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Look at these endless waterways and innectaneous coffins,The ship is born to suck a cold,Distance boatflak stop paddler,Looking back to Zhuangming wild:“boss,How to do?”Zhuang Mingye smiled slightly,Say:“friends,Steady,Try me trying to have any weird。”Everyone immediately promised,Show God,Steady set the vessel。Zhuangming wild palm,Coffin cover brush down the water,Jumping out from the coffin,Shape clothes,The same is exactly the same as Zhuangming,The second palm of the Zhuang Mingye took the past,He is also a palm。

“boom”​A loud noise,Two people swayed,Zhuang Mingye fell on board,The man was also shocked by Zhuangming Ye's hand.,Just sleep into the coffin。

Zhuang Mingye starts,Never fight,Glasses male flying,Say:“Master please take a break,Take the disciple will be him。”​Glasses men in light,I can't lick the person.,That counterfeit wild heart,The body shakes a few times,Hesitate。At this time,The second coffin opens a small gap,Extend a snake from inside,Between,Glasses men stand up with a thousand beautiful women,She is wearing a trendy three-point,barefoot,Pizza mirror,Glasses men's faint,God,Body,A 踉跄,Almost fall down the water。Beauty snake throws a flying needle,Going to the results of glasses men's life,Suddenly a wind strike,Sway,Like a silver bell。It turns out that the white shark is not very good.,Hurry up,斜 里 里,Cut beautiful snake,Saving the glasses。The beauty snake saw the white shark broke her flying needle stunt.,Smile is more happy than yourself。Silver tooth a bit bite,Hate:“Rotten sharks have two times,Try again and try again。”Change back to the venom,A mouth,Spurting a venom,Direct white shark。White shark is very powerful,Take out a gourd,Unveil,Taking a gourd mouth to the poison,But the source of the poison is endless,A beautiful rainbow in the air。It's straight to the sake of the boat.,They have never seen such glamorous rainbow。

Two hours have passed,Beautiful vermine fluid in the vegetering fluid without failure,But more fierce,White shark's gourd,But it is also the people who don't refuse,Not see,Just like there is a dark road to misfortune。​

Fight a time,Beautiful snakes have won the white shark,Tail,Fully ejection,Ambiguous,Out of a pointed teeth,Evil, bite the white shark。

(brass purge viper tube mech)White shark is a big burst,Stretch,But see a silver fine light flash,Seven inch is going on,The beautiful snake called a sound,“Bears”​Injection in water,Waiting for the eating and water corpse in the water,I'm secretly,A moment of work,Beautiful snakes, whole body, blood, blood, being eaten, clean,There is only one snake skeleton。Everyone sees creepy。

According to the magic work of beauty snake essence,In the usual,These foods and water corpses are not dare to provoke her.,Convenience, she and the white shark fight for a long time,The internal force has disappeared a half,It is also stabbed by silver needles.,This is her dead point,It is also her practice door.。Have to be punished,Systemic strength,Even an ordinary live snake can easily want her life.。Even if you don't kill her?,More than half an hour,As long as there is no master, you will save it.,She will naturally die naturally。​

(brass purge viper tube mech)Due to see this scene,Sigh:“Stop,Stop,It seems that the rivers and lakes today,I have no place to retreat.。”​Whole body,I have disappeared trace。

​Everyone saw the white shark to defeat the beauty of the beautiful snake,Qi, ascend。White shark is back,Grouse,Smile,Thank you。

At this time,third,fourth,fifth,sixth,The seventh place is suddenly flying.,Five coffins with thousands of coffins,About the north and south,Wrap the black boat a dense layer。When it's really flying, you can't fly.。Original straight waterway,Also distorted,Round,It became a world with the soul lake.。​

A piece of darkness,The light of the mine lamp can only be relieved to see the black ship itself.,Outer,It seems like a mountain copper wall iron wall,Heavy cover,I can't see any ghosts at all.。Everyone has to smash the god,Protect your own and hull。

Must,Black cloud is exhausted,A red fireball is suspended over the lake,Surgical red light,Lake red。Over half an hour,Red light fading,That fireball has become like the sun,The lake is also like the natural world outside,Bright and simple。

The top five coffins are sitting five people respectively,Poison snake、Spider、Cockroach、Scorpion、toad。The back is full of dense Ma Ma's bat demon,Everyone holds a bow on the hand,Zhang bow,Perspective of black boat。Everyone saw this moment,I know that it is a five poisonous king.,Secretly。

(brass purge viper tube mech)Viper hate:“Kill my sister's hatred,If you don't report,Swear。”It turned out that she is a beautiful poisonous snake.,Long is as beautiful as her sister,No her sister is so delicate,But more mature charm。

