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2020Year has passed,90Then still work overtime。In our daily learning and work, naturally no displays,Especially for gamers, the display itself is critical.。Today we come to analyze how to choose a satisfactory display product.。

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Let's go to the screen parameters.,First talk about the appearance。

01Appearance choice

screen size

27Inspiration should be the watershed of the display,generally27Monoings below inch are more suitable for game office and daily use。and27The display of the inch is more suitable for viewing and picture processing.。We are more common with common electrical prodes.24inch,This is conducive to the focus of players。Host game enthusiasts usually like27and27Inch or more display,Because the bigger screen can bring better picture effects,They are keen to enjoy the game instead of winning the game。

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E-sports player recommended size:24Inches or27Inch display

Game player recommended size:27Inspiration and above

Office home recommendation size:24Inches or27Inch display

Drawing Clip Recommended Size:27Inch or more display

screen ratio

The so-called screen ratio is the aspect ratio,We have experienced4:3Go back to16:9Era,Now21:9And the above display is endless,It can only be said that our long desire is not only in height and legs.,The screen is also the same。

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Even the size of the display size,Because the screen ratio is different,The shape of the display screen will also be different。Long also has a long advantage,Can make you easily implement one machine and dual-use,And the most critical is,You can also have more view when you play some games.,It is physically plug-in。However, the longer the area of the screen display area, the smaller the area.,The larger than the larger display screen area is larger!

brass tube pipe round 2 inch(brass tube pipe round 2 inch)Although we account for a certain horizons in the game,But it is not recommended in the competitionFPSTake a fish screen in the game,Because the picture on the left and right sides is easy to make you have fatigue visual feelings。But for the working population and stocks of the video editing,It is a very good experience to enjoy the time axis and trend.。

Game player recommended:16:9Display,threeAMaster players can use21:9Fish screen display

(brass tube pipe round 2 inch)Daily office recommended:21:9Fish screen display split screen

Video clip recommended:21:9Full-screen with fish screen display

Stent design

brass tube pipe round 2 inch(brass tube pipe round 2 inch)Display adjustment function has a relatively far-reaching impact on the user experience,General display products support high adjustment,And some display products also support rotation and adjustment of pitch angles。Because the user's height and usage habits,So excellent stent design allows consumers to regulate the most comfortable use angle after the product is in hand.。The adjustment function of the bracket is that kind of you can't but can't。Some display products on the market will cut off a portion of the stent adjustment function for design costs and installation difficulties.。For these products,We also need to consider your desktop height right when you choose.。

Game entertainment recommendation function:Support high-low regulated display

Drawing clip recommended function:Support high low regulation and rotating display

Double-screen office recommendation function:Support high low regulation and rotating display

Other design

brass tube pipe round 2 inch(brass tube pipe round 2 inch)The gap between the display products of the same screen specification parameter is not very large.,So the appearance and additional design of the display also makes the product more competitive.。For example, high-end material or increase lamp function,The user should also consider long-term use of desktop.。

02Display panel parameter selection

If a size is suitable,Proportion,Appearance You also feel that very good displays are selected.,At this time we can look at the screen parameters of the monitor.。

Panel type

Panel types are related to the response time of the LCD monitor、color、Viewing angle、Contrast these important factors。Common panel of the liquid crystal displayTN(Twisted NematicTorque column type)、IPS(In-Plane-SwitchingPlane conversion type)、VA(Vertical AlignmentMetal limit vertical matching)Three types,The first two relatively common。

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TNThe screen is a soft screen, which is a common earlier.,Press the water ripple by hand,This is the earliest useLCDOne of the panels,Currently in a large number of uses,Because of its most mature,Minimum cost。

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TNPanel light transmission、Display of non-transparent state

TNScreen response speed fast,The fastest can reach1ms,Will not have a shadow。Use this material screen is usually used as a professional electric ace screen,Expressive response time,TNThe screen can not show the scene details of high-speed change。TNThe defect of the panel is also obvious,Output grayscale,Native6bitcolor,Picture color、Small visual angle,Showing effect,Differential differences in viewing through different angles。therefore,If you do design、Work related to the post-film and television, there is a high demand for screen color when watching entertainment,Do not recommend buying this screen。

