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brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 04:13:45

Auto oil supply system is very complicated,And from the fuel tank to the engine,A wide range。It is very difficult to take a photo like a general part.。Many people have a general understanding,But the specific is still unclear。Sometimes it is difficult to analyze faults。Hand drawn a picture today,Come to showcase。

brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump

Engine oil supply system

brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump

Fuel pump

The above figure probably describes the oil road direction and structure of the oil supply system.。In fact, different models have different structures.,Today we will introduce the simplest and most basic,Specifically, there are three parts::

1、Oil supply and oil

Oil pump pumps gasoline from the tank,After filtering the gasoline filter, connect a three-way tube,Two interfaces from the three-way tube to the engine,Another connection to the oil pipe returned to the tank。The red area in the picture below is three-way。brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump

We know that the oil pump provides pressure to ensure normal injection of the injector。But in some cases, the injection nozzle does not fuel injection or less injector.,butThe pressure provided by the oil pump is certain。Therefore, the pressure of the oil supply pipe will become large when the amount of fuel injection is less or injecting oil.,Risk of explosive tubes。So after coming from the gasoline filter, I took a back oil pipe.。Back oil pipe to the tank,Moreover, there is a pressure valve at the end of the oil return tube,When the engine is working properly, the pressure valve is in a closed state.,Guarantee injector pressure。When the amount of injection is small, the oil supply pressure is increased.,Push the pressure valve open,Re-flow back to the fuel tank。
brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump

(brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump)Pressure valve on oil pump

2、Refueling ventilation system

As shown below1,The fuel tank has a ventilation port,A ventilator,The other end is connected to the distal end of the tank。Its role is to balance the internal air pressure of the tank when refueling.。Because the fuel tank fueling diameter is more than the oil gun,When refueling, the internal air inside the fuel tank cannot discharge smoothly.,So add this ventilator,Gasoline flows into the tank while,Air in the tank is compressed,Through the distal venting tube port to the fuel port,Then the oil and gas recovery pipe of the gas gun is absorbed。This ensures that gasoline is successfully added to the tank。If there is no such thing, the air will escape from the fuel mouth.,Result in frequent jumping,Impact oil efficiency。brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump


The following figure2It is the ventilation port at the fuel opening.,The other end is connected to the tank。picture3Is a fuel port pipe from the interior,The above tubes is a ventilator。The black pulley next to the control is controlled to open.。brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump


brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump


3、Fuel steam control system

Red tubing as follows,This tube is another connection fuel tank,Used to guide gasoline steam inside the tank to a tank,Activated charcoal in the tank will adsorb the oil and gas。The remaining air is discharged into the atmosphere through the purple part of the purple part of the above figure.。

As shown below,Green tube comes from gasoline filters,Another end to the engine fuel injection system。Oil supply。

The blue tube is connected to the solenoid valve in the picture below.,After the solenoid valve is connected to the engine air intake manifold,When the engine is running,Computer control solenoid valve open,The air is filtered through the purple ventilation port and enter the carbon tank.,Enter the engine combustion with the activated carbon adsorption。Sometimes the solenoid valve failure cannot be closed,The carbon tank venting is blocked will cause the engine to be exhausted from the fuel tank when the engine is running.,It may cause overall negative pressure in the fuel tank.。brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump

The picture below is the cover of the carbon tank vent,There are sponges,Simple filtered air entering air,You can also prevent dust from entering the tank。

brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump

Carbon tank vent hole cover

So, do you know that all of the oil supply systems have been made?Of course, many models are complicated than this,Heavy valve,Preventing the lateral fuel leak,Some cars will also receive the carbon tank,A portion of the oil and gas extruded out while refueling can make the tank adsorption。If you are unclear, you can communicate.。

(brass tube coming out of ford 390 fuel pump)The vehicle oil supply system is directly related to the operation of vehicle safety and engine.。If a problem, it will cause a failure.,And these faults are generally not so easy to find out。There is a netizen on the Internet.,Maintenance personnel actually load the wrong oil tube,Causes the carbon tank into gasoline。This is that the maintenance work is not fully understood by the specific role of each tube.。This article is just a systematic explanation,There may be differences in specific to each model.。So you can see this article when you have a daily maintenance check.。It is more beneficial to our constructive.。