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brass tub drain installation

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 03:48:45

The bathroom needs to follow the water pipe,This way to use wastewater or other contamines can be rapidly and better to the sewer,The water pipe acts as a connection,But what is the installation method of the bathroom?When the bathroom in the bathroom is already installed,Some people want to change it,Can the bathroom can be changed??

brass tub drain installation

one、Bathroom sewer installation method

(brass tub drain installation)1、Corresponding checks before installation of the bathroom sewer installation,First, there will be a corresponding water collecting valve in the room.,Second, check if the water pipes and connect fittings needed to install the bathroom in the bathroom.、Sand eye and cracks, etc.,I find that there is a problem to replace the sewer pipe.。

(brass tub drain installation)2、Next, the location of the pipeline corresponding to the wall surface,At the same time, consider the good size after the wall brick.,To first consider the thickness of the wall tile。

3、Accessories to connect to the bathroom,Install them in the corresponding wall、Subside is equal,Note that this process is as small as possible or without connecting accessories,It is also greatly reduced leak hazard。

4、The kitchen kitchen cabinet is used to make the washing machine must determine the size of the washing machine and kitchen cabinet.,In order to leave the position of the water。Designing the water pipe should consider the use of the water faucet installation position of the washing machine,Water arrangement。Also watch the position of the power outlet is right。

5、Waterway transformation is completed to do pipe pressure test,The experimental pressure should not be less than0.6MPa。Time20-30minute。

6、The left and right positions of the shower mixing valve are correct,And installed in the middle of the bathtub(Determine the bathtub size first),The height is in the bathtub150-200mm,The required jacuzzi is reserved by the water outlet according to the model.。The mixing valve hole is generally maintained(Concealed)150mm,(Black)100 mm,Linkage shower should determine the outlet position according to the needs of the housing and owners。

7、The water outlet of the toilet is allowed to be placed in the place where the sight can be blocked.。The connecting toilet should determine the position of the water port according to the model,Generally, leave the left side of the water mouth in the toilet200 mmPlace。

8、Water in the wall(elbow)High degree of high,To be convenient to repair,It is necessary to make the hose exposed as little as possible.,And without another hose,Giving people a concise、Beautiful visual。Sanitary ware of a column basin without a cabinet below,Reserved port height,Generally, on the ground500-600mmabout。The lower water in the column basin should be placed behind the bottom of the column or behind the column.,Shield as much as possible。Wall-mounted wash basin(No-column、Unparalleled)The drain pipe must be used to set the water pipe using a manner from the wall.(That is the water supply)。

two、Can the bathroom can be changed?

1、If on the first floor,Can change,If you include the second floor, including the second floor,It is necessary to negotiate with the order.。

2、The bathroom of home improvement often encounters an annoyance problem,Is not suitable for the bathroom toilet in the bathroom,In order to facilitate the decoration,If you need to spend your mind, if you are transformation。Four common toilets underwater modification methods teach you how to shift to the toilet water pipe。

3、Small range shift:Shift using a dedicated shifter,have5、10、15CM,It is recommended not to exceed10CMShift,There will be impact on drainage effects。

(brass tub drain installation)4、Very wide shift:Floor raise(generally20CMhigh),Drain,Pipeline must have a certain slope,But distance is not too long,It is necessary to do a large length of pipe slope.,Ground elevation increases,Watering effect also affects。The discharge can receive the original pothole,Can also pick up3Take the Shui General Manager 。

5、Floor punching shift:If it is a big complex、villa,You can make a hole in the floor,Renewire。

6、Wall tip toilet:Conditional conditions can be selected to select wall-placed toilet,As long as a short wall,Direct pipelines received the water tube。

Bathroom water pipe installation method,Be sure to follow the relevant steps step by step when installing the water pipe.,This will use the water tube used in the bathroom to use it properly.。Can the bathroom can be changed??If you have already installed, you can use it.,In order to avoid retrofitting trouble, you will choose the right way.。