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Sydney dignitaries:Strong support for Wuhan's fight against the epidemic Resolutely oppose discrimination

People's Network Sydney2moon27Nippon Electric (Wang Quanjiao、Intern Wei Yini)a few days ago,Sydney Mayor Crawford·Moore and Sydney City Councillor Guo Yaowen said in an interview with People's Daily Online,Sydney and Wuhan have a special friendship,City of Sydney will strongly support Wuhan's fight against the epidemic,And condemned the recent racial discrimination against Chinese in Australia。

City of Sydney2moon17when parliament is held,Proposal to support Wuhan, China passed。to this,Crawford·Moore said in an interview,Sydney and Wuhan are2014Year-end sister city。“The two sides have a special relationship,i'm proud of it。When the Wuhan city delegation visited Sydney,I introduced them《sydney2030Sustainable Development Strategy》,This has also become a reference for Wuhan's urban planning in the future.。”

According to Guo Yaowen's memory,The friendship between Sydney and Wuhan has been going on for more than a decade。2011year,Wuhan's300More performers come to Sydney,Attend the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration in the City of Sydney。Later, the two sides also launched a lot of cooperation。The relationship between the two cities is very strong,and is strengthened every year。

“Therefore,in such a special period,in this harsh environment,We choose to stand behind Wuhan to support it,this is very important”,Guo Yaowen says。

Crawford·Moore encouraged Australian manufacturers to help Chinese government in previous proposals,The mayor's office will assist。she told reporters,The City of Sydney is very firm in supporting the people of Wuhan,Hope local Sydney manufacturers can provide them with protective clothing and masks。also,Sydney also maintains friendly relations with many other Chinese cities,City of Sydney also supports manufacturers and suppliers to help other cities。

Crawford·Moore also appreciated Guo Yaowen's donation to Wuhan in his own name。Talk about your reasons for donating,Guo Yaowen says,He has many friends in Wuhan,also worried about their situation。“Wuhan is a very special city,important to me。development of the city、friendly people、I was impressed with the delicious food。The beautiful scenery of Hubei is like a Chinese painting,be my love。”

(brass tube suppliers sydney)Crawford·Moore says,recall2014When visiting Wuhan,The city made a lasting impression on her。It is building a major transportation hub in China,Also committed to becoming a sustainable city。

Facing recent racism in Australia,Crawford·Moore denounced。She said Australia was a multicultural country,Sydney is also diverse、inclusive city。She is appalled by racist sentiment against Chinese people and Chinese Australians,and will firmly oppose。

Guo Yaowen also said,Virus、Illness should not be a cause of discrimination。it can happen anywhere、anytime and on anyone。exist2020During the Spring Festival,City of Sydney has not cancelled any celebrations,Everything went according to plan。“This reflects our attitude,We will always support and support China。”

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