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brass tub drain kit 7161 af

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Bathroom products,One mention the bathtub,Then I have to mention the Book of Eagle bathroom.。Eagle bathtub products can be said to be quite famous。Why will the Yingan bathtub will be so famous?,Everyone reads us and can know about the introduction of the Ying Bathroom and the recommended new product.。

brass tub drain kit 7161 af(brass tub drain kit 7161 af)Eagle bathtub introduction

Eagle bathroom adheres to the international vision,hold fast“Care、internationality、Integrity、quality”Business concept,Combining international bathroom design art and fine work,As always, it is committed to local markets.,Service with integrity and care,Create clean and health for users、Stylish comfortable bathroom space,Leading consumers enjoy“free、Moderate、Sustainable”of“Hui life”。

Modern production base Look at the future,YINGIn China layout production base in strategic eyes,Ceramics cleansing have been established(Foshan、Tangshan two places)、Bathroom cabinet、Hardware faucet、Bathtub and shower room、Electronic smart cover and other production bases,Modernization、Environmentally friendly production equipment and precision testing equipment and powerful technical strength。

Eagle bathtub new product recommendation

(brass tub drain kit 7161 af)Eagle bathtub recommended1、
YT-1406LF/YT-1406RFWY201406302001/WY201406303001Continuous bath tape with faucet skirt

physical dimension:1400×750×570mm

Left skirt:YT-1406LF(Shown in the figure)

Right skirt:YT-1406RFTake a pillow、Desktop bath faucet、Bathtub drainage group

Eagle bathtub recommended2、
YT-1701LFN/RFNWY201713203001Double skirt with tap bathtub


Left skirt:YT-1701LFN(On the right picture)

Right skirt:YT-1701RFN

Remark:Contained tile drainage set with a balcony bathtub faucet

Eagle bathtub recommended3、AT-1501AHWY201501111001Cast iron nok bathtub

product name:Cast iron nok bathtub

physical dimension:1500x765x430mmBathtub handrail

Eagle bathtub recommended4、
AT-1701AO/AHWY201701001001Cast iron nok bathtub

physical dimension:1690x800x440mm

Some brands are because of good products, they have aroused consumers' interest in this brand.。This is also the same.。Man using an eagle bathtub,I am very interested in this brand of Eagle bath.,Want to learn more。I don't know what we have described.,Can you let everyone know how to understand the Yingan bathroom??