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brass push-to-connect tube fittings for air

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Stainless steel quick connections are not more convenient than ordinary joints than ordinary joints.,It is a pipe joint that does not require the use of tools to achieve rapid disassembly,It is especially suitable for use in pipelines that need to be disassembled.,Improve the flexibility of the joint、Practicality、safety、Easy to repair and use。But people who have just started to contact stainless steel quick-join plugs don't know how to install correctly.,Next, let's take a look at the correct connection of stainless steel quick connections.。

(brass push-to-connect tube fittings for air)brass push-to-connect tube fittings for air

one、About the correct use of stainless steel quick connections

1、Determine the joint from the type and temperature of the fluid。The type and temperature of the fluid have a great impact on the quality of the joint.,Therefore, when choosing,。If the stainless steel quick connector is air,Steel joint,If it is water, it is optionally brass or stainless steel connector.。

2、Use a suitable joint according to the pressure of the liquid。The pressure of the fluid is also the key to the selected stainless steel quick connector.,Different constructs of joint withstand voltage differences。

brass push-to-connect tube fittings for air

two、About properly using stainless steel quick connections

1、condition。Wetness for conditions、Dust and perishable corrosion have a great impact on the effect of the joint。Before use,We should combine the type of stainless steel quick connector、Body material、Sealing material and other characteristics,Use suitable for conditions。

(brass push-to-connect tube fittings for air)2、Install。More fluid amount size to determine the model of the joint,At the same time, it should also be equipped with a corresponding shape and size piping.。

3、use。temperature、humidity、Vulnerable corrosion should be controlled within the range。Cannot deliberately damage stainless steel joints,Looking for a personal repair on the problematic connector,Don't dismount yourself。

brass push-to-connect tube fittings for air

The above is an introduction to the correct installation of stainless steel fast plugs。Taizhou Luqiao Anka Machinery Co., Ltd. is a cleaning machine nozzle、Cleaning machine high pressure pipe joint、Quick plug-in products professional production and sales companies。The stainless steel rapid plug mentioned above is one of the main products of the company.,preservative、Convenient。