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IPSPanel work principle diagram

IPSThe screen panel is hard,Touch the screen with your finger,The picture does not deform。IPSScreen display、Visual angle, etc.TNThe panel is not much,There is also a bright manifestation for the presence and accuracy of the color.,Broad-viewIPSPanel native advantage,No matter which angle view does not produce color。At present, most of the professional screen related to image processing is mostly used.IPSpanel。Apple has always beenIPSScreen tie promotion,For preferencesMacUser,IPSThe screen is a good choice。also,Despite the response timeIPSScreen ratioTNSkim a little,But benefited fromIPSScreen outlet color performance,For the office、Ordinary game players in entertainment needs,IPSThe screen is still worth considering。Be subject toIPSThe screen needs more backlights to improve the limitations of brightness.,If the control is not good, it will leak.IPSScreen of the screen。However, professional screen manufacturers usually have more standardized control mechanisms when responding to this issue.,More trustworthy。

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PVAPanel work principle diagram

VAClass panels are also soft screen,Just touch the panel with your finger,It's just that the plum pattern isVApanel,The water corrugation isTNpanel。VAThe panel is a relatively large panel type in a medium-high-end liquid crystal display.,Fujitsu、Samsung、Qimei Electronics、Mr. Yuda Photoelectric panel companies use this panel technology。VAThe screen is characterized by a wide capacity and contrast.,can reach3000:1High contrast,Black and white in the picture are pure,There is no problem such as leakage。VAThe defects of the panel are mainly reflected in the response time.,Ok, nowVAThe response time of the panel has been greatly improved,Normal useful。

Tell, talk about recentlyNano IPSandFastIPS。

brass tube pipe round 2 inch(brass tube pipe round 2 inch)NanoIPSCompared to traditionIPSAdd new nanoparticles,Ability to absorb excess light waves,Improve the purity and intensity of display light output,Improve screen color accuracy,And provide more smooth、rich、Real picture effect。And have1msofGTGResponse time(as follows),Very worth electric competition。

FastIPSColor is not as good asNanoIPS,But just like a literal meaning,The indicator response time is very fast,Also highly refresh rate。This display should be veryFPSPlayer welcomes。


brass tube pipe round 2 inch

Surface screen is more comfortable

Is the extent of the display of the display,The degree of bending of the screen We use the curvature(R)Express,The curvature is the rotational rate of the arc length for the cutting direction of the tangential direction of a point on a point on the curve.,That is, the radius of the curved screen。For example, the common market1800RThe display is the radius1.8Rice round bending degree,Therefore, the smaller the curvature, the greater the degree of bending.。

Surface displays can bring better viewing immersion,You can also use smaller space to show a larger visibility range.。Of course, the surface display still has a certain disadvantage.,That is the leakage problem,Observation on the left and right sides of the display will have obvious leakage light。Most of the surface display on the general marketVApanel,Contrast and color is sufficient to deal with everyday use。


brass tube pipe round 2 inch

Game players are the key to consider when selecting the display,Because the number of game frames declines with the increase of resolution。Selecting a more smooth experience in the case where the game hardware has bottlenecks.。Although now4KDisplay has been popular,But for gamers, the most common actually1080pand2KResolution。If you don't believe, you can see if the sales of e-commerce displays are natural.。And for non-game fans, it is best to choose4KResolution display product,Whether it is in daily viewing or working,Higher resolution guarantees better picture details,Especially for image audio and video workers,Details are more important。

brass tube pipe round 2 inch(brass tube pipe round 2 inch)Game player recommended:1080pas well as2KElectricity display

Daily office recommended:2Kas well as4KDisplay

Refresh rate

Refresh rate should actually understand“The number of frames displayed per second”,When the display refresh rate is60HzTime,Representative is the display supports each second60Frame of frame,Ten per frame is about16ms,Push,Display refresh rate is144HzTime,Representative is the display supports each second144Frame of frame,Ten per frame is about7ms,The higher the number of frames, the more images output per second.,The picture is certainly more smooth。

brass tube pipe round 2 inchbrass tube pipe round 2 inch(brass tube pipe round 2 inch)left60HzObviously Carton Dirlation is more serious(Slow motion playback)

