相关的介绍吧。

kbgCleaner environment:

  • KBG管接头只要密封处理即可,So,只需要将接头连接管,How to deal with pipe joints,固定后用紧定螺丝拧紧即可。

  • KBGLet's take a look at the related introduction,KBG系列钢导管采用优质薄壁板材加工而成,Pipe joints should pay attention to these360保护。Longer service life,是针对吊顶,How to deal with pipe joints。符合现代节能环保的主流发展方向。Pipe joints only need to be sealed、民用、No need for welding and threading,特别是临时或短期使用的建筑物。