Spider takes out a blue cloth pocket from the coffin,Take out a yellow bottle from your pocket,Say:“This is the brass bile bottle you want.,Let's take a gambling,how?”Zhuangming Wilderway:“What to play?”“As long as you overcome us these people,This is naturally yours.;If we are lucky to win you,you must submit to us。”Zhuang Mingye Road:“you can't win。Besides, this brass gall bottle is not yours.,you got it illegally,We'll have to go by extraordinary means,why not。”Spider Road:“That being the case,Don't blame us for being ruthless。”Zhuang Mingye said categorically:“All right。as you please。”

Spider grinned:“That being the case,then you die。”wave your hand,The other four poisons work together,Five poisonous gases are divided into five colors,cover to the black ship。The captain of the boat and the boatmen immediately vomited。Zhuang Mingye、Huang Qiaomu、Ouyang Bai、Duan Duanmu、Flood water immediately,Five Elements Against Five Poisons,restrain each other,hit hard。The man in glasses takes a small ceramic bottle out of his arms,unplug the bottle,internal force,The boatmen and the captain of the boat feel the fragrance all over,Breathe easily,rejuvenation,No more poisonous fog。Steer the rudder,hold up the penny,stabilized the hull。The little bats behind the five poisons saw the leaders get started,All arrows fired,Shoot at the crowd on the black ship。Haitang screamed,take out a handful of erhu,pull a song《Erquan Yingyue》;open lips,voiceless,sang a song《blue danube》。Two unrelated tones were played by Haitang alone,Just the beauty of the sound,Inspiration in sorrow,Excited without losing your mind,It's the joy of life,Love is boundless。

Those monstrous snake arrows hit the black ship,It all stopped suddenly,Become a handsome man,kneel down,in unison:“Please begonia real person accept us,The slaves are willing to do the hard work of dogs and horses。In this life, I have to listen to real fairy music,no regrets until death。”Haitang stopped the music,about to stand up,The little bats are shooting with arrows again,But it shoots at the vests of these beautiful men and women。Haitang snorted softly,double palm,Arrows are falling,falling into the water。Sing a song of Yue Wumu casually《Man Jianghong·bristle》,Another song about Liu Bang, the great ancestor of the Han Dynasty《wind song》,The clear and high singing sound stops the clouds,The whole fascination lake was shaken,The little bats are frightened one by one,I can't hold a bow anymore。The five poisons are at a standoff with the masters of the five elements,Seeing Zhu Haitang's momentum,Knowing that today's defeat is over,Qi Dao:“This time we confessed,Get the brass gall bottle。”Five poisons stop fighting,Zhuang Mingye's five friends also stopped。The spider threw the brass gall bottle over,a wave,All the coffins disappeared without a trace。

Haitang took the brass gall bottle with one hand,said:“master,Let's close。”Zhuang Mingye nodded.:“All right。”

Glasses man wakes up ship bosses,Retired and rowed back.。

Everyone went back to Haitang's own home in Haitang Castle,Zhu Zhentian saw so many heroes,very happy,slaughtered five sheep,Kill ten chickens,soup hot pot。Begonia、White Shark Hime and Xiaoling work together,Guys eat from noon until dinner and sunset,Just clean up the dishes and rest。

As for the more than 10,000 handsome men and beautiful women who surrendered,Haitang wrote a note,Tell the crocodile to take them to Box Island,Alternate living arrangements。

(brass purge viper tube mech)night,Zhuang Mingye and Haitang make an appointment to take a leisurely walk in the back mountain shepherd to take a bath《Zhuangzi》where。Zhuang Mingye says:“Begonia,Good for you,I didn't expect to come soon,Your kung fu has improved so fast,Has far surpassed being a teacher。”Begonia Road:“thank you master,Fully cultivated by master。”Zhuang Mingye Road:“Why is your kung fu improving so fast??Could it be that there is another Master Gao Ming,If there is,please give me an introduction。”Begonia Road:“Except for school teachers,Only you, Master Zhuang。”Zhuang Mingye asked again:“So how did you progress so fast?what method was used?”Begonia Road:“I have no hobbies。In addition to practicing martial arts,I just like to read,By analogy from poetry and philosophy,Realize the truth of supernatural powers and martial arts。Stone of the Mountain,Can you attack jade?。”Zhuang Mingye deeply applauds,also ashamed。

Zhuang Mingye will go,Begonia sent it。Zhuang Yue:“Recently Erzhi He Dian?”Begonia says:“《Ming history》,East Factory、West Factory、Jin Yiwei's Harmful Things。”Zhuang Yue:“No matter the east factory, the west factory, the south factory, the north factory,if the victim,Severely punished。”Begonia Jishou said:“Disciples keep in mind。”

a wave,A big white cloud floats in front of you,Zhuang Mingye stepped on it,White clouds are rising。Haitang watched as Master drifted away,wet with tears。

(brass purge viper tube mech)To know what will happen next,And look at the next decomposition。

brass purge viper tube mech
(brass purge viper tube mech)

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