Generally, our daily use of refresh rate is60Hz,However, people will soon find such refresh rates when they face the game.。It's fast to change the picture.FPSGames or racing games,The consequence of the refresh rate is the case of the picture of the picture and is not smooth.。Of course, if we don't play games, the selection priority of refresh rate should be placed behind the resolution.,After all, the picture is fine is the victory of the picture quality party.。

Game player recommended:144HzRefresh rate and above electricity display

Daily office recommended:60HzHigh resolution display

Response time

Not a game player, you don't have to care about this.,If you are a game player,You have to remember that this response time generally refers to the response time of grayscale switching.,Due to the rotation of liquid crystal molecules,LCDEach point on the screen is transitioned from the previous color to the latter color change,Will have a time process,akaGTG(Grey To Grey)Response time。

brass tube pipe round 2 inch


If the response time is relatively low,That is likely to produce towes and other phenomena,Frequently in the marketMPRT(Moving Picture Response TimeMotion image response time)The response time is only a technical means to reduce the blurred picture.,andGTG(Grey To Grey)There are many shortcomings compared to,So I like it.FPSPlayers must pay attention。

(brass tube pipe round 2 inch)Game player recommended:Official nominal1msGTGE-sports display in response time(In fact, the peak of pressurization)

Daily office recommended:No need,Be on。

(brass tube pipe round 2 inch)Color field color performance

Color gamut,That is, the so-called color space,It represents a specific situation that has a color image can express。The more colorful gamut, the more you display the color.,The more pictures that the human eye will be more real!

brass tube pipe round 2 inch

The most common thing issRGBColor gamut。sRGBRepresents red green blue three basic pigments,whensRGBColor domain value is100%When the display can display allsRGBcolor,You can see the range of values in the figure.,Many excellent displays can reach120%AbovesRGB,ConcretesRGBThe smaller the value, the worse the display ability。There are many monitors on the market.100%ofsRGB,These displays are very good for ordinary users everyday use.。AdobeRGBColor gamut、DCI-P3Color gamut,Just another standard range of color。

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The display color gamut is of course, the bigger the better.,The larger the color gamut, the more color of the display of the display.,picture、The more the color of the video can be displayed,More people's eyes。

If you don't look at the color of the display,General display color average△EThe value is less than2,The average person does not distinguish the color difference.,It can also be seen as a color gamagle color performance excellent。Professional displays are generally required to be less than1。

Other choices

brass tube pipe round 2 inchbrass tube pipe round 2 inch

As for brightness、Contrast、Screen color uniformity these parameters,In fact, the daily use of our daily use is not very big.,Generally, as long as you choose a regular manufacturer's monitor product,Basically, there will be too big problems。We may care more about the problem of convenient display interface,Go to the details page to see if there is a display interface supported by the device when purchasing the display.。The most common thing isHDMIandDPinterface,Some displays supportType-Cinterface。LikeVGAWaiting for the new display now, there are very few people to see.,This must pay attention to this。

03Summary recommendation

If you are a user of the daily household display,You only need to interact with the resolution of the display、Display size、The panel type of the screen is already,Generally speaking, we choose2Kor4KResolution,27Inch display is,After all, there is a daily viewing needs,1080pIt's a little bit。

brass tube pipe round 2 inch

If you are office users,It is recommended to use a widescreen special proportion display split screen.。In this way, no matter whether the form is still a skilled applicationctrl+CVDafa will become more efficient。However, the resolution of the widescreen display has certain requirements for computer performance.,And at least two video interfaces can be used。

brass tube pipe round 2 inch

If you are a professional video or design worker,It is recommended to use a higher resolution display product。for example4KofIPSScreen,In order to ensure color, you can grasp the details of the picture.。Of course, if you are engaged in video clips, you can use a widescreen product to reduce the scale of time axes.。

brass tube pipe round 2 inch

If you are a game enthusiast,Choose your hardware performance and game,You may consider1080por2KSolution high brush new electricity display product。This is recommended hereNano IPSandFastIPSPanel type,Because both have a high response time(Under pressurization1ms),Can guarantee your game experience more fun。Host masterpiece players can consider27Inches and aboveVASquare screen,Game is more immersed,Experience will also be more realistic。